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Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 4th March, 2008 at 7.30 p.m.



Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman)  Cllrs. E.Allen, T.Bennett, M. Brown, C. Freer, S. Kerr, and the Clerk. 


Also present:were: Dr.S.Dobson, Mr.D..Moseley and Mr.J.Loveday


1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from D.Cllr.H.Humphrey, and Dist.Cllrs

D.Pope and V.Spikings.


2.  Casual Vacancy

Council were reminded that there are present two vacancies on the Parish Council.  Both had been advertised in the Welney News and on the village notice boards.

An application to be considered for the vacancy had been received from Dr.Dobson and on the unanimous agreement of the existing councillors she was welcomed as a new Parish Councillor.  She then completed and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office Form and was handed a complete package of all Council documents.


There is now one vacancy on the Parish Council and it was agreed to advertise this again in the next Welney News and on the Village Notice Boards in the hope of being able to fill it as quickly as possible.


3.  Declaration of Interest

No declarations of interest were received at this stage of the meeting.


4.  Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on the 5th February, 2008, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting, following a small amendment in paragraph 3 of Item 5


5.  Matters Arising

1.  Standards Board for England –Following the report of this matter to the last meeting the Clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation that the complaints under the Code of Conduct related to Cllrs.Goodger, Kerr and Bennett.  Copies of the claims and Standards Board decisions had also been received.


The complaints had been made by Mr.Smith of Meadow Farm in relation to Meadow Lane.  In the case of Cllr.Goodger the Standards Board made no finding of fact and the matter was dismissed.  In the case of Cllr.Bennett they made no finding of fact because there was insufficient information.  They have asked the complainant for further information, but if this is not forthcoming then the matter will be dismissed.  In the case of Cllr.Kerr the Standards Board have referred the allegation to the Local Monitoring Officer at the Borough Council.


The Clerk confirmed that she had received a letter from the Borough Council requesting copies of all minutes and correspondence relating to Meadow Lane since October 2004. (copies handed to all councillors) She advised Council that she had copied almost all the information requested, and had spoken to the Deputy Monitoring Officer advising her that the information would be sent off as soon as possible.  It was also agreed to take advice regarding possibly charges for the copying and the Clerks time.  It was also agreed that all information should be supplied marked “without prejudice”


  Cllr.Kerr advised the meeting that he had been informed that the matter was being passed to the Local Monitoring officer at King’s Lynn but so far he had not spoken to anyone.  He was advised that he had the whole support of the Parish Council in this matter.


  The Clerk also reported that she had received a letter from Mr.Smith requesting copies of the minutes of 12th and 30th October 2004, and these had been sent to him.  She had also received a further letter dated 26th February asking how the Parish Council promulgates information to the wider community.  It was agreed that a reply be sent confirming that reports of meetings and information appear in the Welney News, Agendas for meetings are always displayed on the village notice boards, Agendas and adopted minutes are displayed on the Parish Council website, and Parish Council meetings are always open for members of the public to attend.


2.  Fenland Connections Bus Service – Following the last meeting the Clerk had contacted the Transport co-ordinator at Norfolk County Council with regard to Services 60/61 which cover the village. An e-mail was duly received confirming that because of lack of use Service 61 would cease on 7th April. 2008.  He supplied a new timetable showing the services which would still be available to the village and it was agreed that this would be published in the next Welney News and would also be displayed on the village notice boards.


3.  Following the query from the Borough Council regarding a water problem which they are trying to resolve in Chestnut Avenue, details of the land owner and his agents had been passed to them, and they had thanked Council for the information.


4.   A brief report of the meeting held on 13th February between St.Mary’s Church Welney and the Parish Council was circulated to Councillors.  The meeting was called to discuss the possibility of a satellite post office being held in the Church.  It was agreed to send a letter of support from the Parish Council to the Post Office authorities and to copy it to the Church for their information.


