A big ‘Thank you’ to all our Sponsors:

Welney Parish Council
King¹s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council
The Welney News
Norfolk Rural Community Council
Fenland Arts Association
Millennium Festival - Awards for All
Welney Calender 2000
Business Partners
Giles Landscapes
Wayside and Wildlife
many more individuals

Thank you for your help, time, and hard work in making your house for the
An extra special thank you from the M.A.P. committee to the following
people, who have made this idea work, and gave of their valuable time to
come together and create this piece of art.

Our Teachers: Dave Warren, Jane Frost, Philippa Lee.
The Pupils and Staff of Welney William Marshall School, for their houses, their School and  the children and parents of the Welney Cygnets - for the flowers scattered
around the village.

Pauline Ware
Rosi Beckford
Jane Frusher
Carolyn Loveday
Mandy Revett
Elizabeth Deckker
Vanessa Sharpe
Ian Haworth
Holly Goodwin
Jenny and Darrel Stevens
Charlotte Cox
Eleanor Horn
Pat Rix
Tom and Kath Fisher
Jean Tuson
Debbie MacKenzie
Marlen Moss-Ecardtt
Jane Carter
Andrea Pemberton
John Waring
Carol Green
Brenda Hinde? ( at feltmaking weekend?)
Sally, Jess and Evie Kerr
Helen Barry

Press Release:

A Portrait of Welney
Residents put Welney on the Map

Residents of the
Village of Welney, on the Norfolk border with
Cambridgeshire, have just completed a huge Map (13 foot by 8 foot)  out of
many crafts, showing every house in the Parish. It has been hand made using
clay, metal, wood, embroidery, tapestry, felt, glass, dough......there are
no limits to the villagers inventiveness and -hither to- hidden skills. This
Map is part of an Arts Project to give a ³Portrait of Welney 2000² for
future generations.

Map making Co-ordinator (and secretary of the Welney Millennium Arts
Project) Philippa Mitchell says ³Friendly community participation, learning
new skills and creating a work of art for Welney - have been key ingredients
that have made this project a success²  Martin Kyne-Lilley, the chair of the
committee and Photographer says ³ We would like to think that in years to
come our Millennium Project will be a lasting snapshot of life in Welney in
the year 2000². The Project has helped bring all sorts of people closer
together in the area - which is especially important, as for weeks we can be
cut off from part of the Parish by fast flowing flood water on the Ouse

The Map will be on Display on the 16th and 17th December in Welney Village
Hall (
11am - 4pm). The amazing Map will be accompanied by a series of
fascinating Portrait Photographs of Villagers; an Archive Book of
photographs of life over the last hundred years in Welney;  and the Welney
Web site www.welney.org.uk. which has been created as part of the Project.
The whole event will be available on CD Rom. In the future The Exhibition
will tour around the region.

This Project was sponsored by local business, the Welney Parish Council,
Borough Council of King¹s Lynn and
West Norfolk, Norfolk Rural Community
Council, Fenland Arts Association. and  the Millennium Festival.


Notes to editors:

1 For further info contact P.Mitchell 01353 862481 or 0403 199571.
 or Martin Kyne-Lilley 01354 610498
2 Photo Opportunity - Opening Party on 15th December at Welney      Village
Hall, 6pm.
3 First Exhibition 16th and 17th December 11-4pm Welney Village Hall.


Pictures taken from Millennium Arts Project exhibition held on Sunday 21 May 2000 in the village hall:








1st Annual Report May 2000

In March of 1999, the Welney Parish Council were asked to support a two-part arts project involving the village of Welney in Norfolk. The project would involve the creation of a large map of the village. It would feature every house and building in the parish and he set out on four panels about 8 feet high by 13 feet wide. The map would be made from a variety of materials including textiles, wood and glass. There would also be photographic portraits of the people of Welney - of each household and also of the village in a large group photograph.

The Parish Council, together with many other organisations, are supportive of the project and an exhibition is planned for 15-17 December 2000.


Courses were organised as part of the process of map-making. Professional tutors were employed and people from the village attended and created images of their own homes or significant buildings for the map.


