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 Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 3rd March, 2009 at 7.30 p.m.




Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman)  Cllrs T.Bennett,,  S.Kerr, and V.Pratley and  the Clerk


1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. E.Allen, M. Brown, S.Dobson, C.Freer,

G.Tomkins, C.Cllr.H. Humphrey and Dist.Cllrs.D.Pope and V.Spikings.


2.  Declaration of Interest

None at this stage of the meeting..


.3.  Minutes

The minutes of the Meeting held on the3rd February, 2009, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting .


4.  Matters Arising.

     1.   Consideration of Annual Fund Raising Event.

           The meeting was informed that the Friends of the School had booked the Playing Field        and Pavilion for the Children of Welney Fayre on Saturday 12th September, 2009.

           Following discussion, it was agreed to hold a Sausage Supper in the Parish Hall

           on either 23rd May or 20th June 2009.  The Chairman agreed to speak to a gentleman

           who would provide entertainment and confirm the date as soon as possible. 


     2.   Local Government Re-organisation

No-one had attended the meeting on 17th February.  Submissions relating to this

Matter had now been delayed until July 2009 and further information would be available in due course.


3.                The question of the possible use of the Church as a Community Centre was discussed

but confirmation had been received from the Church Council that this would not

be possible as the Church is a Grade 2* listed building and English Heritage would 

not give permission,


4.                Sandgate Corner Field – Possible future uses.  There was a short discussion regarding the field and it was agreed to make formal contact with the Borough Council to see if they would be prepared to lease the field at a nominal rent, and if so for what length of lease,  to the Parish Council for Community use – either a green space or possible allotments.  It was confirmed to the meeting that any such arrangements would have to be self-financing


5.  Public Participation



6.  First Time Sewage for Welney

The Work of the Sewage Scheme has begun in the Village.  Initially there were problems with some of the diversion signs causing confusion, especially as the Wash Road was flooded at the same time, but these were rectified and the initial problems solved.  At present everything

appears to be progressing, relatively smoothly. 


It was then confirmed to the meeting that no connection details had been received for either the Parish Hall or the Pavilion.  After a brief discussion it was agreed that the Parish Hall would not  need to be connected, but that Anglian Water should be approached to make sure that the necessary stub was connected for the Pavilion, so that the connection was available  for the future, when the proposed new Community Centre was constructed.


7.  Meeting Reports

1.                A copy of the report of the meeting with the Environment Agency and Highways

prepared by Cllr.Dobson, was handed out to all those present.  Following discussion it was unanimously agreed that the Council supported the proposals made and that village persons would be available to update the depth information boards in the village provided of course that the necessary boards and equipment were supplied by Highways or Environment Agency.

It was also agreed to send a copy of the report to the Environment Agency, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk Highways and to Harry Humphrey, Richard Rockcliffe, Dist.Cllrs.David Pope and Vivienne Spikings and Christopher Fraser MP for their information.


2.   The Chairman gave a brief report on the WWT Official Opening of the land near the Wildfowl Trust.  He confirmed that it was good to see the project working.


8.  Finance.

     The following account had been received for payment and on the proposition of Cllr.Kerr

     Seconded by Cllr. Pratley and agreed, the cheques were duly signed.,


Mrs.P. Copeman - Clerks Salary       255 . 68

     Postage                                  7 . 26

     Telephone                         10 . 50             273 . 44


     Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk

     Emptying dog Bins 1.10.08 to 31.12.09                        47 . 99


      Paid by Direct Debit

     E-On Electricity for Street Lighting – 13.2.09                         59 . 81

      A letter had been received from the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk 9.2.09

     regarding the Upwell Community Car Park Financial Contributions.  The car park was

     completed in January 2008 and the Parish Council agreed to provide a contribution of £150

     per year towards the upkeep.  Invoices for the year 1.4.09 to 31.3.10 will be sent out shortly.


     Parish Council Standing Orders      

     On the proposition of Cllr.Bennett, seconded by Cllr.Pratley and agreed, the Parish Council Standing Orders were formally adopted for a further year.


9.  Parish Hall

1.                The electricity meters were emptied prior to the start of the meeting and the sum of

£38.00 was removed.


Following the last meeting the Clerk confirmed that she had made enquiries with the

electricity supplier for the Hall with regard to the charges that can be made via the

coin meters.  At present this is set on 15p per unit.  We are charged at the rate of    16.81 per unit for normal times and 10.47 for weekends on what is called an evening and weekend business electricity plan.  It was therefore agreed that the cost on the meters should be increased to 20p to cover the costs.


2.                Possible Painting Party for the Hall – After a brief discussion it was agreed that a

Painting session would take place to smarten up the hall on Saturday 18th April

2009.  A note would be included in the Welney News asking anyone interested in helping to come along on the day and bring brushes, rollers and any spare gloss paints they may have.


