I used to follow and comment on Welney matters but became dejected by the constant ineffectiveness of our Parish Council in virtually every aspect of their work and duties, also their reluctance to engage with parishioners in community matters or take note of their views.

News reporting and commentary on this website was condemned by Councillors (something they later extended to our wonderful parish magazine, 'Welney News') so I've largely given up updating this site except for the Cricket Club pages and very occasional major items (new community building, possible school closure).

The situation worsened when some new Councillors joined and, with the addition of an existing member, formed a group seemingly bent on disrupting council meetings. In May 2015 following local elections the group rose to four and are pledging to save the Parish Hall, save the School and to organise various social activites and events.

Laudable aims which no doubt will please many parishioners; but at what cost? Having aspirations, to use a phrase in current vogue, is fine; having disregard of financial prudence, previous surveys and current targets is unwise. We shall have to wait and see.

Below are news headlines from 1998 to 2012, with just an occasional one since. Maybe in time I will update the years 2013-18 for the archives.

In June 2015, I experimented with Twitter. but soon gave it up. I might  have a further attempt. Go to the Website's dedicated Tweets pages for the webmasters own tweets plus a selection of re-tweets of news and information from a dozen or more other twitter feeds.

June 2019

At the Council meeting on 3rd June 2019, Chairman Cllr. Loveday read out an email from DC Foreman of Norfolk CID

"... detectives from King's Lynn are investigating allegation of financial misconduct within Welney Parish Council. Enquiries continue, however financial irregularities with the accounts dating back several years have been discovered. One female suspect has been questioned."

It is widely known that the suspect is Mrs Copeman, the Clerk from Feb 1996 to Apr 2017 who is said to have confessed.

May 2019

2019 Council Elections
ELECTEDvotes & %
Loveday, J90, 62%
Giles, R 88, 61%
Giles, A87, 60%
Harvey, D79, 54%
Lowry, D75, 52%
Steele, B73, 50%
Goodger, K69, 47%
Barker, M66, 45%
Prately, V64, 44%
Gardiner, P61, 42%
Bombarta, L39, 26%


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June 3rd WMC At WPC mtg new Chair CClr John Loveday read out email from Norfolk CID saying detectives from Kings Lynn investigating financial misconduct in WPC have found irregularities going back several years, Female suspect interviewed.    


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27th March   Proposed closure of our school, William Marshall VC Primary   for&against


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Dec 1st St. Mary's Church Coffee Morning 1000-1200
Bishops Land Charity annual distribution 1030-1130
Nov 30th Wash Road Continuously flooded since Nov 22nd. Wash level in Delph peaked today at 3.84m AOD, a flood depth of 1.44m, 4ft 10ins.   video
Nov 10th Parish Hall Parish Council open meeting to discuss proposed new community centre attracted less than ten parishioners.    
Nov 3rd Wash Road Flooded after Earith Sluice opened to winter level on Nov 1st, lowering the depth of the Bedford Ouse by over 2 feet in just 3 hours and sending a torrent down the Old Bedford and onto the already flooded Washes. The EA's on-line flood alert page did not forecast the effect that would have until late pm on Nov 2nd by when Sutton Gault was already affected.
(later: officially clear Nov 19th, but flooded again acouple of days later)
Aug 19th Playing Field The 'Pop' Bedford Memorial Cup annual charity cricket match. Welney Croft CC v CAMRA Peterborough.
The proceeds, £600, to Kieran Markham's physiotherapy fund
89, p5  
June 3rd Parish Hall


Lamb & Flag Inn
Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebrations nice for children and their parents, and dogs and their owners. Unfortunately torrential rain prevented outside events. Poor attendence probably due as much to abysmal publicity by Parish Clerk as the awful weather.
Delta Pilots and food in the pub may have appealed more to others.
88, p4  
March Suspension Bridge more safety barriers works necessitated closing one lane with temporary lights controlling traffic.  Unfortunately the lights didn't always work because batteries had been stolen.    
Feb new hall Cost has probably put it "out of reach" according to the Parish Council's minutes.    


The Parish Council finally got planning consent for a new "Community Centre" at the Playing Field;
Anglian Water finally admit the sewage lagoon, opposed by Tipps Enders in 2008, didn't work well;
but the best Harvest Supper for some while, indeed the best event of any sort in Welney for a couple of years.
When Where What WN no Website
Sept 24th Parish Hall "The Whole Hog" Harvest Supper, with Porks Hog Roast, and the Delta Pilots, gave 99 diners (max allowed by Hall licence) a night to remember and well worth the £6 ticket.
Well planned, well organised, well attended, well liked.
It put the Wel back in Welney after years of just ney.
Aug 22nd Suspension Bridge Work has started at to replace the crash barriers that were crushed in Oct 2010   report
Aug 17th   The Welney News Committee requested the removal of the on-line copy of issue 82 (see previous item). Peter Arnold resigned as a result of that decision and the committee are looking for yet another new editor. A committee spokesman said the decision was not a reflection on this website or the webmaster.    
Aug 11th   A 'PDF' copy of the latest issue of the Welney News, no. 82, was posted on this website at the request of the recently appointed WN editor, Peter Arnold.    
Aug 2nd   Welney Parish Council agreed that some form of celebration should be held in Welney to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.    
July 4th/5th Suspension Bridge A car went over the broken crash barriers and rolled right down the bank    
June Christchurch & Welney
Sewage Lagoon
Anglian Water admit problems. Apparently the cold winter affected the process and the effluent had to be taken by tankers to a "proper" treatment works. This traffic is eroding the public by-way leading to and beyond the works.    
May 19th Playing Field
(proposed new hall)
Planning permision for a new hall/pavilion has been granted, subject to work starting within 3 years; sewerage & drainage plans to be submitted and approved; Hurn Drove to be widened/resurfaced for 10m from March Rd & slope reduced; noise reduction scheme to protect local residents to be submitted and approved; car park to be surfaced and drained.
The application did not include plans for a childrens play area.

