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 Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

ON TUESDAY 6th OCTOBER, 2009 AT 7.30 P.M.



Cllrs. T.Bennett, (Vice Chairman) E.Allen, M. Brown,  S. Dobson, C.Freeer,  S. Kerr, V. Pratley and the Clerk.

            Also present were five members of the public.

            In view of the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman took the meeting 

1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from the Chairman Cllr.K.Goodger and C.Cllr. H.Humphrey 

2.  Declarations of Interest

            None at this stage of the meeting 

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

            The minutes of the meeting held on 1st September, 2009, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Vice-Chairman as a correct record of that meeting. 

4.  Matters Arising

1.  Local Government Reorganisation – Nothing further had been heard regarding this matter,. 

2.  Community Speed Watch – It was reported to the meeting that eight volunteers have now confirmed their interest in being involved with the Scheme.  Cllr.Allen agreed to take the

Matter over, and the Clerk would let him have all the paperwork as soon as possible. 

3.  Field to the North of Chestnut Avenue (Sandgate Corner)  Details of the Heads of Terms had been received from the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk and copies were handed to Councillors for their information.  After discussion it was proposed by Cllr.Kerr seconded by Cllr.Dobson with all in favour, that we should proceed with the rental of the field from the Borough Council, and advise them accordingly.  In the meantime the Clerk was requested to check on the Insurance cover required. 

4.  Following the Children of Welney Fayre at the end of September, it was reported to the meeting that all the signs advertising the event extending out from the village over a large area, were still in place, and it was agreed to ask the organisers if they would kindly arrange for these to be taken down as soon as possible 

5. Public Participation

            The Vice Chairman then adjourned the meeting for Public Participation.

            1.  Mr. Louth of Sandgate Terrace, Wisbech Road, Welney had written to the Parish Council regarding the problems being experienced with water pressure in and around the Village.  Copies of his letter were handed to Councillors for their information.  Following discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would write a letter to Anglian Water, expressing in the strongest terms, the dissatisfaction with the supply and asking for an assurance that the supply will be updated and maintained to better than minimum pressure.  It was also agreed to point out that there were several residents who relied on water for their showers, others who relied on it for their business and indeed a Care Home where elderly residents needed care.  When a reply was received a copy would be passed to Mr.Louth for his information. 

            2.  Linda Briggs of Phoenix House then addressed the meeting regarding serious vibration problems which were being experienced at her property following the installation of the sewage works on Main Street.  Council had already been in touch with Highways and C.Cllr.Harry Humphrey who confirmed they were aware of the problem but it was a matter for Anglian Water to sort out.  Mrs.Briggs was requested to put everything that she had done so far in writing to the Parish Council so that we had it on record.  Once this was received Council would be in a position to consider what course of action they could take in order to assist with this problem. 

            The Vice-Chairman then reconvened the meeting. 

6.First time Sewage Scheme

            Nothing had been heard from Mr.Greg Reddy the Barhale Site Manager regarding a possible visit to the Lagoon, and it was agreed to contact him again.. 

7.  Finance

            The following accounts had been received for payment and on the proposition of Cllr.Freer seconded by Cllr.Kerr and agreed, the cheques were signed: 

            Welney Croft Cricket Club – Half years grass cutting  362 . 50

            Less 11 Home matches at £20 per match                                 220 . 00

            Cheque Number 101042                                                                     142. 50


            Mrs.P.Copeman – Clerks Expenses

            Cheque No. 101043                                                                            13 . 27


            Paid by Direct Debit

            18.9.09                        E-on Street Lighting                             59 . 81

            1.10.09                        Mrs.P.Copeman – Salary                    255 . 68

            6.10.09                        E-On – Electric Parish Hall                  96 . 51

            6.10.09                        E-On – Electric Pavilion                      55 . 37


            Following the June Parish Council meeting the Clerk had written to Zurich querying the increases in the Parish Council and Parish Hall Insurance Premiums.  A letter had been received enclosing Credit Notes which can be deducted from next years premiums as follows

            Parish Council  £21.17                                    Parish Hall  £34.29 

8.  Parish Hall

            The electricity meters were checked but there were no monies.. 

