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Harold Carter - Obituary

page created July 2010; updated Friday, 16 July 2010

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Harold Carter died on 27th July 2005, aged 82.

The following obituary was first published in "Welney News" issue no.47

Harold was born at Neatmoor in the parish of Upwell on May 12th 1923. He was the youngest of three, his two brothers being Alfred and Stanley. His family were farmers and by the time Harold was ten they had moved to Welney. They lived and worked at Mill Farm [in March Road] and after leaving school Harold worked for the family business.

The Carter brothers became well known locally and nationally through their herd of pedigree pigs, which they bred and showed. Members of the family recall a sideboard full of trophies.

Farming took up most of Harold's time, so much so he never took a days' holiday in his life. On the rare occasions that Harold spent a night away from home it was usually because he was showing the pedigree pigs.
During the war Harold remained on the farm, contributing in that way to the war effort; he was also part of the local Home Guard. Harold remained single all his life and his home was always on the farm, until the last few weeks of his life.

Although Harold's world was a small one, it was one in which much love and friendship was shared. This can be seen first of all by the way in which he cared for his Great Uncle Albert, who was left bedridden after the first World War; Harold cared for him for almost twenty years. This caring attitude never left him and although he was reserved in nature he became fonder of company as he grew older and was a member of the Friendship Club.

He was a well-known figure in the village often seen out and about on his bicycle, always ready for a chat. He will be remembered as a cheerful, eventempered and good-humoured man.

One way in which Harold affected people's lives for the better was by transforming the countryside around him in his own special way. All of us who pass through Welney in the spring are aware of it, for it is to Harold that we owe thanks for the daffodil-packed verges.

During the last few weeks of his life Harold moved into Marifa Lodge, from where he passed away at the end of July.
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