full decision

time left is ...
May 5th   Local Council elections. In Welney, there were only 6 candidates for the 9 vacancies, so being "uncontested" no voting was necessary and all who stood were therefore "elected": Tim Bennett, Su Dobson, Tim Eyles, Clair Freer, Ken Goodger and Vija Prately.    
Mar 26th Chestnut Avenue An ambulance and a Magpas team attended a young boy injured in an accident at his home.   report
Mar 14th Playing Field
(proposed new hall)
Another revised plan for a Community Hall has been submitted. Compromise and common sense at last ?   report
February Christchurch & Welney
Sewage Lagoon
Residents of neighbouring Christchurch reported strong smells from the Sewage Lagoon. Reports also of road tankers going in & out of the works.    
Feb 10th Playing Field
(proposed new hall)
Welney Parish Council's revised application 10/02089/F to build a new Comunity Hall (full details can be seen on the Borough Council's website new pages was due to be determined on Feb 9th. There has been an objection by one of the statutory consultation parties, and comments by others and the architects are revising the hall and site layout. There are also factual errors in the application.   report
Feb 10th Wash Road, A1101 Flooded. EA estimate a week to clear. Can we really complain when we see what's happening elsewhere?
To check flood status see our Flooding report
Jan 15th Wash Road, A1101 Flooded    


When Where What WN no Website
Dec 17th (proposed new hall) Welney Parish Council's revised application to build a new Community Hall at the playing field was received by the planning authority on 10th Dec, and can now be seen on the Borough Council website    
Dec 14th Wash Road RTA. Motorcyclist injured. Road blocked for about an hour in afternoon.   Report
Dec 14th St. Mary's Church Peggy Smart's funeral    
Dec 11th St. Mary's Church Bishops Land Charity payout and Christmas Fayre 10am - noon.    
Nov 4th St.Mary's Church Funeral of Angela Kent who died Oct 25th aged 58 at Heron House Nursing Home, March. followed by cremation at Fenland Crematorium, March.    
Oct 28th Welmore Lake Sluice Official opening of new pumping station.   Report
Oct 15th Fenland Crematorium
Funeral of Tom Fisher   Obituary
Oct 8th Suspension Bridge Articulated lorry turned over at just after 2pm. No injuries.   Report
Oct 3rd   Tom Fisher died at QE Hosp, KL   Obituary
Sept 17th Wisbech Road A car exploded in flames outside a house (Little Grove) in Wisbech Road at about 4am. A crew from Upwell attended.    
Sept 28th St. Mary's Church Funeral of Victor (Tory) Scarff who died Sept 15th aged 93 at Orchard Hse, Wisbech    
July 27th   Roy Green died. Roy was our local milkman for 20 years until his retirement in 2002.   Tribute
June 15th Mintlyn Crematorium
Kings Lynn
Funeral of Ken Sorensen    
May 30th    Ken Sorenson died in a Wisbech care home.   Obituary
May 4th Playing Field
(proposed new hall)
Welney Parish Council's application to build a new Village Hall on the playing field was refused by the Borough Council and the decision was posted on its website early pm. However, our Parish Clerk didn't check so when the Parish Council held their monthly meeting that evening the refusal was not discussed.   Report
Mar 11th (proposed new hall) Welney Parish Council's application to build a new Village Hallon the playing field can now be seen on the Borough Council website here.    
Mar 10th Wash Road NOT flooded after an unprecedented rate of clearance.    
Mar 5th Wash Road still flooded, official EA water depth at 0830 was 115 cms (3'10").    
Feb 24th Wash Road flooded again. Signs are up and the gates are closed. Official EA water depth is a staggering 7cm - gosh, nearly 3 inches!    
Feb 5th Wash Road NOT flooded - thats now official, gates were opened about 11 this morning. Many users of the road will of course know it could have opened yesterday.    
Feb 5th Wash Road floods. Cambs police now say they will no longer impose fines and award penalty points, following a protest from Welney businesman Howard Kent. Well done Howard!!!   more
Feb 3rd Wash Road still flooded. After peaking at 30 cms (14") on Jan 21st, depth remained in the 15-18cm (6-7") range for 10 days. Official EA depth today at 0800 was 12cms (5").    
Feb 2nd Playing Field
(proposed new hall)
During public particpation at Welney Parish Council meeting several concerns and objections were made about the proposal to build a new Community Centre on the Playing Field.   Report
  Was Road Cambs Police do a U-turn on penalties   Report
Jan 29th Wash Road According to newspaper reports, Cambs police have threatened motorists with a £60 fine and 3 penalty points for ignoring road closure signs.   Report
Jan 19th Wash Road flooded again. Official EA depth at 1530 was 12cms (nearly 5 ins).    
Jan 12th   Upwell Health Centre announced the end of surgeries in Welney. They were suspended at the end of November 2009 and will not be re-instated.    
Jan 11th Wash Road now clear. After 3 days of depths dropping from 10 cms/4 ins to 5cms/2 ins the official EA message at 0800 was "deep puddles".    
Jan 7th Wash Road still flooded. Depth in a.m. down to 24cms from its peak of 50 cm on Jan 3rd. More snow, more ice.    
Jan 1st Wash Road flooded, 9ins/23cm & rising. Snow & Ice. Sunny in pm.    


