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Welney Parish Council refuse to comply with law

Report first posted May 2006, page amended/updated Sunday, 18 September 2011
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This report by the webmaster
Welney Parish Council hide auditor's report on their finances.

The Freedom of Information act gives the public a right to see, and Councils a duty to provide, certain Council documents. The documents which Welney Parish Council have agreed to make available are listed in their Publication Scheme. They lodged a copy of that scheme with the Information Commissioner in January 2003.

One of the documents covered by the scheme is the report on the Council's annual accounts by the Council's internal auditor, a qualified accountant living in Welney. In November 2005 the webmaster contacted the Council twice requesting a copy but did not even get the courtesy of a reply.
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In April 2006 the Council were asked again. Their reply dated 10th May 2006 stated that the Council had decided that the auditor's letter "should not be made public."

But the Council do not have discretional powers to withhold the document - so what might be in that report that the Council are so desperate to keep quiet that they are willing to break the law?

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