            Purchase of the Hall Site – The Chairman had confirmed prior to the meeting that the Signed Statutory Declaration Forms relating to the Hall Site had now been signed and returned to the Environment Agency, and it was therefore hoped that this matter would soon be completed. 

9. Proposed New Community Centre

Mr.Robin Briscoe of Peter Humphrey Associates attended at 7 p.m. prior to the actual meeting to discuss the final layout and external appearance of the new Community Centre. He confirmed that the proposed construction would be of brick under a pitched concrete tiled roof to the main building with toughened glass to all windows, and electrically operated metal shutters to all doors and windows which rolled back under the eaves.  An extended canopy wuld run along the front of the building giving shelter for anyone waiting or standing outside the entrance.  The internal decorations , flooring, fire doors and heating system were all discussed but these will be finalised at a further meeting.  Mr.Briscoe confirmed that he would now draw up the complete drawings together with all necessary paperwork and planning application forms and would arrange for the Parish Council to have these before their next meeting so that they can be approved and the planning application submitted to the Borough Council as soon as possible.  He was thanked very much for attending, and a further meeting would be arranged with him in due course.  

10.  Playing Field

            There was very little to report at the present time.   Cllr.Kerr agreed to have a look at the outside light at the Pavilion which is not working at the present time. 

11.  Correspondence

a.  Letter from Mr.S.Louth, 3-4 Sandgate Terrace, Welney regarding the low flow/pressure of water to Welney.  I will bring a copy of his letter to the meeting for all councillors, but he is asking if the Parish Council can help to try and rectify the problem with Anglian Water, so that it does not happen again.  Many residents have been experiencing problems and it has been causing a lot of inconvenience. (This matter was dealt with under Public Participation)

b.  Wash Estuary Strategy Group 17.9.09 – Invitation to the Wash and Fens Green Infrastructure Master Plan Community Consultation Workshop – Monday 12th October 2 – 4 p.m. at Wisbech

Request to attend has to be received by 7th October.

c.  Southern Area Road Safety Committee – Minutes of last meeting and Agenda for the meeting

held on 24th September. 

d.  Norfolk Rural Community Council 10.9.09 – Latest Leaflets Summary Business Plan and copy of Signpost Magazine.

e.  Environment Agency Newsletter – Welmore Lake Sluice Pump Improvements Scheme.

Proposal to build a new Pumping Station on the River Delph side of Welmore Lake Sluice with new pipes between the two and to install permanent pumps.  Construction is expected to take approximately six months and they aim to have the new pumps operational by Spring 2010. (Handed to Cllrs.Brown and Bennett)

f.  Southern Focus – Copy of the Newsletter for the Southern Neighbourhood Partnership

g.  Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk – Agenda and Minutes of Council meetings and also Agenda and Minutes of Standards Committee.

h.  N.C.C. – Local Bus Service Variation – Service Nos. 47, 62 and 61.

i.  East of England Regional Assembly.  Invitation to help shape the future of the East of England to 2031.  Consultation Document available at and closing date for comments is 24th November, 2009. 

j.  Norfolk Association of Local Councils – Annual Report 2008/9, Copy of Norfolk Link and various training forms.

k.  Joint meeting of Norfolk Rural Forum and Norfolk Rural Community Council at NRCC Offices in Dereham on 13th October at 4 p.m. entitled “Doing a lot with what you’ve got”

l.  Community  Action Group Meeting – Nordelph Village Hall 7 p.m. Thursday 22nd October.

One item on the Agenda is – Young people racing motorcycles and cars on Herne Drove and Playing Field and climbing on the roof of the groundsman’s container. – Anti Social Behaviour.

m.                Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue , Norwich – Requesting donations of £25.00 to allowthegroup to continue to provide the valuable service.  Information on the work they do is available on their website at

n.                  East Cambridgeshire District Council – September 09.  Ely Masterplan. Draft for Consultation –Printed Copy and CD.  Also available on line at  Comments are required by 16.11.09

o.                  Norfolk Rural Community Council 28/9/09  Meeting on 3.11.09 at 4 p.m. at Dereham to discuss changes to their Articles of Association. 

