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 Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

ON TUESDAY 3rd NOVEMBER, 2009 AT 7.30 P.M.



Cllrs.K.Goodger (Chairman)  T.Bennett,  M.Brown,  S. Kerr,  V.Pratley,  G.Tomkins

and the Clerk.  Cllrs S Dobson and C.Freer arrived after the meeting had begun both having had a previous appointment.

            Also present were Dist.Cllr D.Pope,  C.Cllr H.Humphrey and PCSO Steven Cockrell.


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and handed over to PCSO Steven Cockrell who gave a brief report on reported crime in and around the Village.  He answered questions from Councillors and then advised that he was trying to set up a Safer Neighbourhood Surgery in the Parish Hall where residents could drop in and meet him and discuss any problems or report anything they were concerned about.  He confirmed that he would also be doing a leaflet drop to advertise the proposed event within the next couple of weeks.  Once a date for the Surgery had been arranged details would be passed to the Welney News so that information could appear in the next edition.  He was thanked for attending and left the meeting.


1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from the Cllr. E. Allen and Dist.Cllr.V.Spikings.


2.  Declarations of Interest

            None at this stage of the meeting


3.  Minutes of the last meeting

            The minutes of the meeting held on 6th October,, 2009, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of that meeting

            following the inclusion of the word Vice- at the beginning of Section 5 Public Participation.


4.  Matters Arising

1.  Community Speed Watch – At the last meeting Cllr.Allen agreed to take this matter on and the Clerk confirmed that the file had now been passed to him.


2.  Field to the North of Chestnut Avenue – Following the agreement reached at the last meeting the Clerk confirmed that the Heads of agreement for the hiring of the field had been signed and returned to the Borough Council with a request that this be dealt with as soon as possible so that the field can be prepared for the allotments for next spring.  However nothing further had been heard from them and it was agreed to ask for an update as soon as possible..


3.  Water Pressure Problems – Following the letter received from Mr. Louth and his attendance at the last meeting, a letter had been sent to Anglian Water and Councillors were given details of their reply dated 21st October.  A copy of that letter had been passed to Mr.Louth for his information.  It was agreed to thank Anglian Water for the information and to confirm that we would be in touch with them immediately if further problems arose in the future.


5. Public Participation



6.First time Sewage Scheme

            Councillors were provided with a copy of an e-mail from Stephen Burrows of Anglian Water suggesting a visit to the Lagoons during the week commencing 16th November.  However as the Lagoons were not yet up and working, it was decided to leave the visit for the time being and take him up on his offer of a visit in the Spring when the Lagoons should be working.


            Cllr.Tomkins raised a question with regard to the connection of properties to the Sewage Scheme.  He pointed out that there was a six month time scale for properties to be connected and if the work had to be done during the winter months it could cost considerably more than during the spring or summer.  After discussion it was agreed to contact Anglian Water and ask when it was likely that we are going to be connected to the sewage so that decisions on individual connections could be made.  It was also agreed to ask them hen they propose to take down the large Signs detailing the Sewage Works for Welney and Christchurch.


            Vibrations to Properties – Following the last meeting when Mrs.Linda Briggs addressed the Parish Council, she had written setting out the position and councillors were handed a copy of her e-mail.  She had also provided a lengthy Plan of Action which was discussed briefly at the meeting.    After discussion it was agreed to thank her for the information and for keeping the Parish Council informed and also to express our concern that the problems had arisen.  She certainly seems to have everything well in hand and is doing all the right things.  It was not felt appropriate that the Parish Council should get involved in writing to previous property owners, but it was agreed that a letter be sent to Anglian Water and also to Barhale advising them that we were aware of the problems.


7.  Finance

            The following accounts had been received for payment and on the proposition of Cllr.Brown seconded by Cllr. Tomkins and agreed, the cheques were signed:


            Mrs.P.Copeman – Clerks Expenses

            Cheque No. 101044                                                                            11 . 45


            MHB Services – Street Lighting Maintenance

            Cheque No. 101045                                                                            102 . 33


            Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

            Emptying Dog Bins – Cheque No. 101046                                          49 . 34


            Paid by Direct Debit

            E-On – Street Lighting  -                        59 . 81

            Mrs.P.Copeman – Clerks Salary                      255 . 68



8.  Parish Hall

            The electricity meters were checked and the sum of £20.00 was removed.