6.  Public Participation

The Chairman then adjourned the meeting for Public Participation. Mr.Moseley of Kendrick Cottage, Suspension Bridge addressed the meeting with his concerns about the speed limit and road signage on the A1101 from Suspension Bridge heading out towards Littleport.  This was reported to Highways in July 2007 but no action had been taken, and it was agreed to pass on his concerns to Highways with a request that they now treat the matter with some urgency and see what could be done. It was also agreed to keep Mr.Moseley informed of developments.


7.  Meeting Reports

There were no meeting reports.


8.  First Time Sewage for Welney

Nothing further had been heard from Anglian Water Services relating to the First Time Sewage Scheme.  However the Clerk advised that a copy of the planning decision relating to the Vacuum Pumping Station had been received and would be dealt with under Plans and Planning Matters.


A letter had also been received from Christopher Fraser MP asking for an update of the situation as far as Welney is concerned.  The Clerk confirmed that she had replied to him giving details of the talk we had from the Anglian Water representative, together with the planning application for the pumping station which we had recommended for approval.  She also advised him that Anglian Water had confirmed their agreed purchase of the area of land for the Treatment Works from Norfolk Property Servicces.


9.  Finance.

The following accounts had been received for payment, and on the proposition of Cllr. Brown, seconded by Cllr. Kerr and agreed, the cheques were signed:


MHB Services – Electricity maintenance charge 13.2.08 to 112.4.08

Cheque No. 100967                                    104 . 55


Audit Commission – Audit Fee 2006/7

Cheque No. 100968                                    158 . 63


Mrs.P.Copeman – Clerks Salary and Expenses:

Salary                       255 . 68

Postage                     5 . 25

Telephone                 15 . 34

Stationary & Ink Cartridge          22 . 97               299 . 24


The following account was paid by Direct Debit on 13th February

E-on – Electricity supply for Street Lights          59 . 81


Parish Council Standing Orders

On the proposition of Cllr Brown, seconded by Cllr.Allen and unanimously agreed the Parish Council Standing Orders were adopted unchanged for a further year.


10.  Parish Hall

1.  The electricity meters were checked and a total of £52.00 was removed.


 2.  Nothing further to report from the Youth Club regarding the Air Hockey Table


3.   Notices had been displayed regarding the Piano in the Parish hall, but no enquiries had been received.  Similarly nothing had been heard from Cllr.Tomkins regarding the organ.


4.  The Clerk confirmed that she had given instructions to the plumber to install a new water heater in the Kitchen and it was hoped he would be able to do this as soon as possible.


11.  Elgoods & Proposed New Community Centre

The Clerk confirmed that nothing had been heard from the Environment Agency regarding the purchase of the Parish Hall Site, but that she would contact Mr.Shelton again to find out the up to date situation.


Details of Capital Funding had been received from the Borough Council and the necessary application form had been downloaded.  An e-mail had also been received from Norfolk PropHelp confirming that they would be in touch again shortly,


The Chairman then reported that he and Cllrs.Kerr and Brown had visited the wooden structure at Sculthorpe, and he had obtained details of wooden buildings available from Honka and Timberville.  A visit had also been made to the new Hall at Outwell.

Which is a brick and tile construction.


There was then a lengthy discussion regarding the proposed siting of the New Community Centre.  The Cricket Club had now confirmed that if the building was put in the far corner, then they would still have room for their cricket field.


Four points were suggested for attention as follows:

1.  Possibly revisit the Carter Family to see if they would be willing to sell us the

Area of land for the approach and car park, subject to village approval so that the new community centre could be placed in the top right corner

2.  Build a new community centre in the top corner of the playing field where the

cricket nets area (top left)

3.   Possibly approach Mr. John Bedford to see if he would be willing to sell a strip of

land across the top of the playing field before the Hall is built.  (The Chairman declared an interest when this option was mentioned as he farms the land.)