12.  Plans and Planning Matters

The Clerk confirmed that following the last meeting contact had been made with the planning department regarding the site at Tipps End and had received an e-mail confirming that their Officer was investigating the matter.  The Agent for the occupiers of the land had been asked to submit an application to the Council on their behalf to allow for change of use of the land to allow for the retention off the mobile home.  However the application may take a few weeks as he is very busy at the present time.


The following planning permission had been received dated 1.10.09

Ref No. 09/01386/F –Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Barrett

Construction of Agricultural Storage building & Polytunnel, Sandgate Terrace, Welney.


13.  Highway Matters

.           School Sign – Nothing further had been heard regarding this and Cllr.Dobson confirmed that the matter is still being dealt with at The School.


Sandgate Corner Footpath Spraying Programme – This matter had been reported to Highways but nothing further had been heard.  It was agreed to raise the matter again to ensure that the whole stretch from Chestnut Avenue to Stockyard Farm was included in their programme.


Wisbech Road,Tipps End -  The problems of heavy lorries using this road, and it also being used as a ‘rat run’ were also reported to Highways following the last meeting but again nothing had been heard.  Further contact would be made as this is a matter of urgency, in order to prevent further accidents.


A.1101 Road Closures – Following the letter received at the last meeting, it appears that this is a matter between the Highways and the Police.  Highways can only put road closure signs up for a specific period of time. 


Wash Road – Cllr.Dobson reported that some of the letters on the Quick Dial Sign for flood information at the barriers had gone missing and this would be reported to Highways.


Suspension Bridge – Cllr.Freer reported that following the first rain for sometime, three vehicles had crashed into the barriers at Suspension Bridge within five minutes of each other on 6th October.  This is always a problem when the road is damp and it was agreed to ask Highways if there is any signage available to cover this problem.


Open Day at King’s Lynn Highways Depot – 6th October.  Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he had attended the meeting and he had raised the question of the A.1101 Road closures and also the problems on the Silt Road at Nordelph and the A.1122 approaching Salters Lode.  Highways confirmed that they were aware of these problems with the road surfaces and were arranging to inspect the problem again as soon as possible.


14.  Environmental Issues.

            a.  Ouse Washes Strategy Group – Cllr.Bennett had written a letter to the Group dated 30.9.09 setting out why the Parish Council felt that they should be involved.  Copies of the letter were handed to Councillors for their information.


b.Litter and Worse on the River Banks.  Cllr.Bennett read out a letter which he had received from Mrs. Karen Fleming regarding the amount of litter and worse which was being left on the River Banks.  She felt that this was a terrible nuisance and could possibly be a health hazard.  Following a discussion, Cllr.Bennett agreed to have an informal chat with the Angling Club Bailiff and then to take the matter further with the Environment Agency.  He would report his findings to the next meeting.


c.  Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he had been approached to see if the Parish Council had any views or comments on the Cambridgeshire County Council Mineral Plans.   A proposal had been received by the County Council to expand the Block Fen Pits near Mepal to approximately three times their existing size.  Apparently Welney should have received copies of the documents, but nothing had been seen.  Cllr.Bennett agreed to respond to the enquiry and it was agreed to contact Mepal and Manea Parish Council to see what responses they had made.


14A.  Meeting Reports

            1.  Cllr,Bennett confirmed that he had not been able to attend the recent meeting of the Southern Area Road Safety Committee.


            2.  Cllr,Brown confirmed that he had attended an Open Day at Denver Sluice and he handed out leaflets to Councillors.


15.  Parish Action Plan

The Vice-Chairman explained that what was required was an Addendum to the Parish Action Plan, but it was felt that this was too long a job to consider at a normal meeting.  He agreed to make some notes on what was required, and present these to the Parish Council for consideration at the next meeting.


16.  Items for Next Agenda


There being no further business, the Vice-Chairman thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 8.50 p.m. 


Signed ……K.Goodger        (Chairman)…………………………….........



Dated ……3rd November, 2009………………………………..


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