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 Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 5th May, 2009 at 7.30 p.m.




Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman)  Cllrs E. Allen, T.Bennett, M.Brown,  S.Dobson,  and S.Kerr and the Clerk. 


1.  Election of Chairman for the year 2009/10

     Cllr.Brown proposed that Cllr.Goodger should be appointed as Chairman for a further year.

     This proposition was seconded by Cllr.Kerr with all in favour.  Cllr.Goodger thanked

     everyone for their support  and confirmed his willingness to take the position for a further year.


2.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. C.Freer, V.Pratley and G.Tomkins and Dist.Cllrs. V.Spikings and D.Pope.


3.  Declaration of Interest

None at this stage of the meeting.


4.  Election of Vice- Chairman for the year 2009/10

The Chairman asked for nominations for Vice chairman and on the proposition of Cllr.Kerr, seconded by Cllr.Allen and agreed by all,  Cllr.Bennett was appointed to the position for a further year.


5.  Election of Parish Council W.A.S.H. Committee

The Clerk confirmed that all existing members of the committee: Cllrs.Goodger, Brown

and Tomkins, Mr. T. and Mrs.C.Bray and Mr.T.Copeman were willing to continue on the committee, and on the proposal of Cllr.Bennett, seconded by Cllr.Kerr and agreed, the committee were re-election en-bloc.


.6.  Minutes

The minutes of the Meeting held on the 7th April, 2009, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting

after the following amendments had been made and initialled by the Chairman:

Page 889 – “another officer.. to read a Police Officer”  Page 892 (10 Proposed New Community Centre)  2nd paragraph – Cllr.Allen then confirmed …amended to Cllr.Allen then suggested, and in the following line … that Council must assess…amended to …that Council should assess”.


7.  Matters Arising.

1.                Sausage Supper – The Clerk confirmed that the Special Event Licence had been received for this event.which was planned for 16th May.  However following discussion it was confirmed that only 30 tickets had been sold and it was proposed by Cllr.Goodger, seconded by Cllr.Kerr and agreed that the event should be cancelled.

Notices would appear in the village and the Welney News stating “Regretfully due to lack of support the Sausage Supper has had to be cancelled”


2.   Local Government Re-organisation – Unfortunately members had not been able to attend the meeting in King’s Lynn on 27th April, but a letter from the Borough Council dated 28th April was circulated to all present.  Following discussion it was agreed to write a further letter to the Boundary Committee re-iterating our support to maintain the status quo for the two tier system of Government for Norfolk.  A copy would be sent to the Borough Council as previously, for their information, and also to our District Councillors.


3.   Sandgate Corner Field – Possible future uses. .Following on from the last meeting

Cllr.Bennett agreed to prepare a notice for the Welney News to inform the residents that the field had now become available, and asking what use they would like to see.  Suggestions discussed were a Pocket Park, Allotments, Community Orchard etc. and once comments were received Council would be able to decide whether to go ahead with the offer from the Borough Council to take this over at a nominal rent for an initial period of 10 years.


8.  Public Participation



9.  Reports from Village Organisations

a.   William Marshall Charity

Cllr. Kerr gave a report on behalf of the Charity and informed Cllrs. where grants had been made and what the Charity did.  He also reported that the Charity had confirmed that they would support the new Community Hall Project for the benefit of the village.


b.   Bishops Land Charity

The Clerk had prepared a brief report on the workings of the Charity and this was circulated to all Councillors.  A copy is included in the Minute book attached to these minutes.


10.  First Time Sewage for Welney

Very little to report at present other than work appears to be continuing well.  Nothing has been heard as yet regarding width restrictions or closures for when the work starts on the A.1101   Cllr.Bennett agreed to clarify the exact description of Back Drove, as in some cases it appears to be a Bridleway and in others a Byway.  It was confirmed to the meeting that the pipeline from Christchurch to the Lagoon has been installed, and work is progressing with the pipeline from the Lagoon to Welney.  Work has also started on the installation of the Vacuum

Pumping Station at Welney.


11.  Meeting Reports

There were no meeting reports.