Sewerage came to Welney, but available only to some, and affordable by even fewer;
a local firm found gold; several successful events raised money for the Children of Welney;
and a Parish Council fund-raising event lost money.

When Where What WN no Website
December   Heavy snowfall causes difficulties    
Dec 5th St. Mary's Church Bishops Land Charity payout and Christmas Fayre    
Sept 24th   Dawn Butcher died    
Sept 12th Playing Field The second Children of Welney Fayre   Report & photos
June 20th Parish Hall A "Murder Mystery" an interactive game set in WW" organised bythe Friends of Welney School raised £143    
June 14th   The annual cricket charity match for the "Pop" Bedford Cup resulted in the Cup coming home to Welney in a thrilling last-over finish. The event raised £219 for MAGPAS. Well done Welney Croft Cricket Club!!    report

"View from the boundary"
May 23rd   Giles Landscapes were back at Chelsea Flower Show after two years absence and won a gold medal for their fabulous 'Fen Ben' alchemist garden.See Giles Landscapes website report    
May 16th   The intended 'Sausage Supper' arranged by the parish council to raise funds was cancelled at short notice due o lak of public support. See item 4 on Parish Council's minutes    
May 8th A1101 near Claytons Corner A small box-trailer being towed by 4x4 pick-up truck became detached but luckily came to a rest on the grass verge. Believed to have been caused by a tyre burst. While the wheel was replaced and trailer re-connected, traffic was controlled by a local resident who was following the trailer and an HGV driver travelling in the opposite direction. No one was injured.    
May 8th   Vera Singleterry died aged 81    
May 7th Tipps End A straw fire was extinguished at about 3pm by an appliance from Outwell Fire Station    
May 5th Parish Hall The Parish Council's AGM was attended by just 6 of the 9 Councillors, no District or County Councillors and no public.
Cllr. Goodger was appointed Chairman yet again.
May 4th A1101 near
Sandgate Corner
Fatal accident when car carered off road into the Old Croft River   more
April 25th Parish Hall The Parish Council's 'WASH' committee open day attracted only a dozen visitors and no new archive material was offered.    
Apr 18th-19th Parish Hall Some good news for users of the Hall. The Council held a Painting Party to freshen-up the interior, as advertised in the Welney News. Re-painting the lower walls was undertaken by three Councillors (Sue Dobson, Vija Pratley and Steve Kerr), two parishioners (Rachel Brown and Steve's daughter, Evie) and the Parish Clerk (Mrs Pat Copeman). Congrats to all involved, nice to learn that the upkeep of the Parish Hall hasn't been entirely neglected while the Council continue their quest for a new Community Centre (a task started in late 2004 with limited success to date).    
Apr 7th   Some good news for rate-payers. The Parish Clerk has declined a salary increase, to avoid income tax and national insurance liability now that she is receiving a state pension. (See Parish Council minutes, item 8).    
Apr 5th Lamb & Flag Inn Sunday quiz raised £210 for the village school    
Feb 27th Wash Road Flooded? The EA have apparently lost their tape measure and have stopped giving depths. Yesterday the EA Floodline information was that "some water" was on the road; today's 8am update said there were "deep puddles", and at 11.20am simply that "water levels are falling". So, it it flooded or not? Yesterday's meeting (see below) obviously didn't have much effect on the EA and their appalling disregard of the inconvenience to the general public.    
Feb 26th Wash Road Welney Parish Council met EA & Norfolk Highways to discuss improvements to flooding information.    
Feb   Newspaper delivery service ceased.    
Feb 16th New Road Closed to through traffic for six weeks for sewerage works    
Feb 11th Wash Road Flooded. A few inches in am, much deeper pm/evening. Could be a long closure this time.   report & photos
Feb 5th Welney We awoke to a covering of 2 to 3 inches of snow    
Feb 4th Wash Road Dry again. But not for long ...    
Feb 2nd   The predicted "heaviest snowfall in the UK for 18 years" missed Welney. We had just a light dusting even though places 10 miles away had up to 6 inches (15cms)    
Jan 29th Wash Road Flooded in pm, only a few inches deep but ice on approaches to flooded section caused several cars to skid off road    
Jan 24th   Julie Perkins-Jones died aged 43 at Addenbrookes Hospital after a long illness. Julie lived with her partner Mike Jones and their children at Pisces Country Park, which she and Mike owned and operated. Julie's voluntary work included setting up and running the Welney Youth Club, organising the 'Children of Welney' Fayre at the Playing Field in Sept 2007, and 'Carols Round the Tree' at St.Mary;s.
Funeral at Kings Lynn Crematorium, Sat 7th Feb.
Jan 5th-11th   The cold snap has enabled skaters to take to the ice again in the fens for the first time for some years. See Ely Standard video. Full details of where & when are on the Giles Landscapes special skating web site    