Stained Glass

Six evening workshops starting on 27 September 1999 Tapestry & weaving - 6 evening workshops starting on 8 November 1999 Felt making week-end sessions on 29 January 2000 Ceramics evenings - 2 sessions starting on 2 April 2000


Village Website

A website, now renamed welney.org.uk, was set up as a resource for the whole village and to help develop an archive of photographs and other images of the village and its inhabitants


The Archive

Work has already started on collecting photographs for publication in a small book of the village in the past - publication date 27 August 2000. In addition to being available on the web-site a CD ROM of historic photographs, current images and details of the map is also being produced - publication date: 15 December 2000.


The Photographic Portraits

At the date of this AGM, these have not yet started but will continue over the spring and summer months culminating in a village group photograph on Sunday 27 August 2000.



We should like to thank all those people and organisations that have supported us. In particular we would like to thank our sponsors:


Welney Parish Council, Kings Lynn Borough Council, Arts In Rural Norfolk, Fenland Arts Association, Giles Landscaping, Business Partners Computer Consultancy, Wayside and Wildlife, The Welney News & The Welney Calendar.


MAP Committee: - Chairperson: Martin Kyne-Lilley, Secretary: Philippa Mitchell; Treasurer: Karen Fleming; Committee members: Richard Green, Ian Warrington, Charlotte Cox (1999-2000).


The financial records are available for inspection from the Treasurer.

The Group Photograph
We have a plan to try to make a group photograph of as many Welney villagers as possible on the day of the Water Gala.

We have had donations from the Parish Council; the Borough Council; Fenland Arts Association; Arts in Rural Norfolk; The Welney News; Welney Calendar and several Business sponsors including Giles Landscapes; Bob¹s Business Partners and Wayside and Wildlife. A big thanks you to all. We do still have two thirds of the way to go to raise enough money to pay for the remaining materials; the teachers; the film; printing and displaying the work, some of this is we hope, to come from European and lottery funds, but a few more business sponsors would be much appreciated, each will be featured on the map. Everyone who donates their very valuable time and energy will also be remembered by having their name embroidered on the border of the map.

The Exhibition
We have booked the Exhibition date for 15th, 16th and 17th December 2000, at the village Hall, when we hope to have completed the Map, the Portrait photographs, and the Historical Welney Book.

For more information contact: philippa.mitchell@lineone.net

A Project for the Millennium for Welney


A hundred years ago, farriers, eel catchers, wildfowlers and ferrymen lived here. We want to show who lives here now. This project will therefore be a celebration, a record of people today.   We hope this will become a record for the future.


This is a two-part arts project involving the whole village, including Tipps End and the Parish of Welney together with surrounding houses that regard themselves as part of the village.  Our catchment area is divided in half by the counties of Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.


The first is the creation or a village map, the second a photographic portrait of everyone in the village, household by household, and also as a group.


The map will show all the houses, buildings and features of the surrounding landscape of the village and be constructed as a screen or frieze 8’ x 13’ in size, and made from many crafts including textile, glass, ceramic and wood. We hope that the map will be made by as many people of all ages as possible, including the School, and local businesses.


We are employing local professional artists and craftsmen to hold craft courses that are available at a low cost (subsidised by the project) to anyone wishing to have a go at a new craft within the village, in the Parish Hall, to create a part of the map. Once created, the map will then be photographed and photolithographic prints produced which will be made available.


The photography project involves taking the portraits of as many households in the village as possible,  - each with an object, a symbol of their choice to represent their work or their life.  The 200 or so prints will form part of an Exhibition, together with a group portrait - and the map.  We will also be producing a book of historic photographs of Welney.


The Exhibition will be supplemented by a map of the village 100 years ago and also photographs of that period. Thus we will begin a village archive for the benefit of the generations to come. The combined project will record some of the changes, which have taken place in the village during the past century and act as a celebration of our community today. The Exhibition will be displayed in Welney and thereafter to tour around the county or further afield throughout the region. We will also put the exhibition on the Internet.


A Millennium Arts Project for the Village of Welney.

charitable status being applied for.

Secretary: Philippa Mitchell, Wigeon House, 100 Foot Bank, Welney, Wisbech, Cambs. PE14 9TN.




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