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Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 2nd December, 2008 at 7.30 p.m.


Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman) Cllrs E.Allen, T.Bennett, M. Brown, S. Dobson, S.Kerr, V.Pratley,

G.Tomkins and the Clerk.

1. Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr C, Freer and C.Cllr.H.Humphrey.

2. Declaration of Interest

Cllr.Dobson declared an interest in the Planning Application relating to holiday homes on Bedford Bank.

Cllr.Goodger declared an interest in the site of the Lagoons for the Sewage Scheme for Welney.

.3. Minutes

The minutes of the Meeting held on the 4th November, 2008, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting

4. Matters Arising.

Post Office Services for Welney

The meeting was advised that the Post Office are delighted with the way the service is developing in Welney with the Mobile Unit. However they do experience problems with connecting to the internet and are looking into how best to deal with the problem. The Clerk attended a meeting at the Parish Hall on 27th November with Kevin Craddock of Post Office Limited and Mrs. Pam Salmon who is in charge of the Mobile Post Office. The Post Office are considering moving the Welney Service into possibly the Village Hall or the Church, and would of course be prepared to pay for all the costs involved in setting up an area for use as a Post Office with the necessary connections and installation of an ISDN line. The Clerk reported that the meeting went well, and Mr.Craddock promised that as soon as the Post Office had made a decision on which way they would be going, he would let us know.

Annual Fund Raising Event

A notice relating to this matter appeared in the recent issue of the Welney News and this item would be included on the Agenda at the January meeting.

3. Local Government Re-organisation

The details of the three councillors who wished to attend the next meeting on 7th January 2009 were sent off to the Borough Council. A letter was received from the Borough Council dated 2.12.08 stating that during this period of unprecedented economic turmoil spending between £20 million and £60 million to restructure local government is taking a high risk with tax payers money with little evidence of any real benefits. The Borough Council are arranging for the Parish Council Chairmen to join them on 10th December to lobby members of parliament.

The Chairman confirmed that he would be willing to attend, and the Clerk confirmed that she would pass the details to the appropriate person the next day.

Code of Conduct and Clllr.Kerr

A copy of the Standards Committee Panel Hearing Decision relating to the Alleged Breach of the Code of Conduct by Cllr.Kerr had been circulated to all councillors. The Chairman and Vice Chairman confirmed that they had attended the hearing which they found very interesting. Everyone was pleased with the way the matter turned out and all agreed that Justice had prevailed.

5. Meadow Lane

Communication had been received from the Norfolk County Council dated 19.11.08 confirming that they were proposing to make Meadow Lane a restricted byway for use by walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Copies had been forwarded to all councillors for their information. A period is allowed for appeal by interested parties, and further communication would be received from the Norfolk County Council in due course.

5. Public Participation

There was no public participation.

6. First Time Sewage for Welney

Anglian Water Services are holding an Open Day on Thursday 4th December from 2 to 7 p.m. in the Parish Hall. The Parish Council have received an official invitation, but as discussed at the last meeting, several councillors are proposing to attend so this point should be covered.

The Chairman declared an interest and took no part in the discussion. A letter and paperwork was received from the Norfolk County Council dated 12th November, confirming that they have given Approval to the Planning Application for the Sewage Treatment Works - Aerated facultative Lagoon at Green lane, off Padgetts Road, Tipps End. Details of the conditions attached to the approval were read out to the meeting.

7. Meeting Reports

There were no meeting reports.

8. Finance.

The following accounts have been received for payment:

Anglian Water - Water supply to the Pavilion

24.6.08 to 19.11.08 24 . 86

D.A. Pest Control - Mole Control on the

Playing Field 80 . 00


Clerks Salary 255 . 68

Expenses - Postage 8 . 32

Telephone 16 . 78 280 . 78

Direct Debit to E-On for Street Lighting will be deducted on 17.11.08 #9; - £59 . 81

The Clerk confirmed that she had received the Annual Request for a Grant from the Parochial Church Council for the upkeep of the churchyard. This will be included on the Agenda for the January meeting when grants are usually considered. The Form for the Precept from the Borough Council had also been received and would be dealt with at the January Meeting.

The Chairman confirmed to the meeting that he would not be available for the meeting arranged for 6th January and after a brief discussion, it was unanimously agreed that this meeting should be held on Tuesday 13th January, 2009. The Clerk confirmed that she would put notices on the boards and on the website to inform the public.

9. Parish Hall

1. The electricity meters were checked and emptied before the start of the meeting ad the sum of £26.00 was removed.

2. The electrician has now had a further look at the heaters in the Hall. He managed to get

one of the faulty ones going again, but has ordered some parts to repair the other heater and this will be done as soon as possible.