When Where What WN no Website
Dec 24th St. Mary's Church Holy Communio 11.30pm.    
Dec 17th Wash Road Flooded again (5 days?)    
Dec 17th St. Mary's Church "Carols Round the Tree". Forty or so adults & children gathered outside St. Mary's Church on Wednesday evening for Carol singing, encouraged by Holly Trundle (nee Goodwin), and led beautifully by Sally Kerr. Afterwards, mulled wine and mince pies were enjoyed inside the well heated Church.    
Dec 5th Meadow Lane Norfolk County Council have decided to make the lane a "Restricted Byway". When the order is officially made (in early 2009) if there are no objections within 6 weeks it will be perfectly lawful to walk, cycle or ride a horse along the lane, but not to drive along it in a motor vehicle. However, any existing private rights held by individual landowners will not be affected by the order. Those rights may allow use of a motor vehicle, & may extend to deliveries and visitors. I understand that no decision has been made (yet?) about the gates.    
Nov 20th  Wash Road  dry (but flooding signs still displayed 2 days later!)    
Nov 13th Wash Road Yet again flooded, and and yet again a lack of information for motorists. Morning rush-hour travellers found depths of 8 inches and "bow-waves" from oncoming traffic covering car bonnets and  windscreens, for several hundred yards but no warning signs from either Cambs or Norfolk Highways. Didn't the EA tell them, or were they slow to act?    
Nov 7th Meadow Lane Parish Cllr. Steve Kerr cleared of all allegations that he failed to declare an interest when the rights-of-way issue was being discussed by the Parish Council, but guilty of trusting the Parish Clerk, Mrs Copeman, to do her job properly (she admits she failed to lodge Cllr. Kerr's declaration of interests in May 2007). The Weakest Link? If you have any views or comments on any aspect of this please e-mail webmaster.    
Oct 4th St. Mary's Church Church Fete   report
Oct 3rd Lamb & Flag Inn Welney Croft Cricket Club's annual award presentation evening attended by famous cricket celebrities Devon Malcolm And Charlotte Edwards   report
Sept 27th St. Mary's Church Harvest Supper , 6.30pm    
Sept 20th Playing Field The second "Children of Welney Fayre" was cancelled due to the debilitating illness of the main organiser, Julie Perkins-Jones.
Sept 15th Lamb & Flag
car park
Mobile Post Office service starts. daily Mon to Fri, 1.15-2.30pm.    
Sept 17th St. Mary's Church Funeral of Mrs Amy Hankins (nee Rudland) who died on 8th Sept aged 90 at her home in Hampstead Cottages, Wisbech Road.    
Sept 1st St. Mary's Church Funeral of Sarah Markham    
Aug 22nd   Sarah Markham died at home from cancer, aged 25. Sarah lived in Main Street with her 3-year-old son Kieran and her parents Dennis and Margaret.    
July 21st   Stolen JCB found abandoned on Lanb & Flag car park near Parish Hall   report
July Three Tuns
Bedford Bank East
Demolition has started   photos
July 19th Wash Road Fatal accident, motorcyclist killed   report
July 13th-14th Denver Complex EA open days   report
July 1st   Parish Clerk to apologise to our MP (Christopher Fraser) for offence caused by a letter she wrote to him. See Council minutes (item 13.4)    
June 29th Playing Field Welney Croft Cricket Club raised £288 for charity at the Peter Bedford Cup match against Brentwood & Havering.   reports
June 24th   Royal Mail website gives details of the new outreach postal service : "Welney branch New Road, Welney, Wisbeach, PE14 9RA Welney Mobile Service Lamb and Flag Publich House car park Main Street Welney PE14 9RB Mon - Fri 13:15 - 14:30 " Let's hope their new service is better than their spelling/proof-reading.    
June 12th Suspension Bridge Yet another crash   report
June 1st WWT Centre
Hundred Foot Bank
 "A Fen Tiger's Tale" at the WWT , 1-4pm. Traditional crafts, music by 'Eel Pie', miniature steam roller, watch & try Molly Dancing or roller and photos   report and photos
May 6th Parish Hall Parish Council co-opt Mrs Vija Pratley. Cllr Goodger again re-elected as Chairman. Cllr Bennett elected Vice-chairman (in place of Cllr Kerr).    
May 4th Playing Field Another win for our Cricket team.   report
May 1st   Gang charged with 30 offences including burglary at Chestnut Avenue last Aug   Story so far
Apr 26th Playing Field Welney Croft Cricket Club won first match of season   fixtures
Mar 26th    Post Office Ltd propose a mobile post office service for Welney on one morning and 3 afternoons a week starting in Aug.    
Mar 24th   The Parish Action Plan is delivered to Welney residents   report
Mar 23rd    Easter Sunday, Welney awoke to 4 inches of snow, clear by pm    
Mar 14th   Caravan in ditch at Tipps End   report
Mar 4th   Susan Dobson co-opted onto Parish Council    
Feb 21st   TRAGEDY STRIKES TIPPS END FAMILY . Nine-year-old Charlotte Walker, of March Road Tipps End died  in Peterborough District Hospital from injuries sustained in a car accident on Wednesday 20th Feb on the B1098 Sixteen Foot Bank approx 350 yards north of Bedlam Bridge. Charlotte had been trapped in the rear of a Citroen car which plunged into the river at about 3.40pm and then sank into the near freezing water. Charlotte's mother managed to escape suffering from shock and minor injuries   Inquest report
Feb Lady Fen
Hundred foot Bank
 Work started on new 38 hectare (94 acres) wet grassland site for Wigeon  east of the WWT centre. Managed by WWT, funded by EA.    
Feb 14th    SEWAGE WORKS plans changed . The AWS application to discharge treated effluent into the Old Croft has been withdrawn. Anglian Water Services have chosen a new site for the Works in the region of grid ref 500954, 1¼ miles west of their original choice. Discharge will be into field drains leading to the Sixteen Foot Drain near Bedlam Bridge.    
Feb 13th Parish Hall Public meeting regarding lack of a post office in Welney. Rev. Fitzgibbon suggested using the Church 2 mornings a week, possibly combined with a community meeting place with refreshments & local produce    
Jan 28th   The Queen visited the WWT , toured the visitor centre &  later watched a 'swan feed'. She was presented with a posy by 7-year old Sarah Ward and a toy swan by 3-year old Kieran Markham.    
Jan 10th ?   Mark Wallington resigned from Parish Council.    
January Wash Road Flooded again. EA refer to the road as the 'Welney Causeway' perhaps to excuse them for not keping it clear more often.    