4.  Choose the original site.


Before making a decision on any of the above points, it was agreed that a site meeting should take place so that the area could be measured in detail and it was agreed to meet at 12 noon on Saturday 8th March.  All those interested would be most welcome to attend, and then the Working Group could report back to the Parish Council as soon as possible;


12.  Playing Field

Cllr.Kerr confirmed that he would be attending to the broken boarding on the pavilion and other than that everything appears to be in order.  It was reported that one of the showers appears to be faulty and the Clerk agreed to speak to Mr.McCabe and ask him to check this out.  Bookings are still very light with Yoga during School Term time and Carpet Bowls on a Friday night.  Cllr.Brown confirmed that he had the fixture list for the Cricket Club and promised to e-mail this to the Clerk for the bookings diary.


Mr.Loveday confirmed that the Cricket Club were arranging to have a cleanup session at the Pavilion and would be removing all the rubbish and cutting the grass.

He also confirmed that it might be possible to arrange for the Conifers to be cut down but it was confirmed that the owners of the trees would need to be approached in order to get their permission.


12.   Correspondence

1.   Southern area Road Safety Committee - Agenda for the meeting on 6th March and

     Copies of the minutes of the meeting on 3rd January, 2008.

2.   Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk - Consultation on the Local

     Development Framework and Sustainable Community Strategy.  The Council are

     holding workshops aimed at gathering views on the way the borough develops

     over the next 20 years - the nearest available to us is Downham Market on

     Saturday 15th March from 2 - 4 p.m.  There are also a series of LDF discussion

     papers on their website at http://www/          and from 1st March comments will be able to be made on these papers online.

3.   Borough Council - Standards Committee - Minutes of a meeting held on

     29th January, 2008

4.   The Samaritans - Letter appealing for funds to enable them to keep up their work.5. Norfolk County Council - Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework   Consultation - 12.2.08    Three very large books, together with a letter and CD

     setting out their plans. 

6.   Borough Council - Copies of Agenda  of a meeting on 21st February together with

     copy of Cabinet Members report.

7.   Norfolk County Association of Parish and Town Councils - Copy of Norfolk Link -

     Norfolk Association of Village Halls Newsletter - Norfolk Waste Partnership :

     Your Rubbish your choice : 2 copies of booklet for information -  Letter from

     Stephen Teverson (Chairman) explaining the organisational review taking place

     within the NCAPTC and as a result of which Stuart Chaplin has decided to retire. 

     There is also a copy of a letter from Stuart.

8.   CPRE - 17.2.08 - Details of their updated website with current planning policy

     guidance and documents.

9.   Booklet - Enjoy England - Celebrate St.George’s Day.

10.  Copies of The Playing Field - Norfolk Playing Fields Association Newsletter.

11.  Crime Details Report from  the Police and Anti-Social Behaviour Recorded

     Crime Statistics.  E-mail dated 21.2.08 from westernwatch:

     Last week 3 masked men made a forced entry to a detached bungalow in Church Rd

     Tilney St.Lawrence,.  They then assaulted the occupants with a sledge hammer    causing injury.  They then stole a quantity of cash from a safe.  Please warn your

     friends and neighbours, especially those who live in remote or isolated locations

     to be especially vigilant and to report any suspicions they may have about strange

     people or vehicles they see hanging around their property to the policy on

     0845 456 4567

12.  Downham Market Area Local  Action Group - Minutes of meeting 8.2.08.

13.  Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk – Details of intervillage Games

14.  Wash Estuary Strategy Group – Shoreline Management Meetings,

15.  NCC – Care Choices Directory

16.  Fenland Connections – New Timetable.  Service 61 Ceases on 7th April, 2008

17.  Local Government Review – Meeting 13th March, 2008 at County Hall, Norwich at 7  pm  2 Representatives from Each Parish Council invited.



14.  Plans and Planning Matters

     1.  A letter was received from the Borough Council a copy of which was circulated to all councillors regarding consultation with Parishes and complaints form for unauthorised developments.  Details would be kept on file.


2.  The following Notice of Decision was received:

Ref No. 07/02655/F – Anglian Water Services, Peterborough

Construction of Vacuum Pumping Station and Ancillary development at land adjacent to Chestnut Avenue, Welney

Planning permission was granted on 11th February subject to the following conditions

a.  Development must begin within three years

b.  No development shall commence on site until a scheme to protect the neighbouring residents from noise had been submitted and approved by the planning authority

c.  Prior to the first occupation or use of the land the vehicular access shall be constructed

d.  Prior to operational use of the premises a flood contingency plan shall be submitted to and approved by the local authority

e.  Prior to the installation of any outdoor lighting a detailed scheme shall be submitted to and approved by the local planning authority

f.  The landscaping to the periphery of the site shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details.