10. Proposed New Community Centre

1. Following the last meeting the Clerk had written to Mr. Shelton at Environment Agency and

took legal advice from County Office regarding the land coloured green on the plan,

which has now been acquired by adverse possession. It was confirmed to him that this

certainly appeared to be the case and that the Council would be prepared to sign

a Statutory Declaration to this effect, and that the Chairman would sign such a

Declaration on Councils behalf. At the time of the meeting nothing further had been heard.

2. With regard to Norfolk Prohelp – The Clerk confirmed that she had e-mailed Mr.Tuttle on three occasions but had so far not received any information.. He had already

advised that he was still sorting out the various companies who could help but

was waiting to hear back from them. At the time of the meeting nothing further had been heard.

Following a short discussion it was agreed that Councillors would let the Clerk have the

names and addresses of Architects. The Clerk would then write and enquire if they would be interested in quoting to prepare the plans for the New Community Centre and do everything required to take it to Planning Application Stage.

11. Playing Field

Everything appears to be in order at the Pavilion.

The mole catcher has attended and hopefully the moles have now been dealt with on the Playing Field

The electricity meter has been checked and removed the sum of £12.00..

A letter was received from Mr. Steve Harrison at The Willows, March Road, Welney

regarding the Conifer trees on the southern boundary of the Playing Field. After careful consideration it was agreed to reply to Mr.Harrison’s letter and confirm that we have been

waiting for Mr.Loveday to arrange for the tree surgeon to come along and meet all parties and give his advice as to the best way to deal with the trees. As soon as he confirms when he is able to attend, we would be only to pleased to arrange a meeting. However, the trees that are on the boundary of Mr.Harrison’s property and The Sands are a private matter between himself and the owner of The Sands, and as such must be dealt with by the two parties as a separate matter. It was also agreed to send a letter to John Loveday confirming that we are still waiting to hear from the Tree Surgeon.

12. Correspondence

1. * Letter from Christopher Fraser MP 7.11.08 regarding the petition he presented to

Parliament in July calling for a reduced national speed limit past schools.

2. * Press Release from Christopher Fraser dated 7th November regarding the

Denver Sluice Repair Work being welcome but long term solution still vital.

Also letter from Christopher Fraser dated 10.11.08

3. Country Grounds Maintenance - Glossy booklet with details of all the services

they offer. Included in the Playing Field file for future reference.

4. Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk 21.11.08 - West Norfolk Fuel

Poverty and Anti-Poverty Forum - Copy of the Booklet for information. Further

copies can be supplied if required.

5. Downham Market Area Local Action Group - Copy of minutes of meeting held

on 14.11.08. Next meeting 12.12.08

6. Borough Council - Agenda and Minutes of Council meetings.

7. Norfolk County Council - Details of The Norfolk Teleshopping Service and the

Assistive Technology Service - both schemes allow persons with a range of

disabilities to retain independence by living at home. (Handed to Cllr. Brown)

8. Copy of the Playing Field Magazine together with various booklets on

Play Equipment.

9. East Cambs District Council - 17.11.08 East Cambs Submission Core Strategy

and Proposals Map - Site Allocation and Boundary Change Representations

Consultation - period from 24.11.08 to 12.1.09

10. Norfolk County Council - Norfolk Gritting Routes Leaflet.,(Handed to Cllr.Brown)

11. Funding Opportunities - Funding for disadvantaged groups and causes that

other funders consider to be unpopular.

12. Foolhardy Folk Circus Arts Organisation - Asking to come to the village to present

their show. Following a brief discussion it was agreed to write and ask if Welney could be included in their programme for the coming year.

13. Canman - Aluminium Can Recycling - 6.11.08 I received a letter informing us

that with effect from 1.12.08 they would be charging £15.00 every time they

emptied the aluminium can bank. After speaking to the Chairman, I replied stating

that we quite understood their situation, but would they remove the can bank

as soon as possible, as we could not justify any charge to the village for recycling,

especially when all aluminium cans can be included in the household recycling


14. Fenland District Council - 10.11.08 Fenland District Council’s Wind turbine

Development in Fenland. Any comments have to be received by 8th December.,

Lots of booklets, plans, information, questionnaire and CD for consideration. (Handed to Cllr .Bennett)

15. Norfolk Wildlife Trust - Post for Display regarding their free Wildlife Information

Service called Wildline. Also a form to complete relating to the Parish Magazine

so that they can send on articles and projects related to Norfolk wildlife.

16. Stop the Drop - Campaign to Protect Rural England - Nov.08 Parish Council Toolkit

Details of how to stop the problems of Litter and Fly tipping. (Handed to Cllr.Brown)

17. Crime Report Details from 21.10.08 to 17.11.08

18. An e-mail was received from Mandy Driver at the Borough Council thanking us for completing the e-consultation form and confirming that she will be attending our meeting on 3rd February, 2009 to give a 10 minute presentation.