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Dec 11th ?   Mike Jones resigned fromParish Council    
Oct 15th   More than 70 people attended the Action Groups's 2nd Public Open Meeting to discuss Anglian Water's proposed Sewage Works at Tipps End.   Special Report
Oct 5th   Welney Croft Cricket Club, a club for all ages,   Presentation Evening
Sept 22nd   Harvest Supper at Parish Hall.   Photo
Sept 22nd    "Children of Welney" Fayre at the Playing Field from 11am - "a traditional village fayre with fun & events for all ages". An enjoyable and well attended event.    
Sept 21st    A new post box at last, next to phone box opposite Lamb & Flag    
Aug 18th   Burglary in Chestnut Avenue. Elderly widow robbed of jewellery    
Aug12th   New date for the Peter Bedford Cup cricket match at the Playing Field.    
Aug11th   Church Garden Fete cancelled    
July 27th   Combine Harvester caught fire at Tipps End.   photos
July 25th   Radio Norfolk reported closure of Post Office and lack of replacement Post Box. Royal Mail were unable to comment    
July 13th    Our MP, Christopher Fraser, visited Welney with his mobile office, 3.30-4.30pm    
June 16th   presentation to Wendy & Pete and to Carole Conor from Welney villagers   Report
June 16th   Village shop closes    
June 13th   Post office closes.    
June 13th    Claire Freer co-opted onto Parish Council    
June 10th   "Farm Sunday" open day at Pates Farm, Tipps End    
June 1st   Getting to know Ken Goodger   Article
June 1st   A satirical review of life in a fenland village that the Parish Council did not manage to ban.   Private Welneye
May 30th   car in ditch off Wash Rd    
May 26th   Presentation to Wendy & Pete from Tipps End residents   Report
May 26th    Church Fete, 1.30- 4pm    
May 6th   Fire at stables in Tipps End    
May 2nd   David Rowlett failed to lodge papers to re-stand as Parish Councillor    
Mar 14th   Wash Road NOT flooded!!    
Mar 12th   Theft of Nissan 4x4 & caravan in Tipps End    
Mar 2nd   Wash Road still flooded and the EA flood defence budget cut by a third!   Are our fens to be abandoned to nature? We have brought together press reports, letters, local comments & statements from all & sundry, and some background information in a new   special feature.
Feb 26th   Local MP Christopher Fraser raised the flooding issue in the House of C Lengthy item, but essential reading.   full transcript. 
Feb 15th   Wash Road has been flooded again for a couple of days. Depth at mid-day was 50cm (20 inches)    
Feb 8th    An application has been made to Norfolk County Council to make Meadow Lane a right of way.    
Feb 5th   Service of  licensing of our new Parish Priest , 7.30pm at Welney St. Mary's    
Feb 2nd   For one day only, free entry to WWT reserve. Guided tours, swan feeds    
Jan 31st   Wash Road   NOT flooded!
Jan 20th   Wash Road still flooded. Businesses continue to loose trade. Parish Council acts. EA say it's not their fault.   Report.
Jan 20th   Molly Dances visit Welney    
Jan 15th   Wash Road Flooded -  Helicopter rescues idiot driver. Letters to local papers   Report
Jan 7th   Walter Carter died   Obituary


