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Report first posted 4th May 2010, page amended/updated Monday, 19 September 2011
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MAY-JUN 2010
This is the 3rd of a series of reports by the webmaster on the  new community building proposed by the Parish Council.
You can dip into any of them, but to get a clearer understanding the reports are best read in date order as shown at bottom right of this page.

Note, 'BCKLWN' is the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk - the planning authority covering Welney.

Shortly after the application was lodged, the BCKLWN Planning Department published the target day for resolution - by 4th May 2010.  They kept their promise and during the early afternoon of that day the decision was posted on their website.

This will be a huge relief to the residents of Nursery House, whose home and garden would have been blighted by the proposed development, and who have been subjected to a great deal of stress during the last 4 months.

The news has also been greeted with relief by other opponents of the scheme, although they are disappointed that the Council have wasted so much time since December 2007 when they voted to build on the site of the existing Pavilion, a proposal that had wide support in the Parish. Had they gone ahead wth that we would probably have had a new Community building by now - and maybe even some new childrens play equipment.

Within half an hour of the announcement of the refusal, the result was posted on this website too, and several parishioners learned of it that afternoon via the bush telegraph and wondered what the Parish Council would decide to do next at their meeting later that day.

However, it transpired that that the Clerk and Chairman were unaware of the decision and a Councillor who had been told of it prior to the meeting did not advise them or any other Councillors, and the refusal was not discussed or even mentioned.

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The minutes of that meeting, published some six weeks later (after their June meeting) say "there was a general discussion regarding the application". What on earth could they have been talking about? And wasn't it all a waste of time anyway?

At their June meeting the Parish Council complained to a Borough Councillor that "certain parties" (presumably the Clerk meant "some parishioners") knew the outcome of the application before the Parish Council did. Surely the Councillors should have asked their paid Clerk and the even higher paid agent who submitted the application why they had not checked before the May meeting rather than complain about the Borough Council which did its job correctly and on time. 

Little wonder this plan is now in its sixth year and none of the initial aims have been met. For those unaware of this saga, or have forgotten how it all started, see link on right.
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