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Bryan Turner - a truly remarkable man!

page created 19th July 2010, amended/updated Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Bryan Turner in 1977
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Bryan Turner was an "incomer", who arrived in Welney in 1956, and became probably the most influential person in Welney in modern times, working tirelessly in both his professional capacity and in many voluntary roles to improve the lives of everyone in the Parish.

Bryan came to Welney to be Headteacher at Welney's primary school taking up residency in the school house with his wife Peggy. He was however much more than a mere academic schoolmaster, being a gifted sportsman and musician, and very he soon was involved in the village Cricket and Football clubs, and many other Parish organisations too.
School Headteacher 1956 -1986
Parish Clerk (and a very good one too!) c1958 - c1985
Football Club player and secretary 1957 - 1970s
Cricket Club player and secretary, 1957 - 1963
Table Tennis, player 1957- 1976
Church organist / warden / secretary of CEMS (Church of England Men's Society)
Welney Follies entertainment group - organiser, producer, director, pianist over a 20 year period.
Welney Galas committee member 1961 - 1970
Bryan Turner was well known throughout the Fens, whether for education, religion or sport. He was a member of the management committees of both the Isle of Ely and Upwell football leagues, and was a qualified MCC cricket coach.

A truly remarkable man.

(details courtesy of Tony Smart; photo from the 1977 school photo.)
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