3.                The Clerk confirmed that she had now spoken to a Lisa Stock at the Environment

Agency with regard to Council’s purchase of the Parish Hall Site.  Apparently nothing had been done, and details of the Statutory Declaration relating to the land had now been passed to their Solicitor, Michael Anker for the preparation of the necessary document.  This would be forwarded to our Chairman for signature, and once returned to them the purchase can proceed.   Nothing has been heard from Elgoods.


10. Proposed New Community Centre

Following the last meeting, information was circulated to all parties who had expressed an   

interest in being involved with the New Community Centre.  Councillors were given copies of an e-mail from Timberville confirming that they were collating various budget costings and will come back to us as soon as possible.  Also copies of a quotation from Mike Hastings Building Design.  A brief report on the meeting with Peter Humphrey Associates was also handed out for information.


Following a brief discussion it was agreed to contact all parties either thanking them for their information or asking them if they still wishes to quote, and also advising that we would be making a decision on this matter at our next meeting on April 7th 2009.


Councillors were also supplied with a copy of an email from Denis Tuttle (Norfolk ProHelp) together with a copy of his correspondence from Richard Jackson.  After a brief discussion it was agreed to reply to Mr.Tuttle and thank him very much for his help, but also explain that due to the time delay we had approached local Architects who had come forward with quotations for all the work, and these were very much cheaper than the prices quoted by his client.  In view of this we would be making a decision on which Architect to appoint for the work at our next meeting in April.


11.  Playing Field

The clerk confirmed that she had tried to contact Mr. Hobbs with regard to the cutting of the conifer trees but so far without success.  However she would keep trying and once contact was made a meeting could be arranged between the various parties.


Contact had also been made with the mole catcher and a copy of his reply was circulated to all councillors.  He had confirmed that gassing the moles would not solve the problem but he was confident that he could get rid of the present problem for the sum of £80.00 After consultation with the Chairman instructions had been given to him to carry out the wok. and he had further confirmed that it was now in hand.


12.  Correspondence

     .1.  Following the last meeting the Clerk had written to Freebridge Community Housing

     regarding the McCabe’s at 6 Chestnut Avenue. A reply ws received stating that they

     were contacting the tenants to make a detailed inspection in order to solve the

     problem.  Mr.David Pope has also been very helpful, and has visited the McCabe’s

     and has also involved the Borough Council and the Environmental Health.

     2.   Norfolk County Council 5th February, 2009 - Wildlife and Countryside Act

     1981 - Meadow Lane Welney.  The Council have decided to make the above Order.

     They have enclosed a copy of the order and the Notice of its making which appeared

     in the Eastern Daily Press on 13th February.  Any representations or objections

     must be made to NCC by 27th March.  If nothing is received the NCC will confirm

     the Order themselves.

     3.   Telephone call from a resident in Chestnut Avenue.  She and her

     neighbours are very concerned about the amount of dog fouling which they are

     finding on the paths around their homes and also in their gardens.  She thinks she

     knows whose dogs they are, but as there are several dogs in the Avenue, she cannot

be sure.  Is there anything the Council can do to help.  Following discussion it was agreed to contact Freebridge Community Housing asking if they would advise their tenants not to let their dogs foul the estate.

     4.   e-mail from Mike Harrison wondering if anyone in the village or on the

     Council might have any information relating to an RAF Halifax that crashed near

     the Colony Farm in April 1944.  Six of the crew including his uncle were killed

     but there was one survivor Flt.Sgt J.Anderson who may have lived in the Welney

     area.  He wondered if anyone knew of this or had any possible information on

relatives of the crew.  Cllr.Goodger confirmed that he had now been in touch with Mr,Harrison  and passed on what information he had been able to obtain relating to this event.

     5.   Downham Market Area Local Action Group - Minutes of meeting held

     on 13th February.  Next meeting at Fire Station at Downham Market on 13.3.09

     6.   Norfolk Police - Details of new Policing Priorities for Downham                      Neighbourhood - focusing particularly on Hockwold.  Emneth and Downham.

     also details of the team and new members.  Poster in the Notice Board.

     7.   Southern Area Road Safety Committee - Minutes of meeting held on

     4th December - next meeting on Thursday 5th March at 7 p.m. at Downham

     Town Council  Offices.

     8.   Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk - 2009 West Norfolk

     Inter Village Games - Details.

     9.   Graham Chappell - The Fenland Road Safety Campaign - Further documents

     and information relating to the Campaign for information.