12.  Finance.

     (a) The following Invoices have been received for payment and on the proposal of Cllr.Brown

     seconded by Cllr.Dobson and agreed, the cheques were signed:


BCKLWN - Maintenance of Community Car park at

           Health Centre - Yearly Contribution                        150 . 00

           It was agreed to make enquiries as what time scale is attached

           to the annual maintenance charge.


           BCKLWN - Emptying Dog Bins

           1.1.09 to 31.3.09                                     47 . 99


           Norfolk Playing Fields Association - Renewal of

           membership                                      15 . 00


           Environment Agency - Rental of the Parish Hall

           Site 1.4.09 to 31.3.10     & 1.4.08 to 31.3.09                  356 . 00               

The Invoice for the rental for the previous year was still

           outstanding  due to the hope that the purchase of the site would be

completed, and in view of the fact that this had not happened,  a cheque was drawn to cover both years.


Mrs.P. Copeman - Clerks Salary & Expenses

           Salary                     255 . 68

           Postage                      5 . 51

           Telephone            18 . 50                        279 . 69



           (b) Annual Audit

All Councillors had received a copy of the full accounts for the Parish Council up to 31st March, 2009.  After scrutinising the accounts in detail, these were

formally  adopted on the proposition of Cllr.Allen, seconded by Cllr.Bennett and agreed.  The Chairmen and Clerk then signed the Statement of Account Form, in readiness for the Internal Audit by Mr.Shirley, and subsequently the forwarding of the accounts to Mazars for the Annual Audit.  The Form has to be with them by 30th June.

A copy of the full accounts is included in the Minute Book


13.  Parish Hall

1.                The electricity meters were emptied prior to the start of the meeting and the sum of

£8.00 was removed.


2.   Painting Party for the Hall – Saturday 18th April, 2009.  Cllrs.Dobson, Kerr & Pratley,

Mrs.Rachel Brown and the Clerk managed to complete about 90% of the painting of the bottom half of the walls on the Saturday and Cllr.Kerr and his daughter completed the work on the Sunday.  The top half of the walls have since been washed down and some of the W.A.S.H. photographs have been put up to brighten the area.  Thanks were extended to those who did the painting and it was agreed that the work has

certainly freshened up the area.


3.   Purchase and sale of the Hall Site  - The Chairman confirmed that he had spoken to           the Environment Agency and completed the Declaration required by them for the sale to go ahead.  He also confirmed having spoken to Mrs.Sutton at Elgoods, who had

confirmed that they are still willing to continue with the purchase of the site on the terms previousy agreed.


4.                It had been reported to the Clerk that the First Aid Kit from the Hall had gone missing

Despite an extensive search this could not be found and a replacement Kit had now

been installed at the hall.


14. Proposed New Community Centre

Following the last meeting, a letter had been sent to Mr. Robin Briscoe of Peter Humphrey Associates asking if he would come and meet the Parish Council again with a view to submitting a planning application as previously discussed.  The Clerk handed out a copy of a letter from Mr .Briscoe confirming that he would be delighted to visit again and thanking us for the instructions.  He had suggested some suitable dates and Wednesday 13th May, 2009 at 7.30 p.m. at the Parish Hall was agreed.  The Clerk would confirm this as soon as possible and then let all Councillors know.  There was then a general discussion regarding what is required at the new Community Centre, e.g. size of Hall for total number of persons, number of rooms etc. and this information would be discussed with Mr. Briscoe.


15.  Playing Field

Nothing further had been heard regarding the conifer trees along side the playing field.  The Cricket Club have commenced a clean up of the playing field and the area around the pavilion, but there is still some rubbish to remove.  Initially this was put at the rear of the pavilion blocking the fire escape door, but it has been moved to allow the door to open.  The electric meter was checked and the sum of £7.00 was removed.


16.  Correspondence

1.   BCKLWN - Posters for display regarding the European Parliamentary and

           County Council Elections on 4th June, 2009. 

     2.   Norfolk Playing Fields Association Newsletter Spring 2009 together with

           various leaflets on playground equipment and street furniture.

