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Welney folk - their lives and memories

page created 1st July 2010, amended/updated Tuesday, 02 November 2010
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The list shows just a (very) few of those who have lived in Welney and have contributed to life in the Parish and/or have memories and tales to shares.

Many of the links are to articles that were first published in the "Welney News" or local newspapers. Suggestions (and details please!) for additional entries would be most welcome.

Sadly, but inevitably, everyone dies, so many parishioners who were prominent in the past will be listed in Deaths and Obituaries

Surname known-by name resident from resident to links
Booth Denis     "my life in a day"
Brown  Rachel      a great editor
Dockerty Mary     teenage life 1950s
Dockerty Mary     life in 1890s-1910s
Fisher Tom      
Frost John      
Giles Roger 1959?   "getting to know"
Goodger Ken     "getting to know"
Green Richard     "my life in a day"
James Ernie     last fen tiger?
James Raymond     WW2 memories
Markham Amy     "my life in a day"
Nelson Alan     "my life in a day"
Redman Wendy & Pete     "Wendy's shop"
Rix Pat      
Robertson Derek     more than a postie
Turner Bryan 1957 1991? an appreciation

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If you have any memories of life in Welney or have any additions or corrections to published accounts, please contact the webmaster.
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