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Dec 26th   Horace Watson died   Obituary
Dec 20th St. Mary'sChurch Christmas Tree outside Church. Lights go on with carol service around tree    
Dec 17th Parish Hall Christmas Fair    
Dec 13th   Parish Clerk gets early Christmas present - a salary increase, backdated to April    
Dec 10th   EventsRUs" informed Parish Council that "they will be folding" at the end of 2006    
Dec 10th   Reg Rowlett died.  Obituary
December Wash Road Fooded for most of month. Local businesses lose trade    
November Wash Road Flooded
Nov 23rd Tipps End 40-ft articulated tipper lorry slides into ditch   report & photos
Nov 11th New Road Car hit street light outside Welwyn    
Oct 3rd   Tony Palmer died    
Sept 23rd   Harvest Fayre/Church Fete   Photo
Sept   An old and rare "cigarette card" depicting a famous Welney skater has been donated to our local skating club   report
Sept 20th WWT Centre,
Hundred Foot Bank
The new WWT visitor centre officially opened by a celebrity naturalist.   report
Sept   Parish Council launch own site. Their sub-site on this web was then removed.    
Sept Wm Marshall School A local business has donated a unique new piece of sports equipment to the village school   report
Sept Playing Field Parish Council chairman to personally remove play equipment at the playing field.   report
Aug 13th Well Creek, Nordelph Nordelph's Fun Day and raft races put back to Sunday due to wet weather the previous day and was a huge success.    
Aug 12th Playing Field Welney' Summer Fayre & Car boot sale organised by new community group, "Events R us" had good food but bad weather.   Photo
Aug   Giles Landscapes has won a prestigious award for its work at Gunpowder Park, Enfield   report
Aug   John Loveday's company ' Johnjac Cricket Supplies' has delivered a large order in the Caribbean.   report
Aug 1st   Change of booking arrangements for Parish Hall and Pavilion    
July Pavilion Burglary - kettles, tea urns & games equip stolen    
July Parish Hall Burglary - kettle stolen    
Jun 14th   Parish Council decided not to renew agreement for this website to host their pages    
Jun 11th Pates Farm,
Tipps End
"Farm Sunday" open day. A day of sun and fun at the Goodger's family farm.   report
Jun 3rd Parish Hall Parish Council open meeting. A well prepared and amiably presented report about the possible sale of the Parish Hall and a suggested  new community centre overlooking the playing field near Sandgate Corner   Report
May   Gala 2004/Play equipment funds. The Council have sat on this money for two years, and seem likely to do so for another couple of years.   report
Apr 4th Hundred Foot Bank 'Tall Pines', the former Mission School badly damaged by fire   report
Apr Playing Field Childrens play equipment at playing field still dirty & derelict   report
Apr 1st New Hall Possible site for a New Hall ?   Press release
Mar 24th WWT Centre,
Hundred Foot Bank
WWT visitor centre to close for a month prior to opening of new building on Apr 24th   report
Mar Parish Council Huge increase in Parish Council rates   report
Mar Parish Council WPC hide auditors report in contravention of law.   Report
Feb 8th   Grant Tomkins co-opted onto Parish Council.    


When Where What WN no Website
Dec 12th Parish Hall Welney Parish Council renewed agreement with webmaster to have their own sub-site included within this community site for further 6 months & donated £25 to webmaster's costs    
Dec 8th Parish Hall Mark Brown co-opted onto Parish Council    
Oct 22nd
Oct 20th
Parish Hall Council launch Parish Action Plan in Parish Hall. 30 parishioners attend on Thurs 20th and 20 on Sat 22nd.    
Aug 8th St. Mary's Church Harold Carter's funeral & burial at St. Mary's    
July 27th Harold Carter died aged 82. A kind & well-loved gentle man, and a lifelong Methodist.
July 11th St. Mary's Church Ernie James funeral at St. Mary's    
July 5th   Ernie James, said to be the last of the 'Fen Tigers' died aged 99. Brief obituary. Feature    
June 29th Parish Hall Welney Parish Council renewed agreement with webmaster to have their own sub-site included within this community site for a further 6 months & donated £20 to webmaster's costs.    
May 27th   Local firm Giles Landscapes won Silver Medal for second year at Chelsea Flower Show. The garden was designed by Stephen Hall and featured a cedar cabin built by local carpenter Steve Kerr. For a glimpse behind the scenes see  The making of a garden    
May 18th   BT upgrade Welney exchange to provide broadband for 610xxx numbers    
April Parish Hall Parish Council sack Peter Cox as Parish Hall licencee (without warning or discussion)  just so that they can install the Parish Clerk in that position and have absolute control.    
Mar 18th   Cambs Times report that Parish Council is trying to sell the Parish Hall to Elgoods. (One of many problems is that it's not theirs to sell!) Chairman Goodger says article not authorised.    
Mar 16th   BT upgrade Christchurch exchange to provide broadband for 638xxx numbers    
Mar 16th Parish Hall Parish Council special meeting re Elgoods & the Hall.    
Feb 16th Parish Hall Welney Parish Council joined the Welney Website for a 3 month trial with their own sub-site designed & maintained free by the Webmaster.    
Feb 1st   Initial meeting of Parish Action Plan group    
Jan 25th   Parish Council met Elgoods to hear the Brewery's proposals for the Lamb & Flag, the Three Tuns site, and purchase of the Parish Hall.    
Jan 20th Parish Hall Public Meeting attended by 20 parishioners, Guest speaker Mrs Gillian Shephard, MP    
Jan 11th Parish Hall Eddie Allen co-opted to Parish Council    