            Purchase of the Hall Site – Nothing further had been heard from the Environment Agency but the Chairman confirmed that he had had the paperwork returned for further signatures and this would be dealt with as soon as possible.


9. Proposed New Community Centre

A letter dated 26th October had been received from Mr.Robin Briscoe of Peter Humphrey Associates enclosing the final plans and Brief Specification for the new Community Centre and a copy of the letter was handed to each Councillor.  It was unanimously agreed that the plans were acceptable and that a planning application should be submitted.  However it was agreed to ask for clarification on one or two points before this was done:

1.  To ask that if Council were to apply for planning permission on the land adjacent to the Playing Field, would this be included with the Community Centre application and also be included in the quoted price of £670.00, or would it have to be a separate application.

2.  Ask that there is sufficient space at the side on the new Community Centre for a children’s play area.

Once this information was confirmed the matter could proceed. 

Mr. Briscoe had also confirmed that a Flood Risk Assessment would be required and he had recommended Geoff Beel Consultancy for this work, and that the fee would be in the region of £500.00.


After further discussion it was agreed that Council would hold an Open Morning in the Parish Hall on Saturday 12th December, so that residents could inspect the plans of the new Community Centre.  This would probably include a display by the W.A.S.H. Group, and a notice would appear in the next edition of the Welney News as well as on the Village Notice Boards.


10.  Playing Field

            There was very little to report at the present time.   Cllr.Kerr agreed to have a look at the outside light at the Pavilion which is not working at the present time.


11.  Correspondence

a.  Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk – Adoption of Procedures for Dealing with Notifications of Complaints against Councillors.  The Standards Board have recommended that each parish and town council adopts procedures for notifications and that these should be included in the Standing Orders.  On the proposition of Cllr.Kerr, Seconded by Cllr.Brown and agreed, the procedures were formally adopted.

Each councillor was also supplied with a copy of the “Aide Memoire” relating to Personal and Prejudicial Interests.  Also a copy of the Minutes of the Borough Council Standards Committee meeting held on 28th September,

 b. Copy of The Playing Field – Norfolk Playing Fields Association Newsletter – Autumn 2009

c. Copy of the Borough Council Licensing News – Edition 1 – September 2009

d. Wash Estuary Strategy Group – Wash Wide 2009 Climate Change – Meeting at Knights Hill Hotel, King’s Lynn on Thursday 19th November – 10 a.m.  Names of those wishing to attend to be submitted by 11th November  (Handed to Cllr.Bennett)

e. Copies of the Autumn 2009 Edition of Your Council issued by BCKLWN

f..  Copies of Norfolk Matters – issued by Norfolk County Council.

g.  Norfolk Association of Local Councils – Various literature including Living Longer, Living Well,  Copy of Norfolk Link,  Gypsy Conference, and Charity Workshop etc.

h..  Borough Council – Mayors Aware for Design in the Environment. – Nominations to be received by 29th January, 2010

i.. Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk – Parish Training and Information.  Three further training events  on the Planning System.  Thursday 24th January, 2010 at Downham Market Town Hall – 9 a,m, to 2 p.m. – Numbers required by 20th November.

j.  Norfolk Association of Local Councils – Your Parish, Your Decision.  Funding is available on a new scheme for projects that aim to bring communities together through a variety of actions.  An application form had been downloaded in case this might be relevant for any event in the village.  Applications have to be in by 31st December and decisions will be made during February 2010

k. Fenland Road Safety Campaign. Letter dated 30.10.09 with a copy of the latest brochure

l.  Community Action Group Notes and confirmation that the next meeting will be held on 15th December at the ~Downham Market Fire Station.

m.  BCKLWN – Change of House Name – Happy Nest, New Road is to be known as Fowlness Lodge.


