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 Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 3rd February, 2009 at 7.30 p.m.


The meeting should have begun with a short presentation, approximately 10 minutes by Mandy Driver from the Borough Council regarding the e-consultation scheme.  However the Clerk had received a telephone call and e-mail from Mrs.Driver confirming that she would not be able to attend. Mrs. Driver had e-mailed a power point presentation for our own use.  A hardcopy was handed to Cllr.Bennett and the Clerk confirmed that she would e-mail copies to all other councillors so that they could study it at leisure.



Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman)  Cllrs E.Allen, T.Bennett, M. Brown, S. Dobson, C. Freer,  S.Kerr, V.Pratley and  the Clerk.   Also present: Dist.Cllr.D.Pope


1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Dist.Cllr. V.Spikings


2.  Declaration of Interest

Cllr. V. Ptratley declared an interest in the planning application to be considered under Plans and Planning Matters relating to a property at Hundred Foot Bank, Welney

Cllr. Cllr.S.Dobson declared an interest in the application relating to erection of two Holiday Homes at Bedford Bank, Welney, under Plans and Planning Matters.


.3.  Minutes

The minutes of the Meeting held on the 13th January, 2009, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting

Following the inclusion of Cllr.Freer’s name under sections 2 & 13.


4.  Matters Arising.

     1.   Consideration of Annual Fund Raising Event.

           Nothing to report at present.


     2.   Local Government Re-organisation

A letter had been received from Mr.Nick Daubney of the Borough Council regarding an additional meeting.  However it was agreed that it was not necessary to attend this meeting and Councillors confirmed that they would be attending the meeting on 17th February.


3.   Freedom of Information Act - New Model Scheme.

Thanks to the assistance of Councillors, the Clerk had been able to complete the required Information Form to go with the Model Scheme and a copy is held with the Parish Council Documents.  It has also been included on the Parish Council website for interested parties to see. A copy of the Village Action Plan document is also available on the Website.


4.                Declaration of Interest Forms – The Clerk confirmed that she was

still waiting for three forms to be returned.  Two of them were handed in at the

meeting and as soon as the final form is received, all the new forms to be sent off to the Borough Council


5.   SAM Results

The SAM results for the three visits on 25.210.08, 8.11.08 and 9.12.08 were circulated to councillors for information, and briefly discussed at the meeting,.  It was agreed to

send a note of thanks and ask that the organisers pay further visits to the village in the



5.  Public Participation

Dist Cllr.Pope raised the question of how many times the Wash Road had been closed due to flooding  during the current winter period, and was advised that it was between 10 & 12 days

in total.


6.  First Time Sewage for Welney

The Clerk confirmed that she had made contact with Gary Scotcher the Project Manager for Barhale and he has promised to keep us up to date once the work starts.


     Following the last meeting the Clerk had spoken to Stephen Burrows at Anglian Water.

He has spoken to the Headteacher at the Primary School and they will be supplying the children with highviz jackets and also giving them a short talk about the dangers of construction sites.


With regard to Main Street, it will be a width restriction closure and this will mean that the road will be open for residents use, but will not allow access to heavy goods vehicles and larger vehicles.,  He will be speaking to the local farmers in due course because it may cause problems for tractors but hopefully they will be able to work round this.


There will be a complete closure of March Road and New Road, and access will have to be round via Lakes End and Tipps End, and similarly the section from the March Road junction around the corner towards Wisbech.  These roads will be closed while the work is carried out but obviously access will be allowed from one end at a time for residents.


Detours for larger vehicles will be signed down to the Sixteen Foot and across that area.  No mention will be made of the Tipps End, Lakes End triangle, as they do not want any large vehicles using that route.  It will simply be for   locals who know the road.


The Clerk had also received a copy of the Temporary Road Closure affecting the B1100 New Road from its junction with the A.1101 Main Street, for 750 metres westwards to The Mill in the Parish of Welney.  The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 16th February, 2009 to 27th March, 2009.

     Dated 13th February, 2009.  (Received by e-mail 22nd February, 2009)


7.  Meeting Reports

Nothing to report.


8.  Finance.

     The following account had been received for payment and on the proposition of Cllr.Kerr

     Seconded by Cllr. Allen, the cheque was duly signed.,

Mrs.P. Copeman - Clerks Salary       255 . 68

     Postage                                10 . 65

     Telephone                          4 . 50                  270 . 83


     Financial Regulations

On the proposition of Cllr.Brown, seconded by Cllr.Dobson and agreed, the Parish Council Financial Regulations were formally adopted for a further year,


The Clerk also confirmed that she had received a cheque for £125.00 being half years rental from the Doctors for the use of the Hall as an Outreach Surgery.       


9.  Parish Hall

1.                The electricity meters were emptied prior to the start of the meeting and the sum of

£69.00 was removed.

           Following the last meeting the Clerk was asked to provide details of the amounts

Paid to the electricity company and the amounts received from the coin meters.

