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Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 2nd September, 2008 at 7.30 p.m.



Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman)  Cllrs E.Allen, T.Bennett, M. Brown, S.Dobson, C. Freer, and V.Pratley, and the Clerk. 

Also present: Mr.D.Bonner


1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr S.Kerr and Dist.Cllrs.V.Spikings  and D. Pope, and C.Cllr.H,Humphrey.


2.  Declaration of Interest

Cllr.Goodger declared an interest in the First Time Sewage Scheme and Cllr. Dobson declared an interest in the Planning Application on Bedford Bank.


.3.  Minutes

The minutes of the Meeting held on the 5th August, 2008, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting, following the correction of one or two typing errors.


The Chairman thanked the Vice- Chairman for standing in for him at the last meeting when he had to leave following a road traffic accident.


4.  Matters Arising.


1.   Post Office Services for Welney

The Clerk advised that confirmation had been received that the Mobile Outreach Post Office would commence a service at the Lamb and Flag Car park on Monday 15th September, 2008 from 13.15 to 14.00 Monday to Friday.  Notices had been put up around the Village to advise residents of this and also on the Parish Council webpages.


2.   Annual Fund Raising Event

Following a brief discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council should take the first step towards arranging a fund raising event to help with the cost of the proposed new Community Centre.  It was felt that something original would be more interesting and on the proposition of Cllr.Allen, seconded by Cllr.Freer it was agreed that Cllr.Bennett would put together a notice for the next edition of the Welney News, inviting residents to put forward any suggestions for such an event.  Following receipt of suggestions, a public meeting could then be called, and hopefully a committee formed to organise an event.


3.   Code of Conduct

This item was deferred until after the Public Participation Section.


4.   Overnight Parking on Lamb and Flag Car park

This item was brought forward from the last meeting when two large lorries were parked up for the night on the Lamb and Flag cark in front of the houses at Old Bedford Row.   Enquiries had been made at the Public House and it appeared that there had been one further incident but it was agreed that this was a Civil Matter which Elgoods, as owners of the land, would have to take further if necessary.




5.   Home Security

Cllr.Tomkins rasied this matter at the July meeting, but as he was not present, it was agreed 

that nothing further could be done.


6.   Local Government Re-organisation

Following the discussion at the last meeting it was agreed that a letter should be formulated to make our representations regarding the proposed re-organisation of Norfolk.  All Councillors had received a copy of all the correspondence and various paperwork which had been received.  An e-mail had been received from the Norfolk Rural Community Council regarding a meeting at Dereham on 10th September and Cllrs.Bennett and Brown had expressed the wish to attend.  After further discussion it was agreed that a letter would be put together following the visit to the meeting at Dereham, and would be circulated to all Councillors before being sent off.  The Clerk also confirmed that she had received a call from Cllr.Spikings who asked if the Parish Council would support the Borough Council in their efforts to keep everything running the same as it is at present  -  Support the Status Quo.  A letter to the Borough Council would also be agreed following the meeting at Dereham.


5.  Public Participation

The Chairman then adjourned the meeting for public participation.  Mr.D.Bonner addressed the meeting to express his concern regarding the heavy vehicles which were forced to turn on the Lamb and Flag Car park when the Wash Road is flooded.  At the present they are using the roadway across to Old Bedford Row which means they back and turn opposite his house.  There was a lengthy discussion regarding this problem as to what could be done to either prevent the lorries getting as far as the Bridge or making the turning of the vehicles safer.  It was unanimously agreed that the next meeting of the Council on 7th October, 2008 should start at 7.15 p.m. and councillors should meet in the car park to inspect the problem and see what could be done.  Following this a list of items would be collated for reporting to the Member of Parliament on his next visit.


Matters Arising – Item 3 – Code of Conduct

     As the report from the Borough Council relating to the allegations that Cllr.Kerr breached the Code of Conduct, had been forwarded marked Private and Confidential, the Chairman advised Councillors that this matter would be dealt with only after the removal of the press and public from the meeting.  This having been done a discussion took place.