3.  The following planning application had been received for consideration:

     Ref No. 08/00248/F – Mr. Ian Little, Fish Tales Cottage, New Road, Welney

     Construction of a first floor extension to the existing dwelling

The application was considered together with the copy of a letter received from Mrs. Rix of New Road who had raised concern regarding the drainage problems.  The application had stated that foul drainage was into the main sewer and surface water would be into nearby soakaways.  As there is no mains sewer it was agreed  to confirm that this is a major problem.  Council were also not happy with the plans showing a first floor balcony and following a telephone call to the planning department, they were advised that permission would not be granted for the balcony as this overlooks adjoining properties.  After further consideration it was agreed that Council                                     would recommend the application for approval, as long as the drainage problems were looked into in detail.


15.  Highway Matters

1.  There was still no response from Norfolk Police following the letter to Cllr. Tomkins, despite a further letter from the Council.


2.  The Clerk confirmed that she had been approached by a resident of Chestnut Avenue who advised that the pavement outside Nos 9/10 had been damaged by the lorries calling to empty the cesspit.  Highways had been and inspected the problem and scheduled repairs to be done shortly.


3.  Highways had telephoned to say that the path outside the Old Garden Centre on Wisbech Road has been repaired, but they are going to monitor the situation as they are not sure that they have done sufficient to rectify the problem.  The meeting was advised that there is still water lying on the pathway.


4.  All Councillors had received a copy of the report prepared by Cllr.,Brown of the meeting with the environment Agency and Highways on 6th February.  (copy in the minute book)  So far there has been no response from that meeting.  It was reported to the meeting that the signs showing Wash Road Flooded on the A10 at Littleport are still down despite the fact that there has been no water on the road for over six weeks.  The gates installed by Highways on the Wash Road at Delph Bridge and Suspension Bridge have now been fitted with reflective strips but Council feel that these are still too near the edge of the highway.  Concern was also expressed regarding the amount of vegetation left behind on the side of the Wash Road following the last flood.


16.  Environmental Issues.

     It was reported that post and two strand fencing is being erected on the Bedford Bank near the old garden plots.  Environment Agency did not know what it is for, and Cllr.Bennett advised that he is trying to find out what is happening.


     It was also confirmed that Fly Tipping has again occurred near the Cattle Pens at Suspension Bridge and the Clerk confirmed that she would arrange for its removal with the Clean up Team.


     The question of the cutting of the road verges along Main Street was raised and it was agreed to ask Highways for a copy of their cutting programme and who the contractors are.


17.  W.A.S.H. Committee

An Open Day was held in the Parish Hall on 16th February.  There was a limited attendance but lots more photographs were received for inclusion in the archive.  Refreshments of sup, rolls, tea and coffee were prepared by Mr. & Mrs. Bray and were much appreciated by everyone.  The theme of the event was weddings – not necessarily those married at Welney, and residents were asked to bring along their photos and there was an excellent response.


It is hoped to arrange an evening visit during the summer to Elgoods Brewery at Wisbech if sufficient numbers of people are interested.  We have to have a minimum of 20 and a Notice will appear in the next issue of the Welney News.


18.   Parish Action Plan.

Cllr. Bennett provided the proof copy of the Parish Action Plan which he handed round . There will be an extra cost for the printing over and above what has already been paid, but it is understood that this additional sum will hopefully be met by a grant from the Borough Council. Congratulations were extended to all those involved in the production of the Action Plan.


19.  Items for next Agenda

1.  To see if we can arrange for Christopher Fraser MP to hold another Surgery in Welney.



There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 9.35 p.m. 



Signed… … K.Goodger………………………………… (Chairman.)         


Dated …… 1st April, 2008………………………………….


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