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 Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

ON TUESDAY 7TH JULY, 2009 AT 7.30 P.M.



            Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman) Cllrs.E.Allen,  T.Bennett, S. Dobson, S.Kerr, V. Pratley, G. Tomkins and the Clerk. 

 Four members of the public –Mr.T.Copeman, Mr.& Mrs.Barr and Mr.G.Rainbird were also in attendance.


1.  Apologies for absence

            Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. M.Brown and C.Freer, and also from Dist.Cllrs. D. Pope and V.Spikings and from C.Cllr.H. Humphrey


2.  Declarations of Interest

            None at this stage of the meeting


3.  Community Speed Watch Scheme

The Chairman then introduced Sgt.Steve Marsh of the Norfolk Police.  Following the last meeting St.Marsh was asked to come and talk to the Parish Council regarding the Community Speed Watch Scheme.  He gave members the background information regarding the scheme and explained how it worked.  He also informed the Council that a Speed Watch Scheme was up and running successfully in Upwell.  He also handed round some literature and explained that before the scheme could be implemented, eight volunteers were needed from the Village community to be trained to operate the equipment and the scheme and there would need to be someone who would do a small amount of administration work for the scheme.  After discussion it was agreed to include a notice in the next Edition of the Welney News asking if anyone would like to become involved with the scheme.  Three councillors confirmed that they would be interested.  It was agreed to contact Sgt.Marsh again once the Welney News had been published in the hope that sufficient volunteers would be found. 

4.  Minutes of the last meeting

            The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd June, 2009, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of that meeting. 

5.  Matters Arising

            1.  Local Government Reorganisation – An invitation had been received from the Borough Council to attend an on the day briefing on 15th July at 6.30 .m. at the Borough Council Offices at King’s Lynn.  A copy of the letter was circulated to all councillors.  An e-mail had also been received from the Norfolk County Council and a copy of this was also circulated.  A letter had been received from the Communities and Local Government (Secretary of State) via the NALC and a hard copy of this letter (which is also available on the website) was passed to Cllr.Bennett.  Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he and Cllr.Brown would like to attend the meeting. 

            2.  Community Speed Watch – Following the talk from Sgt.Marsh at the beginning of the meeting, three councillors volunteered to become involved with the Scheme and hopefully more interest would be forthcoming following the notice in the Welney News. 

3.      Field to the North of Chestnut Avenue (Sandgate Corner)  The Clerk confirmed to the meeting that she had received approximately 15 questionnaires (included with the last Welney News) from parties interested in some form of village amenity on the field.  Several points were raised with regard to the various suggestions received.  Allotments : It would be necessary to measure up the area of the field and the Clerk agreed to check on the website of the National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardens to find out details of the rules, size of allotments and types of rental being charged.  Security issues were also mentioned, and it a Pocket Park was set up, who would do any planting and mowing that might be necessary.  Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he would be prepared to do the routine mowing of paths for walking and also any mowing required on the site.  Cllr.Goodger also confirm that if the Parish Council went ahead and rented the field then he would be prepared to spray and plough up the land ready for use.  Finally it was agreed to contact Mr.Matthew Henry of the Borough Council to find out what kind of rental they were envisaging for the field. 

Cllr.Bennett also confirmed that he would prepare an article for the Welney News with a form for signature by those persons interested.  This would then enable the Council to know the exact level of commitment by residents on any of the suggested projects. 

4.      Following the last meeting the Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Martin Edmunds and asked him to look at the area around the Sandgate Corner to see if there is anything that could be done in the form of a barrier or signage and reflector posts along this stretch.   A reply had been received stating that he would look at the area, and the Chairman confirmed that he had a meeting arranged with Mr.Edmunds for the following Monday to look at all Highway matters, and this item would be included. 

6.  Public Participation

            The Chairman then closed the meeting for Public Participation. 

            Mr. Copeman and Mr. & Mrs. Barr addressed the meeting with regard to the Field to the North of Chestnut Avenue, and the fact that they would be very interested in allotments on the area of land nearest to the road.  There was a general discussion and several points were raised and all three confirmed that they would be willing to serve on an allotment committee. They were advised that as soon as a decision was made by the Parish Council (if there was sufficient confirmed interest) then they would be informed in the hope that matters could proceed. 