     10.  Borough Council - Council meeting Agenda and Minutes.

     11.  Norfolk Association of Local Councils - Copy of Norfolk Link, and various              training forms for Parish Councils including Chairmanship and engagement, and                 Initial    Training for Clerks and councillors.  We did say that w e would try and arrange     an In House training session during the new year so must keep this in mind.

     12.  The Each Ride for Life 2009 -  (East Anglian Children's Hospices)

     Sunday 17th May at Santon Downham in Thetford Forest.  On and off road rides for

     10-35 miles plus walks for life of 3 and 9 miles.  Sponsorship encouraged.

     13.  Norfolk Playing Field Association Newsletter Copies of The Playing Field

     and Play Equipment Safety Leaflets.

     14.  Marshalls Charity – 27.2.09 – Cllr.S.Kerr’s four year term as Nominative Trustee expires      in April 2009.  Proposed by Cllr.Goodger, seconded by Cllr.Bennett and agreed that

     Cllr. Kerr should be re-appointed.

15.            Norfolk Association of Village Halls – Newsletter.

16.            Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk – Core Strategy Consultation

Document – Consultation period 23.2.09 to 6.4.09  (Handed to Cllr.Bennett)


13.  Plans and Planning Matters .

     The following planning permission has been received

     Ref No. 08/01786/F

     Erection of two mobile homes as holiday homes at Land at Bedford Bank, Welney.

     Permission granted dated 2nd February subject to the terms as set out in the

     minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council dated 3.2.09.


     Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Development Control Board

     Monday 2nd March, 2009.  The following planning application will be considered

     by the Board at 10.30 on 2.3.09

     Retention of Managers Accommodation Pisces Country Park, Bedford Bank,

     Reason for referral to DSB  The officer recommendation is at variance with the

     Parish Council who recommends approval.  The Borough council is recommending

     Refusal of the application on the following grounds:

     The application is for full planning permission for the retention of the managers

     accommodation at Pisces which provides holiday accommodation and fishing lakes.

     The accommodation is currently on site although it does not have planning

     permission.  The site is located within the countryside where new residential

     accommodation is restricted unless it has special justification.  Given that the site

     already has a permanent residential dwelling with an occupancy restriction relating

     to the caravan park business, it is considered that the application fails to demonstrate

     a functional need and is therefore contrary to planning policy statement 7

     The Recommendation is for refusal and that Enforcement Action be authorised

     to ensure the cessation of the use of the mobile home as permanent accommodation.

     According to the paperwork, the managers accommodation which is the subject

     of the application has never been granted planning permission for such a use.  It

     was granted permission under planning permission reference 04/02274/F as a

     static holiday home with an occupational condition.

     Parish Councils have a right to speak about planning applications being considered

     by the DCB and if anyone would like to speak about this please contact the

     Board Administrator on 01553 616276 before 112 noon on Friday 27th February to

     register your intention to speak.


     The following planning application has been received for consideration:

     Ref No, 09/00151/CU

     Site for conversion of land from arable to a fenced wet grassland with an                 impermeable plastic membrane inserted to maintain a water tight compartment at

     Land at WWT (Adjacent to Hundred Foot bank and behind Welney Wetland Centre            and Bank Farmhouse.) Welney, Hundred Foot Bank, Welney.

     Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr.Bennett, seconded by Cllr.Pratley and agreed

     with one abstention, that Council should recommend the application for approval.


14.  Highway Matters.

The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Highways regarding matters raised at the last meeting. and these had been programmed for attention.  Some of the work had been completed and other matters were still being attended to.  It was agreed that Highways should be asked to look at the whole length of Wash Road as since the last flood water had receded there were several areas in need of attention, particularly at the sides of the road where the surface is breaking away.  It as also reported that despite being replaced by Highways the post at the car park entrance near the Parish Hall had again been broken.  Highways need to either remove this completely or put in a much stronger post.


15.  Environmental Issues.

Croft River – The Chairman confirmed that the flows in the river were being checked.

Once the Sewage Works in the Village are completed, the Drainage Board would be looking into the possibility of what water can be discharged into the River and what cannot.  Also at this time the future of the River as a Village amenity could be looked at again.


 16.  W.A.S.H. Committee

The next Open Day will take place on 25th April, 2009 at the Parish Hall from 10 a.m, to

1 p.m.  It is hoped to arrange for a speaker to attend with information on the areas surrounding the Village, but it may not be able to confirm this in advance,  Refreshments will be served on the day and details will be included in the next Welney News.


17.   Parish Action Plan.

Cllr.Bennett agreed to prepare some notes on the Parish Action Plan for consideration at the next meeting.,


18.  Items for next Agenda



There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 8.35 p.m. 


Signed… K.Goodger…………………………………… (Chairman.)       


Dated …7th April, 2009……………………………………


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