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Children's play equipment
Council refuse to use Gala 2004 funds

page created May 2006, style amended/updated Sunday, 12 October 2014
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This report by Peter Cox 2006
The situation was unchanged in early 2012
Still no action by Council on replacement of dirty and neglected equipment
[the following was written and posted in 2006]
The Council has done nothing with almost £4,000 given to them by the Gala Committee in Oct 2004 to help provide new play equipment at the Playing field.

And it seems they do not intend to do so until their plans for a new community centre are finalised. If that was on the near horizon, they might be supported. But it is much more likely to be several years to wait, and that is a loss to our current youngsters and a betrayal to those who organised and supported the Gala.

At a Council meeting earlier this year [2006], the Chairman, Cllr. Ken Goodger, got very irritated when questioned by two parishioners about the Council's intentions. He even threatened to throw the money back to the Gala Committee.

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That is despite the fact that the Council is responsible for the current equipment, much of which is filthy, badly sited and in a such a poor state of repair that they declared it unsafe in November 2003.

Cllr. Mark Brown [who has since left Welney] was a lone voice in agreeing, on reflection, that the money should be used now as intended. All the rest want to wait. By which time today's children will probably be adults.

And the Council wonder why so few people come forward now to help organise things.
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