            Mr.G.Rainbird than addressed the meeting with regard to the site specific developments recently advised by the Borough Council.  He confirmed that he had approximately an acre of land to the rear of Marifa Lodge which he was advising the Borough Council could be developed for low cost housing.  He further advised the meeting that should such a development take place in the future, then he would be more than prepared to allow a footpath access to the Playing Field (and hopefully new Community Centre) as part of the development.  He had also spoken briefly to the new owners of Sandgate Terrace Cottage and Field and they had confirmed they would have no objections to the footpath crossing the edge of their land subject to negotiations.  The Council thanked Mr.Rainbird very much for his very generous offer to the Village and Council would await developments in the future. 

7.      First time Sewage Scheme

The Clerk confirmed that no communication had been received regarding the proposed closure of Wisbech Road whilst the sewage works were carried out.  It was therefore assume that most of the work had been carried out using the traffic light system. 

Contact had been made with Stephen Burrows (Anglian Water) following the last meeting and Mr. Little’s problems outside his property in New Road.  Mr.Burrows asked if Mr.Little would contact him direct and the information was duly passed on. 

The Chairman confirmed that one of the Lagoons for the Scheme is now filled and that airators have been installed and the filling of the second lagoon has now started. 

Cllr.Tomkins raised a query with regard to the connection of properties to the mains system, and inspection of the pipes being installed.  It was agreed to contact Stephen Burrows for any information that he may have and also to include any details available, in the next Edition of the Welney News.

8.  Meeting Reports


9.  Finance

            The following accounts had been received for payment and on the proposition of Cllr.Kerr seconded by Cllr.Dobson and agreed, the cheques were signed: 

            MHB Services – Lighting Maintenance

            13.6.09 to 12.8.09   Cheque No. 101031                                                        102 . 33 


            Clerks Salary                                                   255 . 68

            Postage                                                                           6 . 87

            Telephone                                                        17 . 21                                    279 . 76

            Cheque No. 101032 

            Fenland Fire Service – Servicing Extinguishers

            at Pavilion  Cheque No. 101033                                                          28 . 75 

            Anglian Water – Half years water rates at Pavilion

            Cheque No., 101034                                                                           59 . 66 

            Anglian wateer – Half years water rates at Parish Hall

            Cheque No. 100420                                                                            24 . 56 

            The following bills had been paid by Direct Debit

            E-On – Electricity for Parish Hall – Paid 2.7.09                                               67 . 10

            E-On – Electricity for Pavilion – Paid 1.7.09                                       50 . 54

            E-On – Monthly street lighting charge – 13.6.09                                              59 . 81 

            The Clerk asked that with effect from 1st August, if her monthly salary could be paid by Direct Debit direct into her Bank Account.  On the proposition of Cllr Allen, seconded by Cllr.Kerr this was agreed and the necessary letter signed by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk, to be sent to Barclays Bank.


10.  Parish Hall

            The electricity meters were emptied and the sum of £11.00 was removed. 

            Nothing has been heard from the Environment Agency regarding the Council’s purchase of the Hall site and it was agreed to contact their Solicitor in the hope that he could give us an up to date report on why it is taking so long. 

            The Clerk reported that she had received a call from the Borough Council who wish to inspect the Kitchen facilities at the Hall at 3 p.m. on Thursday 9th July.  Cllr.Kerr agreed to repair the tiles around the back of the sink and the hand wash basin the next day..  It was also reported that the toilet seat in the gents is broken and that the sink in the gents toilets need fixing back to the wall. 

            Cllr.Dobson advised the meeting that a quantity of cutlery could be available for the Hall.  It was agreed that this would be most useful and could possibly be kept for the new Community Centre.  Cllr.Dobson would report back in due course. 

11. Proposed New Community Centre

Following Mr.Briscoe’s visit prior to the start of the meeting, it was confirmed that his first draft of the plans for the new Community Centre were much too expensive and too large for the village requirements.   Several suggestions had been made to amend the drawings, and Mr. Briscoe had confirmed that he would be only too pleased to meet our requirements and that he would have the amended plans and pricing available within about ten days.  This matter could then be discussed further at the next meeting. 

12.  Playing Field

            The Clerk reported that the window in the Shower Room at the Pavilion had still not been repaired and Cllr.Kerr advised that he would be attending to this and also boarding up the window in the gent’s toilet, the next day.  The Playing Field is looking very attractive. 