19. A letter had been received from the Information Commissioners Office regarding the New Model Publication Scheme for the Freedom of Information Act which becomes effective from the 1sst January, 2009. The new scheme must be adopted from that date and the Clerk confirmed that she would put together a new pack with all the relevant information in readiness for the next meeting. Each Councillor could then have a copy and once adopted the information would be displayed on the Notice Boards and on the Parish Council website.

13. Plans and Planning Matters .

The following Grant of Planning Permission has been received:

No. 08/02257/CU

Mr.C.Purliant - Change of use of pasture land to all weather turnout area, at Copes Hill Barn

Wisbech Road, Welney. Dated 21.11.08

Subject to the following conditions:

1. Development shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of the


2. Prior to the installation of any outdoor lighting, for the all weather area, a detailed scheme

shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The scheme shall include details of the type of lights, the orientation/angle of the luminaries, the spacing and height of the lighting columns, the extent/levels of illumination over the site and on adjacent land and the measures to contain light within the curtilage of the site. The scheme shall be implemented in accordance with approved scheme and thereafter maintained.

3. The all weather turn out area hereby approved shall only be used for the applicants own horses and shall not be used for any commercial riding, livery or training purposes.

Before the next item was discussed, Cllr.Dobson and Dist.Cllr.Spikings left the room.

Letter from the Borough Council dated 21.11.08 Development Control Board meeting Monday 1st December, 2008 Application to be considered - Erection of two mobile homes as Holiday Homes land at Bedford Bank, Welney. The Board are recommending approval of the application with four conditions:

1. The development must begin within three years of the date of the approval

2. No development shall commence until full details of the foul and surface water drainage arrangements for the site have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local planning authority., The drainage details shall be constructed as approved before any part of the development hereby permitted is brought into use.

3. The development shall only be used as holiday accommodation and shall not be used as a permanent residence at any time

4. Prior to the commencement of any development a Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The plans shall be implemented in accordance with the details agreed.

The meeting was advised that this matter had been deferred until 4th December, 2008.

14. Highway Matters.

Following the last meeting the Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Martin Edmunds regarding the posts on the Wash Road, and he confirmed that they would be washed down and strimmed. However the very next day the water came across the road, but it appears that the work has been carried out.

During the current flooding, Cllrs. had received some telephone calls and e-mails regarding the problem. A a copy of an e-mail from Mr. Ray Gilbert of Wisbech Road was circulated to all Cllrs. Together with details of a lengthy telephone call from Alan Bye who had been onto the Environment Agency on the Friday after the road had been clear of water for a couple of days. As he said, vehicles had been crossing for two days although the signs were still showing the road flooded and the gates were still in place. Cllr. Bennett gave a report of various telephone calls and meeting s with the Environment Agency regarding the ongoing problem of when the signs should be open and closed. There was a discussion regarding what the signs should say and everyone felt that the sign on the gates that said Road Closed, was not appropriate. Cllr. Bennett confirmed that he is trying to arrange a meeting with Mr. Dave Gillet, Ms. Peta Dunham and Mr. Rob Bradford and the Parish Council to try and sort this out once and for all, and then a meeting could be called with Highways to up date them. It was agreed that a reply should be sent to Mr. Gilbert informing him of Council’s concerns and of the proposed meeting and advising that we will keep him informed of developments.

The Chairman confirmed that he had spoken to Mr.Martin Edmunds of Highways regarding the entrance to the Lamb and Flag Car park and the actual car park itself which was very often under water. Mr. Edmunds had confirmed that he could arrange for some road planings to be delivered provided they could be spread. He had reported the offer to Elgoods but nothing had been heard. Cllr.Bennett raised the question of the marker posts at the newly enlarged entrance to the Car park and felt that they should be larger. However it was agreed to leave this in abeyance for the time being.

Matters for attention to be reported to Highways – A hole/dangerous area had developed on the right hand side of the Delph Bridge leaving the village onto the Wash Road, and Highways should be asked to have a look at this.

15. Environmental Issues.

The Clean up team have cleared the fly-tipping rubbish from the Wash Road, but it was reported that the rubbish on the track alongside the cattle pens at Suspension Bridge is still there – especially the old fridge. It was considered that because was this was not on the roadside but actually on RSPB land, it was the responsibility of the RSPB to remove it.

Cllr.Tomkins agreed that if the RSPB did not take action and the Clean up Team were not able to remove it from its current location, then he would move it to the roadside.

16. W.A.S.H. Committee

Nothing further to report at present. A reminder of the Open day on 7th February 2009 but

full details in due course.,

17. Parish Action Plan.

Nothing to report at present.

18. Items for next Agenda

1. Declaration of Interest Forms.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 8.56 p.m.




Signed…K.Goodger …………………………………… (Chairman.)


Dated …13th January, 2009…………………………….

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