6.  First Time Sewage for Welney

The Clerk had previously circulated councillors with a copy of the e-mail from Anglian Water dated 12th August together with an attached letter.  A letter had also been received dated 12th August asking for confirmation that the sewer pipe and or sewer chamber could be constructed through the land owned by the Parish Council.  The map which they included showed that the Parish council owned the Hall site, the part of the Lamb and flag Car park where the recycling bins are sited and the land on which the houses at Old Bedford Row stand.  The Clerk went on to confirm that she had telephoned Anglian Water to inform them that we did not own any of the land and details of the current owners had been given.  Anglian Water advised that they had received requests from some residents asking if there were any grants available to help with the cost of the sewage installation.  Anglian Water had no such grants available, but suggested that the Parish Council should write to the Borough Council on behalf of the village and enquire if they had any such grants available.  It was agreed that we would make enquiries.  Anglian Water also confirmed that they will be making arrangements in the not too distant future to hold a Public Meeting in the village so that people can attend and discuss their individual cases.  Confirmation would be received as soon as plans for this were formulated.


7.  Meeting Reports

     There were no meeting reports.


8.  Finance.

The following accounts had been received for payment, and on the proposition of Cllr. Allen seconded by Cllr. Dobson and agreed, the cheques were signed:


MHB Services Limited – Street Lighting Maintenance

13th August to 12th October, 2008

Cheque No. 100994                                          104 . 55


Mrs.P.Copeman – Clerks Salary and Expenses:

Salary                          255 . 68

Postage    & Telephone                    8 . 50

Telephone                    21 . 24

Ink Cartridges & Paper                 23 . 75

Cheque No. 100995                                               309 . 17


     Paid by Direct Debit – 31.08.08

E-On –Street Lighting Charges                                     59 . 80


Welney Parish Hall

G.D.Green, Work to steps at Parish Hall

Cheque No. 100997                                          134 , 20


Cash – to Pay cleaner of Hall and Pavilion

     Insufficient takings over past couple of months.

Cheque No. 100998                                            70 . 00



9.  Parish Hall

1.   The electricity meters were checked before the meeting but there was no cash in them.


2.   Cllr.Goodger confirmed that the water leak in the Gents Toilet  had been dealt with.


3.   Councillors had been supplied with a copy of the letting terms for an adjoining village hall and there was a discussion regarding how we should update our letting and booking system.  The main point for confirmation was the taking of a deposit when bookings were made for parties etc. It was agreed that a deposit of 25% should be taken at the time of the booking.   It was proposed by Cllr.Allen, seconded by Cllr.Goodger that a refundable cleaning/damage deposit in the sum of £75.00 should be requested.  However an amendement was received from Cllr.Brown, seconded by Cllr.Freer that the sum should be £50.00 and this was agreed.  The Clerk would prepare new Booking Forms, Safety Notices and Agreement which would be handed out to persons wishing to book the hall in future.


4.   The question of the cleaning of the Hall and Pavilion was then raised.  Following discussion it was agreed that in view of insufficient letting monies being received at present on both premises, we could not afford the services of a cleaner.  The Clerk agreed to advise the Cleaner accordingly and thank her for her services.  The Clerk  also agreed to take over the cleaning as and when necessary, with help from Councillors.





10. Proposed New Community Centre

Following the last meeting an e-mail had been sent to both Mr.Denis Tuttle and Mr. George Shelton but at the time of the meeting the only reply had been received from Mr. Tuttle. who confirmed that he was waiting to hear from a company who could help with the Flood Plan report on the Playing Field at the site of the new community centre.  All Councillors agreed that matters are not moving quickly enough and unless a reply is received with more detail by the next meeting, Council will consider moving this matter forward without the help of Norfolk Prohelp.


11.  Playing Field

The Mole Problem appears to have resurfaced and the clerk was asked to speak to Mr. John Loveday and if he thinks it necessary, then instructions to be given to the Mole Catcher to attend the field.


12   Correspondence

1.   Downham Market Area Local Action Group – Minutes of meeting held on 8th August

2.   Southern Area Road Safety Committee – Agenda for meeting to be held on 4th September and copies of minutes of meeting held on 3rd July

3.   Norfolk Rural Community Council holding series of workshops for Village Halls during October and November.  Any items for discussion please send details.