When Where What WN no Website
Dec 14th   Last meeting of Parish Hall Management Committee?    
Nov 29th St. Mary's Church Denis Booth's funeral, attended by over 200 mourners. Followed by reception at Lamb & Flag and private cremation at Kings Lynn   Obituary
Nov 17th   Denis Booth died    
Nov 17th   Welney Website re-activated, financed by new Webmaster    
Nov 17th Tipps End A Knowles Transport articulated tipper lorry overturned slid into the ditch outside Sideacre in Tipps End shedding its load of sugar beet pulp granules.    
Nov 15th   Treasurer of WMAP declined to give financial assistance to re-start this site owing to "insufficient funds".
This lead some to wonder what had happened to the money.
Nov 14th   The Welney Website had been unavailable for a couple of weeks because (allegedly) the Treasurer of Welney MAP, Karen Flemming, would not give the Webmaster, Mark Farrow, the £15 required for the annual ISP fee. Peter Cox took over as Webmaster    
Nov 9th Parish Hall Parish Council eventually accept Gala 2004 profit and agree, reluctantly, to use it only as intended, for new children's play equipment at the Playing Field.    
Nov 3rd Lamb & Flag Inn WI 78th Anniversary dinner    
Oct 12th Parish Hall Cllr Jenny Farrow & Cllr Charlotte Cox resign from Parish Council    
Oct 12th Parish Hall During public participation at a meeting of the Welney Parish Council, Peter Cox advised Council of rumours that Elgood's wished to change their plans to develop their land on the Bedford Bank (the Three Tuns pub site) and would now like to acquire the site of the Parish Hall. Council were not aware, and agreed to contact the Brewers.    
Oct 12th   Steve Kerr handed over Hall Managemene Committee and Gala committee accounts and funds to Parish Clerk.
Hall Bank deposit a/c  £15,234.96
Hall Bank current a/c       £513.01
Gala bank current a/c   £3,752.07
Hall petty cash                 £57.70
Grand total               £19, 587.74
Oct 11th Parish Hall Peter Cox resigns as member, Secretary & Treasurer of Parish Hall Management Committee in protest at lack of assistance from Parish Clerk, but remains Licencee of the hall in order to keep the hall open.
All accounts documents, cash and statement of balances of Hall and Gala funds handed to Steve Kerr. (who passed it all to Parish Clerk next day)
  handover balances
Aug 28th Playing Field Welney Gala 2004. Proposed by the Parish Hall Management Committee and organised with assistance from various individuals and virtually every organisation in the Parish (except the Parish Council) this was the biggest and best summer event in Welney for more than 30 years. Nearly £4,000 was raised for new play equipment for children at the playing field.    
May 25th   Local firm Giles Landscapes won Silver Medal at Chelsea Flower Show. The garden was designed by Stephen Hall and featured a lych gate built by local carpenter Steve Kerr.    


When Where What WN no Website
Sept 9th Parish Hall Parish Council make presentation to Denis Booth    
Apr 29th Parish Hall Inaugural meeting of Welney Parish Hall Management Committee   Minutes
Apr 23rd Parish Hall Parish Hall Committee Meeting.
Treasurer Peter Cox (PEC) reported his findings into accounts shortcomings, action taken since and recommendations for the future. 
Later, Chairman Richard Green dramatically resigned throwing papers in the air and storming out, following a question from a member of the public, Ian Warrington. Carol Green followed.

PEC report
Feb 17th Parish Hall Parish Hall Committee Extraordinary General Meeting
Cllr Tim Bennett accused Committee of unconstitutional actions and called for them to resign.
  PEC rprt

DL report
Jan 22nd Parish Hall Parish Council form a council sub-committee to run the Hall.    
Jan 12th Parish Hall Ten Parishioners (the "Gang of Ten") call for the Parish Hall Committee to resign, alleging financial irregularities and attempting to build a new Hall contrary to the constitution.    
Jan 1st   MK-L refunded further £530 to Parish Hall funds following demand from PEC after Hall accounts re-drafted    


