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Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 4th November, 2008 at 7.30 p.m.



Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman)  Cllrs E.Allen, T.Bennett, M. Brown, S. Dobson, C. Freer, S.Kerr, V.Pratley, and  the Clerk.  


1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr G.Tomkins, Dist.Cllrs,V.Spikings and D.Pope and C.Cllr.H.Humphrey.


2.  Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of interest at this stage.


.3.  Minutes

The minutes of the Meeting held on the 77th October, 2008, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting following an amendment to the wording in Item 14 Plans and Planning Matters

Line 17, which was initialled by the Chairman.


4.  Matters Arising.

1         Post Office Services for Welney

The Clerk informed the meeting that matters appear to be running smoothly with regard

to the Mobile Post Office Van and that trade is increasing day by day.  Any future developments will be reported as soon as advised.


2.   Annual Fund Raising Event

A notice relating to this matter will appear in the next issue of the Welney News so that

hopefully the matter can be developed in the New Year,


3.     Local Government Re-organisation

Two representatives were hoping to attend the meeting to be held in King’s Lynn on 15th October, but unfortunately this was not possible.   A letter had been received dated 17th October with details of what was discussed at the meeting and a copy was circulated to all Councillors.  The details of the next meeting to be held on 7th January 2009 were provided and three Councillors expressed an interest in attending.  The numbers would be sent off

to the Borough Council.


4.    Welney Water Tower

All Councillors had received a copy of the e-mail dated 8th October from Neil Trodden.  Cllr.Brown confirmed that Mr.Trodden will be putting an article in the next Welney News

to inform residents of his proposals.


5.   S.A.M. Monitoring

On 25TH October the SAM monitoring vehicle was in and around the village.  The clerk had spoken to the gentleman operating the equipment and he confirmed that he had good records of the speed of vehicles both entering and leaving the village.  These would be collated in due course and sent to us for our information.  At the same time the Police were carrying out speed checks situated at the Entrance to the School.  The meeting was also advised that they had been in the village since.



6.   Code of Conduct and Clllr.Kerr

The Standards Committee Panel Hearing Agenda had been received from the Borough

Council for the hearing on Friday 7th November and copies of this were handed out to Councillors.  The Clerk had also confirmed with the Borough Council that this hearing would be in the form of an Open Meeting and persons were able to attend and listen to the proceedings.


5.  Public Participation

There was no public participation.


6.  First Time Sewage for Welney

As advised at the last meeting,  Anglian Water Services had booked the Parish Hall for their Open Day on Thursday 4th December, 2008 between 14.00 and 19.00 hours.  They have sent relevant letters to everyone in the catchment area of the new sewage scheme inviting them to attend and discuss their individual cases.


7.  Meeting Reports

There were no meeting reports. Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he was hoping to be able to attend the next meeting of the Southern Area Road Safety Committee.


8.  Finance.

The following accounts had been received for payment, and on the proposition of Cllr. Brown seconded by Cllr.Bennett and agreed, the cheques were signed:


Mazars LLP – Annual Audit Fee to March 2008

Cheque No. 101000                                          158 . 62


BCKLWN – Collection and disposal of dog waste from bins

1.7.08 to 30.9.08

Cheque No. 101001                                            49 . 03


Mrs.P.Copeman – Clerks Salary and Expenses:

Salary                          255 . 68

Postage                             8 . 64

Telephone                    10 . 75

Stationary                   17 . 68

Cheque No. 101002                                               292 . 75


     The Annual Audit of the accounts to 31,3,08 has been completed and the signed Annual Return has been received from Mazars.  Copies have been posted on the Notice Board and on the Parish Council Website.


9.  Parish Hall

1.   The electricity meters were checked before the meeting and the sum of £22 was removed.


2.   The Clerk confirmed that a copy of the letter from Anglian Water Services regarding connection to the sewage had been received for the Parish Hall.  After a brief discussion it was proposed by Cllr.Kerr, seconded by Cllr.Allen and agreed that the Hall should not be connected.