4.   Minutes of West Norfolk Sports Council AGM together with copy of the Directory of Sport and Activity,

5.   Norfolk Association of Village Halls – September Newsletter 2008

6.   Crime Details Report for period to 11th August

7.   Norfolk County Association of Parish and Town Councils Full Agenda for AGM on 20th September

8.   Countryside Alliance Awards – Best Rural Retailer

9.   BT Payphones – Cllr.Spikings had confirmed that it was understood that BT would be prepared to leave any payphones which were due for removal, if the Parish Council or the Village were prepared to pay £500 to retain them

10.           Fieldwork – Magazine of the C.P.R.E September 2008  (Handed to Cllr.Bennett)

11.           W,N.C.A.B. – 26.8.08 –  Annual Donation Request

12.           Norfolk Police Authority – Report & Green Paper on Policing

13.           W.N.V.C.A. – 26.8.08 Reintroduction of their services

14.           Borough Council – Mayors Reception.


13.  Plans and Planning Matters

Before discussion of the following matter, Cllr.Dobson declared an interest and left the room.

Mr. W. Whitehouse of Luton    Ref No. 08/01786/F

Erection of two mobile homes as Holiday Homes on land at Bedford Bank, Welney

Following discussion of this matter at the last meeting, the Clerk confirmed that she had written to the Borough Council confirming our observations regarding the foul and surface water pipes crossing adjoining property.  She had subsequently received an e-mail asking for Council to withdraw their objections as the matter was resolved.  From the information they supplied this was not the case, and it was agreed a further letter be sent stating that we are not prepared to remove our objection until they acknowledge that the land is owned by a private resident and not the Environment Agency.


Planning Application No. 08/01895/F

Extension and Alterations to dwelling at School House, Suspension Bridge, Welney.

The original application which Council recommended for approval in May was withdrawn and council considered the new application – which appeared to be identical to the first.

After consideration it was recommended for approval.


Before discussion of this matter, Cllr.Goodger declared an interest in the land on which the proposed Lagoos are to be built.

The Clerk then confirmed that she had received a full copy of the Planning Application which had been submitted by Anglian Water to the Borough Council on 12th August, 2008 in relation to the First Time Sewage Treatment Lagoons at Christchurch.  Councillors spent sometime studying the plans and paperwork relating to this matter.  Nothing official has been heard from the Borough Council and we have not been asked for our comments.  The land in question is actually in Upwell Parish.


14.  Highway Matters.

1.    The Clerk confirmed that nothing further had been heard from SAM but Council would be kept informed of developments.  It was confirmed to the meeting that the Police were carrying out speed checks in the village, the day before.


2.   Matters of concern had been reported to the Highways following the last meeting.  An e–mail had been received confirming that the road flooded signs will be fitted with padlocks to stop them being tampered with, there are no plans to reduce the speed limit across the Wash Road to 30 mph following the fatal accident, as this would be unenforceable.    With regard to the hedge at Rutland Corner, Tipps End, whilst they do cut back the hedges and trees in this area, they have no authority to remove the hedge, and if this was something that needed to be done, we would have to speak to the owners of the House.  The Chairman agreed to speak to them informally.


3.   There is a quantity of rubbish at the Cattle Pans and on Gypsy Corner on the Wash Road, and the Clerk would ask the Clean-up Team to attend as soon as possible.


4.   Two items were raised for reporting to Highways – The side of the roadway into Beddford Bank West is in need of attention, and the footpath from Chestnut Avenue to Old Nursery and onto Stockyard Farm is in need of spraying.


15.  Environmental Issues.

     Nothing to report at present.


16.  W.A.S.H. Committee

No new date has yet been arranged for the Wash Committee meeting, but this would be done as soon as possible and then hopefully arrangements could be made for an Open day towards the end of September beginning of October.  The Clerk also confirmed that she had received a little note from Mr. Derek Levesley stating that he wished to resign from the WASH Committee.


17.   Parish Action Plan.

Cllr. Bennett confirmed that he had collected the boxes relating to the Parish Action Plan from Mr. Bray and the Chairman offered to have a bonfire and barbeque at the beginning of October, in order to officially destroy the boxes of papers.


18.  Items for next Agenda



There being no further business the Vice Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 9.50 p.m. 



Signed… K.Goodger………… (Chairman.)         Dated………..7.10.08……………………..

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