Cricket in Welney

History - summary

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Exactly how long the game has been played in this area, that is in the organised form under MCC rules, is uncertain, but the Parish magazine as long ago as 1884 recorded that a Welney team played against both Outwell and West Head (Stow).

A minutes book dating back to 1905 and other archive material has enabled Tony Smart to compile comprehensive accounts and a chronological listing of events associated with cricket in Welney.

The Club has had some memorable moments. In 1923 it achieved nation-wide fame by ‘skittling’ a side out for no runs; in 2002 it hosted a  match with a first-class County side which included two ex-England test players; and it can claim a connection with possibly the most famous English cricketer of all time.

The Club's home ground since 1971 has been Welney Playing Field. Previously, six other grounds have been used around our small village.
1905-14 Maywood Farm (Mr John Loveday)
1920 Highfields, Welney House Farm (Mr. W.Clayton)
1921-24 Minister Wash ( Mr.Martin)
1925-26 Mr.T.Rolfe’s field
1927-32 Minister Wash
1933-39 Maywood Farm (Mr.W.Bedford)
1945-47 Dalton’s Field (behind Phoenix House and Lamb & Flag)
1948-57 Minister Wash (Mr.C.Johnson)
1958-70 Grange Farm (Mr.J.Bedford)
1971 Welney Playing Field

There have been eight regular meeting places – the Cherry Tree Pub, Three Tunns Pub, Lamb & Flag Inn, William Marshall School, Odd Fellows Hall, the Parish Hall, Welney FC Hut (Back Drove) and the present Playing Field Pavilion.

With such a long history, it is not surprising that there have been some ups and downs over the years.  No games were played during the 1st and 2nd World Wars, but whether the club was simply dormant or closed down is not known.

  How the club fared in competition prior to 1957 is not known, but since then there have been some notable achievements:
1957 Wisbech League Division 3 (joint winners)
1969 Wisbech League Division 2 Winners
1969 Sandall Cup Winners
1971 Oldroyd Cup Finalists
1973 Oldroyd Cup Winners
1974 Oldroyd Cup Finalists
1974 Loughton Cup (6-a-side) Finalists
1976 Wisbech League Champions (Jeffrey Shield)
1976 Sandall Rosebowl Finalists
1976 Mortimore Rosebowl Finalists
1977 Sandall Rosebowl Winners
1977 Wisbech Standard K.O Cup Winners
1977 Mortimore Rosebowl Finalists
1977 Hicks Cup (Wisbech Leagues Best Wicket)
1980 Mortimore Rosebowl Winners
1997 Calitheke Cup Winners

  Although the Club won a competition in 1980, the following year it was disbanded, and it was not until 1990 that it re-formed with a new all-weather pitch laid at the Playing Field. However, after only another eight years, in 1998, the Club was again disbanded, apparently rather abruptly and without funds, and the all-weather pitch was removed.

But after a break of only one season, the present club was formed and cricket in Welney has thrived ever since.

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