3.   A letter had been received from the Borough Council regarding Food Business Incentive Scheme, together with a questionnaire to be completed.  After a brief discussion it was agreed to ask whether we are required to fill it in, as no food business is run from the Hall.


4.   The Chairman confirmed that the Lean-to at the rear of the Hall had now been cleared out.  A large trailer load of rubbish had been removed and the space was much more useable and clean.  Thanks were expressed to those who helped.


5.   Two of the heaters in the Hall have again stopped working and the Chairman agreed to ask his electrician to have another look and see what could be done.


10. Proposed New Community Centre

The Clerk confirmed that following the information from Mr.Tuttle  confirming that he had found a company willing to carry out the Flood Risk Survey on the proposed site for the new Community C entre, which was circulated to all, nothing further had been heard.  It was agreed to leave the matter until the next meeting in the hope of hearing from him, and the Chairman confirmed that he may try and attend the Norfolk ProHelp Exhibition at Norwich on 11th November.


 A letter relating to the site of the Parish Hall had been received from the Environment Agency and a copy was handed to Councillors for their information. The Clerk was requested to take advice on one or two points in the letter and the matter would then be finalised.


It was agreed to prepare a summary report of developments so far relating to the new Community Centre and this would be included in the January edition of the Welney News.


The Chairman then confirmed that he had received a brochure relating to new Buildings for Community centres and this together with any other information would be brought to the next meeting.  Councillors were encouraged to bring along any information so that matters could move forward more quickly.


11.  Playing Field

The Clerk confirmed that the mole catcher had been instructed to attend to the problem on the playing field.  The Pavilion is being cleaned and Carpet Bowls, Yoga and Table Tennis groups are now meeting at the Pavilion on a fairly regular basis.


A letter had been received from RG Maintenance Services of Yaxham asking if they can give a quotation for the grass cutting next season.  Their letter would be kept on file.


12.  Correspondence

1.   The Clerk reported on a visit from Sarita Presland of the Norfolk Association of Local

Councils to talk about becoming a Quality Council.   She gave some useful information and left literature for consideration.  (After a short discussion, it was agreed to leave this matter in abeyance for the time being and perhaps revisit it in the future.,).

2.   Letter from Marshalls Charity, Welney 24.10.08  Trevor Bray has resigned from

     the Marshalls Charity and they are asking for us to appoint a replacement trustee.

t was proposed by Cllr.Brown, seconded by Cllr.,Bennett and agreed, subject to her approval that Mrs.Rachel Brown be appointed to the position.

3.   Fenland Road Safety Campaign Letter - e-mail from Graham Chappel 19.10.08

(copy attached)  It was confirmed that an article will appear in the next edition of the Welney News.

4.   West Norfolk Older Persons Forum - Wed. 26.11.08 - Town Hall, King’s Lynn

     Notice placed in the Notice Board.

5.   CPRE Norfolk - Annual Lunch 27.11.08  Knights Hill Hotel, South Wootton -

     Jason Borthwick will talk on The Deepdale Farm Venture.



6.   Norfolk Association of Local Councils - Initial Training for Clerks and Councillors

     9th December 10 to 3.30 at Hevingham Village Hall.  Emergency Management

     Seminar at Poringland Community Centre - November 5th 10 to 3.30

7.   Voluntary Norfolk - Information about the Norfolk LINk and launch events

     taking place across Norfolk in November and December.  This is an independent

     network of local people and groups which aims to give communities a stronger voice in        how health and social care services are delivered.

8.   Norfolk Voice - The Newsletter of the Norfolk branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural


9.   Welney William Marshall School - Welney Wash Flooding - Copy of the

     questionnaire prepared by the children.  They would be grateful if you could

     complete this and return to the School asap.  I have delivered a copy of the W.A.S.H

     archive CD which will given them copies of the photographs which we have on the


10.  Copies of Your Council.  If anyone has not had a copy please let me know.

11.  BCKLWN - Mayors Awards for Design in the Environment. 15.10.08  Entries

     must be in by 30th January, 20098/.

