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Minutes of the Meeting of the Welney Parish Council

held in the Parish Hall, Welney

on Tuesday 5th February, 2008 at 7.30 p.m.



Cllr.K.Goodger (Chairman)  Cllrs. T.Bennett, M. Brown, S. Kerr, G. Tomkins and the Clerk. 


Also present:were: Dist. Cllrs. V. Spikings and D. Pope and approximately 14 members of the public.


1.  Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. C. Freer.


2.  Declaration of Interest

No declarations of interest were received at this stage of the meeting.


3.  Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on the 8th January, 2008, having been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting,


4.  Matters Arising

There were no specific matters arising as all important items will be dealt with.

under their own headings.


The Chairman extended congratulations from the Council to the Clerk who had been successful in obtaining the Certificate in Local Council Administration. (CiLCA)


The Chairman then advised the meeting that subject to approval he proposed to amend the Agenda, to move item 7 to Item 5 in order that it could be discussed before the Public Participation Section.  All present agreed.


5.  First Time Sewage for Welney

The Clerk confirmed that at the beginning of January letters had been circulated by Anglian Water confirming that a number of surveys would be undertaken in the area in the near future to enable them to determine the best position for the sewer to enable viable connections.  Confirmation of ownership and/or occupier of the properties had also been sought,


Copies of e-mails and letters had also been received from Anglian Water relating to the planning application for the vacuum station at Crown Avenue, Christchurch.  Several questions had been raised by Christchurch and copies of the reply had been sent to Welney for information.


All councillors had received a copy of the letter received from Anglian Water dated 30th January, confirming that they had agreed to purchase a parcel of land owned by Norfolk Property Services located between Christchurch and Tipps End accessed off Green Lane from the B1100  (At this point Cllr .Goodger declared an interest as he farms the land in question)  It  was confirmed to the meeting that if the NCC had not agreed to the sale of the land for the Treatment Works then it would have been obtained by Compulsory Purchase,  The purchase of the land by Anglian Water is subject to Planning Permission and Drainage Board approval.  It was also confirmed that there will be no discharge into the Croft River from this site, but the discharge will be into a farm drain, thence into a main drain and finally into the Sixteen Foot River. With regard to the proposed site, it was confirmed that it is actually in Upwell Parish and therefore the planning application would go to them for comment, but it was hoped that Welney would be given the opportunity to see it and comment if necessary.  It is understood that the Middle Level Drainage Commissioners are hoping to arrange a meeting in the near future in order to discuss the discharge.


The Chairman confirmed that he had visited the Holkham site where a similar lagoon system is in operation, and he produced photographs taken during his visit.


6.  Public Participation

The Chairman then adjourned the meeting for Public Participation.  Members of the public then took the opportunity of inspecting the site plan for the treatment works together with photographs.  Several general questions relating to the proposed lagoons etc. were asked and answered. After approximately 15 minutes the Chairman reconvened the meeting.


7.  Meeting Reports

There were no meeting reports, but Council were handed details of a Community Group Networking Meeting to be held at Denver Village Hall on 13th March 2p.m. to 4 p.m.


8.  Casual Vacancy

Council were informed that Mr. Mark Wallington had written to the Chairman shortly after the January meeting tendering his resignation from the Council due to an increased workload,  The Clerk had informed the Borough Council of the vacancy and notices had been put up in the Notice boards and also in the Welney News.  It  is hoped that we shall be able to fill both vacancies by c-option at the March meeting.  The Clerk also confirmed that she had received an e-mail from Susan Dobson confirming that she would very much like to be co-opted onto the Council


9.  Finance.

The following accounts had been received for payment, and on the proposition of Cllr. Kerr, seconded by Cllr. Brown and agreed, the cheques were signed:


Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk

Emptying Dog Bins – Cheque No. 100965                     49 . 03


Mrs. P. Copeman –Clerks Salary and Expenses

Salary                  255 . 68

Postage                4 . 08

Telephone            14 . 72

Paper                       5 . 00

Ink Cartridge             11 . 99                    291 . 47

Cheque No. 100966                     

A donation of £50.00 had been received from Freebridge Community Housing towards the cost of making up Hurn Drove, and this had been paid into the bank.


