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Peter "Pop" Bedford

page created 19th July 2004, amended/updated Monday, 18 October 2010

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Peter Bedford, better known as 'Pop', died on 27th February 2001

The following is from an obituary by Denis Booth in the Welney News, Issue No. 41:

Peter was born in Welney in 1943 and went to the William Marshal School. He had the ability to pass the 11+ examination but didn't fancy having to catch the bus service to Wisbech. Mr. Horace Kimmons, who lived at the Old Post House, suggested to Peter that if he didn't try too hard, he could go to Upwell Secondary Modern School, which Peter did.

He went to Sunday School at the Methodist Chapel from three years old to fifteen years of age and was always involved with nature and animals, eventually working with his father (Joe Bedford) and grandfather (George) on their farm, which he took control of in 1981. As well as farming he has always been responsible for the rearing of pigs and cattle.

Interested in darts and cricket, Peter followed the fortunes of his favourite County Cricket Club - which was Yorkshire with Boycott and Trueman, visiting many county grounds and going to Test Matches. But football was his favourite sport; as a teenager Sheffield Wednesday was his team, but he switched to Chelsea in the mid 1960's and Peter Osgood was one of his idols, so much so that he nearly always named his dogs 'Ossie'. He travelled N.S.E and West to follow Chelsea and of the current team Zola was a great favourite of his.

His father introduced him to the 'Amber Nectar' in the Eagle Tavern (on Bedford Bank West) at the early age of 16, but he had to wait till he was 18 to get his Full Union Card.

Pop was a Character - both loved and respected throughout the village - and he will be missed with a true sadness and regret not only here but over the wide circle of his friends. Someone special has gone.

  Photo by the Webmaster, taken in St Mary's Churchyard
Pop Bedford headstone

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