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Peter Johansen - Obituary

page created July 2010; updated Friday, 16 July 2010

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Peter Johansen died on 9th Sept 2004, aged 65.

The following obituary was first published in "Welney News" issue No. 42


Peter came to Welney with Charles [Bastock] in 1981 when they purchased a srnall cottage which they aptly named Peterhaven.

They started work on the house and for a while Peter had to get all the water in from a stand pipe in the garden because the house wasn't connected to the mains supply. The renovations took nine months to complete, and they both lived in the basic shell of a cottage for around about six months. Peter set about changing the landscape of the garden and kept poultry, grew vegetables and planted trees.

Peter soon becanne familiar in the village and got to know John and Mabs Waring, the then landlords of the Three Tuns. With Charles' help he looked after the pub when they were on holiday or when they went away for the day. ln fact together they tried their hand at running the bar in the Lamb and Flag, and also at village hall functions as well.

Peter served on the village hall comnnittee and helped to organise many functions in the viilage including the infamous Welney Tub Race. He helped regularly with the quizzes in The Tuns and at bonfire night on one occasion baked in the region of 200 hundred potatoes all down at Peterhaven..

Peter was always guaranteed to liven up any gatherlng with his wealth of stories and experiences and laughter was never far away in his company. He was greatly adrnired by rnany for his very rich sense of humour and his high sense of honour which always endeared him to a very wide circle.

Peter was an excellent cook and dinner parties were one thing that he excelled in. Even though he left Welney two and a half years ago when he moved to March he still came back to Welney often especiaily to the pub quizzes [at the Lamb & Flag] and Peter helped the other rnembers of the team to raise money towards the church roof fund. He was a wonderful man who was held in high regard by all who knew him and he will always be remembered with great fondness by everyone who had the pleasure of his company.
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