Councillors were advised that the following bills had been received and paid during

the current year

1.4.08                    115 . 52

           7.7.08                       89 . 24

           9.10.08                    126 . 68

           7.1.09                     126 . 27        457 , 71


Money collected from the Coin Meters amounts to a total of £206.00 up to and including the February meeting.  There was a brief discussion and it was agreed to try and find out if there is a maximum price that can be charged per unit through the coin meters.


2.                Possible Painting Party for the hall – Councillors confirmed that they had various

amounts of paint available.  It was agreed to discuss this matter again at the next meeting and possibly arrange a date for the work to be done.


3.                The Clerk confirmed that on 27.1.09 she had spoken to Mr.George Shelton regarding Council’s purchase of the Hall Site.  He was sorry for the delay and promised to speak to his colleague and ring back.  However nothing further had been heard.  It was agreed to contact him on a regular basis until the necessary information was forthcoming.  It was also agreed to contact Elgoods and inform them of the situation

and ask for confirmation that they were still willing to go ahead on the previously agreed terms. 


]10. Proposed New Community Centre

Following the last meeting, the Clerk confirmed that she had prepared a letter to be sent to local Architects.,  This was approved by the Chairman and sent to Thaxters Wooden

     Buildings, Timberville, Peter Humphrey Associates, Grahame Seaton and Mike Hastings

     John Loveday rang on 27.1.09 and gave me the address of his Architect John      Watson and Partners in Peterborough, and a letter had also been sent to them.


The Clerk then advised the meeting that replies had been received from Thaxters, Peter Humphrey Associates. Grahame Seaton and Mike Hastings, and these were read to the

Meeting.  Peter Humphrey & Associates had volunteered to give a short presentation to

The Parish Council and it was agreed to contact them with plans and the sketch which had been prepared, and see if they would like to come along to the Annual Parish Meeting on

3rd March, 2008 to give us a free no obligation presentation.  Letters would be sent to the other interested parties with the plans stating that these were only rough ideas, nothing was set in stone, but that we would be looking for a Community Centre to accommodate 100 persons.  Any parties who wished were welcome to visit the proposed site.


 It was also emphasized at this time that the letter should include a note that we were only looking for guidance as to the Architects costs and are under no obligation to any one for any fees or costs.


11.  Playing Field

Nothing further had been heard from Mr, Harrison or any other parties in connection with the conifer trees.  John Loveday rang on  27.1.09 and confirmed the name of the gent who would be willing to cut the trees.    After discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should contact the gentleman (Mr. D.Hobbs) to see if a site meeting could be arranged at the Pavilion on a Saturday morning with Mr.Loveday, Mr. & Mrs. Carter, Mr. & Mrs. Willis, Mr.& Mrs.Harrison

and the Parish Council representatives.  The purpose of the meeting would be to obtain his

advice with regard to only those conifer trees that encroach onto the Playing Field.  As soon as

something is arranged, the Clerk would let everyone know.


     Mr. Loveday did point that there is now a serious problem with moles on the Playing

Field again, but also appreciated that moles appear to be everywhere at the present time.    Following discussion it was agreed to contact the Mole Catcher to see if there was any possibility of gassing those which are causing problems on the playing field. If necessary the field could be closed off for a few days whilst the procedure took place.  If it  is possible, it was felt that this would be a much quicker and longer lasting solution to what is becoming a major problem.


12.  Correspondence

1.   e-mail from County Office regarding a new Community Interest Company that has been established in Norfolk.  They have received funding from NCC to set up a pay as you go car Club in Norfolk to help Norfolk residents reduce transport costs, reduce transport poverty and reduce carbon emissions.  The car club will be launched in two Norfolk market towns this summer.  A form was received to be returned asap asking for an Expression of Interest in this.

     2.   BCKLWN - Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes.

     3.   Minutes of the meeting of the Downham Market Area Local Action Group held on 9th January, 2009.  Next meeting 13th February at 10 a.m. at the Fire Station, Downham Market,.

     4.   Environment Agency Newsletter - Welmore Lake Sluice Pump Improvements Scheme.

     5.   Norfolk Association of Village Halls - Conference and AGM Saturday 14th March at the Copeman Centre, Briston. Booking form to be returned by 5.3.09  Lunch available at £10 per head,.

5.                e-mail from County Office regarding a Parish Council who are concerned over the

cost they will incur regarding the litter bin in the Parish. The Borough Council have for the last year had a policy of not replacing litter  bins like for like.  Due to Health and Safety

implications the current wire bins if they are collected by refuse trucks, will no longer be replaced once they are deemed unsuitable. Instead in future all litter  bins will have to be of the wheelie bin type in order that the refuse collectors wont have to carry the liners to empty them.  They provide the wheelie bin free of charge but the parish council has to pay for the cost of the housing that the bin will fit inside.  These will cost £472.41 + VAT for a 120 litre bin. Asking for comments from any councils who may be affected by this.

7.   e-mail from County Office stating that a Parish Council has contacted  them advising that they are getting very despondent with the Borough Councils disregard for their views on Planning Applications.  The Parish Council appreciate that the Borough are not always going to agree with the Parishes, but as they see it at the moment it is just a case of pushing the numbers thro’ Asking for views from other councils.