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Dec 11th Parish Hall Special Council Meeting    
Dec 2nd Parish Hall Bishops Land payout    
Dec 2nd Wm Marshall School Christmas Fair    
Nov and Dec Pavilion New roof fitted Cost approx £8,000. Funded by grant of £4,300 from KL&WN BC and donation from Marshall's Charity    
Nov 14th Parish Hall Richard Green said the Hall could not be made compliant with the new Disability Discrimination Act and would have to be demolished. Wrote to EA to ask to buy Hall & site    
Nov 5th   Richard Green, acting in the name of the Parish Hall Committee, appointed architect Jerry Harrall to draw up plans for new Hall & submit a full planning application.    
Oct 30th Parish Hall Public Meeting  to discuss the Parish Hall Committee's plans for a new Hall. Despite much public opposition and reservations of some members, the committee were persuaded by new Chairman Richard Green at a hastily convened 'huddle' in the kitchen after the meeting into agreeing to go ahead. Peter Cox not involved in huddle.
The decision was later proved to be unconstitutional.
Oct 29th The Old Post House
Main Street
Richard Green & Peter Cox co-opted to WPHC and immediately appointed Chairman & Treasurer respectively.    
Oct 27th   The worst storm since 1987. Lost electricity at about 1100, not restored until pm 29th    
Oct 22nd   Sandi Short resigns as Chair and member of WPHC    
Oct 19th Parish Hall Bring & Buy sale organised by Charlotte Cox raised £185.27 in aid of Macmillan Care & Treatment Centre, QE Hosp KL    
Oct 16th Parish Hall WPHC Treasurer MKL resigned in disgrace at a specially convened and very dramatic Committee meeting after admitting misappropriating Parish Hall funds.     
Oct 16th   WPHC receive £5,727 chq paid directly into their bank    
Oct 14th   WPHC receive £1,500 cash paid directly into their bank    
Oct 13th Cambridge ultimatum given to MK-L by a WPHC member, pay up or else ..    
Oct 10th Parish Hall WPHC emergency mtg to discuss fund shortage    
Oct 7th Barclays L'port WPHC Chair Sandie Short & Vice-chair Marlen Moss-Eckardt  visited Bank and discovered approx £8,000 less than expected. Emergency mtg called.    
Oct early   Welney Parish Hall Committee (WPHC) concerned about the absence of their Treasurer Martin Kyne-Lilley.    
June Wm Marshall School
grounds, and Lamb & Flag Inn & garden
Queen's Golden Jubilee    
May 19th Playing Field Leicestershire County Cricket Club play our local team on Playing Field   Report & Photos
May Parish Hall Parish Council rocked by three Motions of Censure:
(1) against Cllr Green proposed by Cllr Rix;
(2) against Cllr Rix proposed by Cllr Green;
(3) against Cllr Warrington also proposed by Cllr Green.
These followed an approach by Cllr Green to some parishioners without Council Authority regarding sale of land for new village hall. Cllr Warrington became involved simply because he deputised for Cllr Rix and read her statement to Council.
All motions were later withdrawn.
Apr Lamb & Flag Inn Roy Green, Welney's milkman for the last 20 years, retired. Presented by MK-L with a framed collage of Welney photos.    
Mar 9th   A Great Storm !!! [later: but worse was to come -see 27th Oct]    
Feb 20th The Old Chapel
Main Street
A big party to mark the PALINDROME on 20-02-2002
organised & hosted by Martin Kyne-Lilley and Elizabeth Deckker


When Where What WN no Website
Dec 31st Wm Marshall School Head teacher Jasmin Golson's last day after 15 years. She announced her resignation earlier in the year.    
Dec 8th Parish Hall Christmas Bazaar    
Nov Parish Hall Parish Council considered two planning applications from Elgoods.
(1) 2 dwellings north of Three Tuns, recommended for approval. (2) 3 dwellings on car park between Lamb & Flag & Parish Hall, recommended for refusal.
Sept 13th Parish Hall Fifty people enjoyed Harvest Supper
Entertainment by the Acorn Singers
Sept 11th Parish Hall Ken Goodger co-opted onto Parish Council following the resignation of Martin Kyne-Lilley    
Aug 26th Bedford Bank East & Parish Hall Welney Water Gala. Went ahead despite not being able to use the river for raft races, raising £807 for the Parish Hall.    
Aug 25th Suspension Bridge Yet another accident, a 40ft artic heading towards Welney ploughed right through barriers    
Aug Pisces
Bedford Bank West
Fishing match & BBQ at Pisces organised by owners Richard & Carol Shelton raised over £1300 for MacMillan nurses    
June 16th   Helen Barry died. She was editor of the Welney News, & previously lived at Welney Hotel before moving to Suspension Bridge   Obituary
Apr 6th   Frank Giles died aged 81   Obituary
Feb 22nd   John Waring, OBE, licencee of The Three Tuns pub on Bedford Bank, died aged 86.   Obituary
Jan 2nd   Peggy Medcalf of Tipps End died    


When Where What WN no Website
Dec 24th   Connie Pennick died aged 88    
Dec 16/17th Parish Hall The completed 'Welney Map', a 13ft x 8ft portrait of Welney in 2000 is displayed in Parish Hall    
Dec 9th Parish Hall Christmas Bazaar    
Nov 14th   David Sowell died. He lived on Bedford Bank near the Three Tuns.    
Nov   Steve Kerr co-opted onto Parish Council    
Oct 15th   Doris James (wife of Ernie James) died aged 91    
Aug 27th Bedford Bank East
& Parish Hall
Welney Water Gala. Raised £1303 for Parish Hall funds.    
August Pisces
Bedford Bank West
Fishing match & BBQ at Pisces organised by owners Richard & Carol Shelton raised over £1000 for MacMillan nurses.    
June 23rd PLaying Field Summer Fete with a display by the Downham Market Majorettes.
Poorly attended due to bad weather, but still raised £300
May 16th Parish Hall Parish Council AGM. Cllr Richard Green elected Chairman replacing Mrs Pat Rix who had completed the maximum term of two years. Pauline Pullum vice chair    
May 6th Chestnut Avenue Lauren Wright died aged six. A tragic case of maltreatment & neglect. Step-mother & father later jailed for manslaughter.   Obituary & reports
April 29th   The big "Village Clean-up" was not as sucessful as hoped due perhaps to awful weather.    
Apr Welmore Lake Sluice Official opening of new sluice (actually completed Sept 1999).    
Feb 4th St. Mary's Church Madge Singleterry's funeral attended by well over 100 people    
Jan 29-30th Parish Hall 30 people attend the 'Felt Making Weekend' at Parish Hall preparing the background for The Welney Map under the guidance of the chief organiser Philippa Mitchell.    
Jan 11th Parish Hall Meeting to discuss possible Wind Turbines at Darcey Lode    

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