     3.   BCKLWN - 20.4.09 - Details of training courses in Level 2 Food Safety in

           Catering and Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace.

     4.   Southern Area Road Safety Committee - Minutes of meeting on 5th March

           and Agenda for AGM and Committee meeting on 7th May at 7 p.m. at

           Downham Town Council Offices.

     5.   Community Speed Watch - Speed monitoring is carried out by trained

           volunteers from the community with follow up work on education and                   enforcement by Norfolk Police and the Local Authority.Full details of how

           to enrol and get involved for your own Village. (Cllr.Allen)

     6.   Downham Market Area Local Action Group - Minutes of meeting held on

           17th April.  Next meeting 8th May at 10 a.m. at The Fire Station.

     7.   Community Action Group - Neighbourhood Police Officers in Downham Market

           have found a powerful weapon to help drive out boy racers - angry parents.

           E-mail with details of how the scheme works   Next CAG meeting 20th May

           at 7 p.m. at Methwold Village Hall.

     8.   BCKLWN - Business Rates Deferral Scheme for Welney Playing Fields

           and Welney Parish Hall. 

     9.   BCKLW  - Agenda and Minutes of meetings.

     10.  Norfolk Association of Local Councils - Norfolk Link- March 2009    

11.            Norfolk Matters - Newsletter of the NCC 

12.            Norfolk Rural Community Council – Vitalising Rural Communities Conference 13.5.09 at Elmswell, Suffolk

13.            Norfolk Police – Policing Plan for 2009/10

14.            C.P.R.E. 30.4.09 Details of AGM, Open Days, Visits and copy of Norfolk Voice (Cllr.Brown)

15.            Komplan – Play Equipment Catalogue.


17.  Plans and Planning Matters .

A letter was received from the Borough Council regarding the Local Development Framework and its effect on Planning.  A Briefing Session has been arranged at Downham Market on 14th May and Cllrs.Goodger, Brown and Bennett confirmed they would be willing to attend.


18.  Highway Matters.

Following the last meeting matters raised were reported to Highways: water lying on the side of the road in front of Welney House, problems with large area of water lying outside Bridge Farmhouse and dangerous edges where the road is breaking away on the Wash Road, together with cracks in the pavement on the bridge.


A telephone call had been received from a resident stating that whilst the broken post had not been replaced at the entrance to the Lamb and Flag Car park,  two new posts had appeared (one either side) of the middle entrance.  He felt that this would cause problems for lorries turning as they could not now use both entrances.  He also reported that large lorries had again been using the car park for an overnight stop.   Both matters were reported to Elgoods for their comments, but no reply had been received.


Cllr Bennett raised the question of the footpath around Sandgate Corner, as this is now in need of spraying to remove the rubbish.  This would be reported to Highways.  It was also agreed to ask Highways if they could give any information about the speed signs which had recently been installed in Lakes End.  These signs show the speed of approaching traffic, and it appears that they are put up for a set period.  It was felt that something similar would be useful in an effort to slow traffic down passing through the village.


19.  Environmental Issues.



20.  W.A.S.H. Committee

An Open Day was held on 25th April. From 10 a,m, to 1 p.m.  Approximately a dozen visitors attended and they all enjoyed the experience, topped off with tea, coffee and hot sausage rolls. No new photographs were received,  but as most of the visitors had not attended an Open Day before, several of them spent a long time watching the slide show and looking at the pictures on display.  All agreed it was a successful morning and a further open day will be held later in the year.


21.   Parish Action Plan.

All Councillors had received a copy of the Action Plan Questionnaire Results and these were     considered at length.  Many of the Items needing attention have either been dealt with, are being dealt with or are ongoing.  It was agreed to make the review a regular event, and Councillors were reminded that the document itself will also need reviewing in due course.


22  Items for next Agenda

1.                Community Speed Watch

2.                Possible installation of some form of Barrier on the side of the road round Sandgate Corner.


There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 9.20 p.m. 


Signed… …K.Goodger………………………………… (Chairman.)       


Dated … …2nd June, 2009…………………………………


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