Amenities - general summary

As explained on our home page, the civil parish of Welney is divided physically by the Ouse washes, and the wider community of Welney is administratively split between two County Councils, Norfolk (for the majority) and Cambridgeshire (for those on the fringes). Your choices may be restricted by the above.

Welney has a church, pub/restaurant, a large playing field with The William Marshall Centre incorporating parish hall and sports pavilion, a public park at Sandgate Corner and a retirement home. Like many rural communities we have lost several local services in recent years. Our post office and shop closed in June 2007, but postal services are available for an hour or so daily from a mobile post office (times & days vary); local shops are nearby in the villages of Upwell and Manea, and many more shops and a supermarket in the small town of Littleport. Our local primary school closed in Dec 2015 and children can use a free bus to the Community school in Upwell. We are surrounded by the small market towns of Wisbech, Downham Market, March and Chatteris and the catherdal city of Ely all of which have a full range of services and entertainment.


Local Government/Council services

Services and their providers differ depending which part of the area you live in or are considering moving to. Some aspects - Education, Health, Public Libraries, Police and Fire, are detailed below.
For details of all local councils in this area see our Local Government page.


Welney and surrounding towns
Above, towns & villages around Welney
Click map for larger view.

Retail amenities, banking & postal services

There are very few services within the parish/community, but a wide choice within 4-10 miles. See map on left
  • Newsagents. Nearest are at Three Holes, Manea & BP garage on A10 at Littleport roundabout
  • Mobile fresh fish van, Fridays 1.00-1.15pm, New Road
  • Postal services


State education is provided strictly on a County basis. The parish of Welney is in Norfolk; some adjacent areas to the west, south & south east, are in Cambridgeshire

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Health Care

According to the NHS website, you can usually choose to register with any GP or dentist in your area (regardless of County). In practice, due to regular flooding of the A1101 Wash Road across the Ouse Washes, most people in the parish of Welney use the following:
  • Residents west of the Ouse Washes: Upwell Health Centre (6 GPs) or Manea Surgery (1 GP). Patients of Upwell Health Centre can have regular prescriptions delivered free to their home.
  • Residents east of the Ouse Washes:  St.George's Medical Centre, Littleport (6 GPs)
  • Dentists, nearest: NHS practices are at Littleport, March, Chatteris, Wisbech and Ely. For details see the NHS website. Private practices at Upwell & major towns.
There is a residential Care Home in Welney, Delph House, which also provides day care and meals-on-wheels.

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Public Libraries

Officially, Welney parish residents should use library services provided by Norfolk County Council. In practice, as Welney has a Wisbech Cambs post code, you may be able to utilise Cambridgeshire's services (or both).
  • Norfolk County Council: Downham Market, and a mobile service to Welney, Tipps End & Lakes End every four weeks - for dates, times & stopping places, see schedule
  • Cambridgeshire County Council: Large libraries with computer facilities & extensive local history books are at March and Wisbech. A small branch is currently at Littleport.

Public transport

  • Bus services: click route number for timetable.
    • Route 61, daily Mon-Sat between Three Holes & Downham Market via Welney & Nordelph, operated by Barry's Cars Ltd.  Connects to the Norfolk Green route 60 to Wisbech (from Three Holes), and route 37 to King's Lynn (from Downham Market). Other Norfolk Green routes cover most parts of Norfolk and south Lincolnshire - see route map. Through ticketing may be available.
    • Route 65, Friday only service between Wisbech & Downham Market via Tipps End  & Welney, operated by Emblings Coaches - see route map.
    • There are currently no direct bus services from Welney to March, Chatteris, Littleport or Ely.
  • Rail: Ely Station, Manea halt (un-manned).
  • Air:

Churches & chapels

Garages and motor repairs

  • Nearest fuel station (no repairs) is BP at the A10/A1101 junction (roundabout) near Littleport.
  • car & van repairs/servicing: LWVS, March Road, Welney
  • MOT centres: Three Holes and Littleport
  • Many other services available in the surrounding towns

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Police, Fire & Ambulance services.


Sewage treatment and disposal

Main drainage is available to many properties in the village of Welney but not all are connected. Properties outside the central area do not have access to main drainage.

Recreation, Sports & Social activites


Please see links for Recreation and Social on the contents page.




Food & Drink