12.  BCKLWN - Parish Training and Information -- 16.10.08   (Copy attached for info)

It was agreed that Council would try and make arrangements in the New Year for an in House training session – possibly inviting adjoining councils to join us.

13.  Downham Market Area Local Action Group - Minutes of meeting held on

     10th October .

14.  Wash Estuary Strategy Group - “The State of the Wash” Knights Hill Hotel 18.11.08

15.           Countryside Voice – Autumn 2008-11-08

16.           Southern Area Road Safety Committee – Agenda and Minutes

17.        Communities and Local Government 9.10.08 – Consultation Document relating to Code of Conduct affecting Local Councils.


13.  Plans and Planning Matters .

The following planning applications were received for consideration:

Ref No. 08/02415/F

Mr.C. Haycock, Alterations and extensions to dwelling at School House, Suspension Bridge,


Recommended for approval with all in favour


Ref.No. 08/02386/F

Anglian Water Services, Proposed Temporary Vehicular Access and 6 parking Spaces for residents (for a period of 12 months from 1.1.09 during the construction of the Vacuum Pumping Station) land to the north of 33 Chestnut Avenue, Welney.

Recommended for approval with all in favour.


A letter was received from the Borough Council Planning Department 16.10.08 asking if Welney would be interested in taking part in an e-Government Consultation relating to Planning Applications.  It was agreed to return the form confirming our interest, but  advising that we do not have internet or broadband access at the Parish Hall.



14.  Highway Matters.

1.    The Clerk confirmed that following the last meeting the matters raised had been reported to Highways and that they were being attended to. The painted street names are the responsibility of the Borough Council who had been informed.  Highways confirmed that the reflectors will be replaced where missing and broken, and that some drainage investigations will be carried out near Bridge Farmhouse and at the lay-by near the School entrance.

2.   Following the site meeting of Councillors in the car park before the last meeting, this had been reported to Highways who had met the Chairman on site.  Subsequently the work had been carried out to widen the entrance to the car park to make it easier for lorries to turn without breaking up the entrance.  A report had been sent to Elgoods regarding the concern about lorries parking overnight on the Lamb and Flag car park, but at the time of the meeting nothing had been heard.


3.   The following items were raised for reporting to Highways –

1.  The bridleway sign at Hale Drove has been broken.  It was believed that this was

done when the Highways men were working on the road.

2.   White marker posts on the Wash Road are badly in need of cleaning, especially as it was reported to the meeting that the water is coming up on the Washes.


15.  Environmental Issues.

     The Clean up team have cleared the fly-tipping rubbish from the Wash Road, but it was reported that the rubbish on the track alongside the cattle pens at Suspension Bridge is still there.  A further e-mail would be sent asking if they could remove this when next in the area.


Cllr.Bennett confirmed that the rope is missing from the Lifebelt and he would take this up with the Environment Agency.  Also the Depth gauge in the river near the Delph Bridge is in need of cleaning, and Cllr.Bennett confirmed that he would also attend to this.


The Chairman confirmed that complaints had been received by the Drainage Board regarding a smell from the Old Croft River.   Work had now been carried out and a lot of slurry removed from the river bed.  This should increase the flow of the river and hopefully matters would now improve.


16.  W.A.S.H. Committee

A meeting was held on Friday 17th October, 2008 at 8 p.m. in the Parish Hall and arrangements were made for a further Open Day on 7th February, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  full details would be available in due course and the Chairman informed the meeting that he would be doing an article for the next Welney News.


17.   Parish Action Plan.

The Chairman agreed to set a date for the bonfire to destroy the questionnaires, and he would advise councillors, so that those wanting to, could be present.  Cllr. Bennett confirmed that he would try and have an update of some of the actions from the Parish Plan hopefully for the next meeting.


18.  Items for next Agenda



There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 9.00 p.m. 





Signed… …K.Goodger………………………………… (Chairman.)       



Dated ……2nd December, 2008………………………….

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