12.  Plans and Planning Matters

            Nothing to report. 

13.  Highway Matters

.Following the last meeting, the following points were reported to Highways

1.  Sandgate Corner Footpath – Confirmation from Highways that the Spaying of this area had been included in next years spraying programme

2.  Wisbech Road Tipps End – Highways confirmed that they have checked this road as its use by heavy vehicles and as a ‘rat run’ was causing great concern and had resulted in several accidents. They confirmed that they could put u suitable signs to try and deter vehicles from using the road and it was agreed to ask that these signs should be put in place.

3.  Quick Dial Sign Flood Information – Highways confirmed that new letters had been ordered to replace the missing ones.

4.  Suspension Bridge – Accidents when the road is wet.  Highways confirmed that they will check the road when it is wet to see if there is a problem with the road surface or whether it is just driver error.  Cllr.Freer reported that there had been a further serious accident on the bridge in recent weeks and also asked that Highways arrange for the repair of the broken barrier.


The following items were raised, for attention:

1.  Wash Road Flooding – Cllr.Tomkins reported that the season is fast approaching when the Wash Road is likely to be flooded, and suggested that possibly another meeting should be arranged with adjoining Councils so that we can present a united front on this and any other matters affecting the area.   It was agreed to contact all the Councils who attended the last meeting in March 2007 to see if they would be interested in another meeting, and also to ask for any points they wished to raise.


2.  A.1122 Traffic Lights between Salters Lode and Nordelph – It was reported to the meeting that these traffic lights had been the cause of several accidents, and Cllr.Brown asked if they were in place for works to be carried out or just to stop drivers going through the dip in the road.  C.Cllr.Humphrey reported that they were there to stop drivers going through the dip.  In view of this it was felt that they were probably doing more harm than good.  It was agreed to confirm this to Highways, and also to report the similar problem outside the old school premises on Silt Road, Nordelph.  All correspondene would be copied to Mr.Humphrey.


3.  Letter from the Police received on 1.9.09.regarding Fixed Penalties when vehicles went through the Wash when the Road Closed signs were put in place.  It was agreed to write to the Norfolk County Council and the Police (with copies to Mr.Humphrey)  expressing our concern and stating that we are not happy with the decisions because a lot of the time when the Road Closed signs were in place, the road was passable, and it was felt that drivers should not be penalised for taking the direct route rather than a much extended journey.  Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he had spoken to Mr.Dave Gillett of the Environment Agency and he had advised that the Road Closed signs are instigated when the water level reaches 2.4m and they are taken down when it drops back to 2.4m.


4.  A.1101 Hundred Foot Bank – Approximately half way between Suspension Bridge and Toll Corner there is quite severe subsidence on the side of the road and Highways should be asked to look at this as soon as possible.


14.  Environmental Issues.

            a.  Ouse Washes Strategy Group – Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he had spoken to a representative and they were not prepared to allow Welney Parish Council to be attend their meetings.  However the representative did state that she would be prepared to come and talk to the Parish Council at one of our meetings, and Cllr.Bennett agreed to make the necessary arrangements and inform the Clerk of the date.


b.Litter and Worse on the River Banks.  Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he had spoken to the Fishing Club Bailiff who was aware of the problems with litter etc. on the River banks.  He had also spoken to the Environment Agency Fisheries representative, and they would be happy to help resolve the matter.  They had suggested that Cllr.Bennett speak to Mr.S.Booth and Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he would report back to the next meeting once contact had been made.


c.  Cambridgeshire County Council Mineral Plans – Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he had made enquiries and approval had been given in principle for works at Block Fen but it would not happen for several years.  Details of the Mineral Plans are available on the Cambs.County Council. Website. 

15.  Parish Action Plan

Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he had been through the Parish Action Plan and would prepare a short list for circulation to Councillors in readiness for the next meeting.


16.  Items for Next Agenda


There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 9.15 p.m. 


Signed ……K.Goodger……………………………………….        (Chairman)



Dated ………1st December, 2009……………………………………….


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