13.  Correspondence

1.  West Norfolk Partnership- 11.6.09  The Southern Neighbourhood.   They are proposing to hold a further meeting at Downham Market Town Hall on 8th July the meeting to start at 10 a.m.  They are inviting everyone with an interest in the area: statutory agencies, parish councils, local businesses, residents and voluntary and community sectors, and would like to know if anyone from Welney is interested in attending.

2.  Norfolk Playing Fields Association – AGM 16th July at 6 p.m. at Easton College in the Sports Centre.  Please advise if anyone would like to attend.

3.  Society of Local Council Clerks – Cambridgeshire Branch.  Details of their branch meetings and activities within the Cambridgeshire area.

4.  Norfolk Association of Local Councils – Copy of Norfolk Link – Details of a vacancy on the Executive Committee – West Norfolk and details of a Meal with Speakers to be held on Monday 20th July at Rasputin Restaurant, Swaffham – to consider how Communities can live Happily together.  Details of a Summer Conference 28.7.09 at Carrow Road, Norwich  Afternoon Tea at Weeting Village Hall 6.8.09 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Request for resolutions for the AGM  on 12th September.

5.  Borough Council – Agenda and Minutes and also Standards Committee Agenda and Minutes.

6.  Borough Council – Opportunity Awards 2009

7.  Norfolk Rural Community Council – 8.6.09  Details of the AGM Wednesday 8th July at 6 p.m. at Brundall Memorial Hall and details of Photo Competition : Images of Rural Norfolk

8.  Norfolk Association of Village Halls – June Newsletter 2009.

9.  Downham Market Area Local Action Group – Minutes of meeting held on 12th June.  Next meeting 10th July at 10 a.m. at the Fire Station at Downham Market.

10.  Fenland Leisure Products – Letter and copy of their New Catalogue for information.

11.  Norfolk County Council 9.6.09  Manage for Finances – help for Norfolk residents and businesses.  Booklet and poster.

12.  Southern Area Road Safety Committee – Next meeting 23.7.09  Agenda, Minutes and Reports from the AGM held on 7.5.09

13.  BCKLWN – Electoral Registration Annual Canvas – Looking for canvassers.

14.  Longhurst Group – Affordable Homes – Copy of Brochure for information.


14.  Plans and Planning Matters

            The Clerk confirmed that following the last meeting, and having heard nothing from any councillors with regard to the Site Specific Allocations and Policies Development Plan Documents, she had spoken to the Chairman and circulated all councillors with a copy of the letter which had been sent.


            The following grant of planning permission was received

            Ref No. 09/00418/F – Mr.I. Little, Fishtales, New Road, Welney

            Permission granted for the retention of the garden pond.  Dated 26.6.09 


15.  Highway Matters

            Following the last meeting, a letter was sent to the Norfolk Police regarding the road flooding of the A.1101 Wash Road and the problems being experienced with fixed penalty notices.  A letter dated 25th June was received on 2nd July and read to the meeting.  Cllr.Dobson requested a copy of the letter, and hopefully further information would be available at the next meeting. 


Confirmation had been received from Martin Edmunds of Highways that the footpath around Sandgate Corner has now been cutback.  However, Cllr.Bennett raised the question of the fencing around the field adjoining the footpath which was causing problems when cutting this area back and also the fact that the footpath from Old Garden Centre to Stockyard Farm is in need of spraying and cutting back.    The Chairman confirmed that he would discuss these matters with Mr.Edmunds at his forthcoming meeting, and would also raise the question of several potholes which need to be filled in around the village.


16.  Environmental Issues.

            The chairman confirmed that the water quality in the Old Croft River is now much better than it was.  The flow had been increased in the River to fill up the Lagoons for the Sewage System, and any kind of flow makes the quality of the water much better.    He also confirmed that there is a possible collapsed culvert on Wisbech Road which might cause problems but this is being investigated.  He also confirmed to the meeting that it is hoped that the Parish Council will be given the opportunity of a visit to the Lagoons once they are completed.


            Cllr.Bennett raised the matter of the cutting of the roadside verges, and there was a short discussion.


17.  W.A.S.H.Committee

            Nothing to report at the present time.


18.  Parish Action Plan

            Councillors were reminded that it is hoped to make a formal review of the Parish Action Plan at the September meeting.


19.  Items for Next Agenda



There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting

closed at 9 p.m.


Signed ……K.Goodger…………………………………………………(Chairman)


Dated ……4/8/2009…………………………………………………


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