8.   Norfolk Association of Local Councils – Details of the Gold and Green Summit Workshops being held in March.

9.                Wash Estuary Strategy Group – Details of their Annual Photographic Competition

10.            Graham Chappell – Fenland Road Safety Campaign Newsletter.

11.            Peterborough City Council – New Sites for Mineral and Wash Development

12.          Mr. & Mrs. L. McCabe – Letter dated 2.2.09 with details of a drainage and   sewage problem in the garden of their house in Chestnut Avenue.  This has been going on for about 20 months and they can get no satisfaction from their Landlords.  Following discussion, it was agreed that the Council would send a letter of support asking for the problem to be rectified as soon as possible.  Dist. Cllr.David Pope asked for details to be forwarded to him and he would take the matter up with the Landlords, The Borough Council and the local Member of Parliament on behalf of Mr. & Mrs. McCabe.

13.          Cllr.Bennett asked whether council thought it would be appropriate for the Parish Council to write to Mr Mike Jones expressing sincere condolences on the sad death of his wife Julie.  Everyone was in favour and the Clerk agreed to send a letter.  The meeting was advised that the Funeral would take place at King’s Lynn Crematorium on Saturday 7th February at 11.30 a.m.


13.  Plans and Planning Matters .

1.   Norfolk County Council - Welney William Marshall CE VC Primary School - Moving an Existing Oil Tank therefore enabling an accessible toilet extension to be built just off the existing entrance lobby. Approval to the application granted 19th January, 2009


2.                Cllr. Dobson confirmed an interest in the following:

Borough Council of KL&WN - 23.1.09 - Details of planning application which will be considered by the Development Control Board at its meeting on 2.2.09 - Ref No. 08/01786/F - Erection of two mobile homes as Holiday Homes - Land at Bedford Bank, Welney - Mr. A.Coward.  The Borough Council will be recommending approval subject to following recommendations:

1.  The development permitted shall be begun before the expiration of 3 years from the date of the permission

2.  No development shall commence until full details of foul and surface water drainage arrangements for the site have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.  The drainage details shall be constructed as approved before any part of the development is brought into use

3.  The development shall only be used as holiday accommodation and shall not be used as a permanent residence at any time.

4.  Prior to the commencement of any development, a Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.  The plan shall be implemented in accordance with details agreed.


     3.   Cllr.Pratley confirmed an interest in the following planning application

     Ref No. 09/00029/F

     Mrs.Prentice and Mr.Rhodes

     Construction of replacement dwelling at Bluebell Spinney, Hundred Foot Bank

     Welney, Wisbech, Cambs.

The Clerk produced the application papers and plans and following discussion and consideration, it was unanimously agreed that the Parish Council would recommend the application for approval.


 14.  Highway Matters.

The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Highways regarding matters raised at the last meeting.   An e-mail reply and then a telephone call had been received  from  Richard Fletcher stating that he was in the area and would check on the points raised on the bridge and the road edge in front of the Parish hall and make sure that they were

     attended to.  The Clerk had also confirmed to Highways that the posts outside the bungalow

     at Tipps End had been removed.


     The following points were raised for the attention of Highways:

A pothole in the road between the Church and the Almshouses, problems with standing water outside Bridge Farmhouse at Suspension Bridge and a large puddle which appears in the road near Diamond House at Tipps End.


The Clerk also reported receiving a call from a resident regarding the post broken off by a vehicle at the entrance to the Lamb and Flag Car park.  Highways had confirmed that this would be replaced as soon as possible.


Cllr.Bennett confirmed that a meeting had been arranged with the Environment Agency and Highways on 26th February at 10 a.m. at Heron House.  It was agreed to meet at the Lamb

and Flag for a brief discussion and then journey to the meeting.    Cllr.Bennett also confirmed that the Environment Agency had now implemented the new levels for the road closure and although there was no water on the road, it should be officially opened the next day 4th February.


15.  Environmental Issues.

     Cllr.Bennett gave brief details of the official opening of the land near the Wildfowl Trust which had been acquired as a wetland and the Chairman confirmed that he would also be attending the official opening.


Cllr.Bennett also confirmed that he had been approached by residents regarding the level of the Old Croft River.  The Chairman agreed to inspect the area in question andd see if he

Could find out what the problem might be.


16.  W.A.S.H. Committee

A Committee meeting  was held on 27th January, 2009.

In view of the very sad village bereavement and the fact that the funeral is to be held on 7th February, it was unanimously agreed to cancel the Open Day previously arranged for that date, and this has now been rescheduled for Saturday 25th April.  It is hoped to arrange for a speaker to attend with possibly a collection of Historical photographs of the surrounding area,

and more details will be advertised in due course..


17.   Parish Action Plan.

     It was agreed to include this on the Agenda for the next meeting when Action Points need

     to be reviewed


18.  Items for next Agenda

1.                Possible use of the Church as a Community Centre

2.                Sandgate Corner Field – Possible future uses.


There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 9.18 p.m. 


Signed… ……K.Goodger……………………………… (Chairman.)       


Dated ………3rd March, 2009………………………………

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