10.  Parish Hall

1.  The electricity meters were checked and a total of £29.00 was removed.


2.   The Heaters in the Hall have now been repaired.  All the release valves have

been replaced and the heaters are working.  The electrical equipment has also been tested.


3.   The steps leading up from the car park have been repaired and are looking very smart.


4.            The leak on the stop tap in the gents toilet will be repaired as soon as the weather improves, but the water heater in the Kitchen appears to be in need of replacing and it was agreed to ask the Plumber to have a look at this and replace if necessary.


5.            A request had been received from the Youth Club to see if we could find a suitable position in the Parish Hall for an Air Hockey Table.  It was confirmed that the table measures 7ft x 4ft.  After discussion it was proposed by Cllr. Kerr, seconded by Cllr. Bennett and agreed that we had no objection to the table being in the Hall provided that it could be folded up and stored against the wall.  Cllr. Brown agreed to speak to Mrs. Jones and report back to the next meeting.


6.  Cllr. Tomkins advised the meeting that he may be able to obtain an electric organ free of charge,  for used in the Parish Hall, possibly to replace the existing piano.  After discussion it was agreed that he should acquire the organ, but firstly a notice would appear in the village asking if anyone would be interested in having the piano,  All that would be required would be removal of same.  The organ would then be able to stand where the piano was and would be available for use by everyone, including children, but obviously under adult supervision.


11.  Elgoods & Proposed New Community Centre

The Clerk confirmed that following  the last meeting she had advised Elgoods that we would be proceeding with the purchase of the Parish Hall Site from the Environment Agency and members were supplied with a copy of their reply which stated they hoped the matter could be completed as quickly as possible.


Confirmation had also been sent to the Environment Agency confirming our willingness to proceed with the purchase and an e-mail had been received from them advising that they were waiting formal approval and hoped to instruct Solicitors before the middle of February.  Following this information, a telephone call had been made to Elgoods, who had confirmed that they are more than happy for their Solicitors to act for the Parish Council in connection with the purchase and sale and Mrs. Sutton also confirmed that Elgoods will meet all Solicitors fees.  As soon as confirmation is received from the .E.A. Solicitors, we can inform Elgoods Solicitors to proceed.  (Again the Chairman declared an interest, as the Solicitors also act for him on his own business matters.)


With regard to our application to join Pro-Help, the form had been completed, and returned following which they had been in touch for more information, but to date nothing further had been heard.


The Clerk also confirmed that she had been in touch with WREN regarding possible funding for the New Community Centre.  They had confirmed that we were eligible to apply as we are within 10 miles of the Landfill site at March.  They also confirmed that their main stream funding has now increased to a maximum of £50,000 and if we have everything ready the next suitable round for us to apply would be by 18th July with an answer the third week in September.  The application form is available as soon as we are in a position to proceed.


The Chairman confirmed that he had spoken to Mr. Graham Seaton (Architect() and obtained some advice regarding fees – A figure of £2,500 including applying for Planning Permission had been mentioned, but this would of course depend on the size of the building.  It was unanimously agreed that this matter must now be moved forward as quickly as possible and members agreed to arrange a visit to Outwell,

Nordelph  and the Owl Sanctuary to have a look at their buildings.  Details of size, style and design could then be put together in readiness for the next meeting.  Hopefully following that meeting enough information would be collated to ask an Architect to draw up some plans and costings.  The Chairman confirmed that additional Parish Council meetings could be called if information was available in order to progress even faster.


12.  Playing Field

The Chairman confirmed that he and Cllr. Brown had carried out some work to Hurn Drove filling in the potholes.  Additional work is required, and this will be done when weather and time permit.


It was reported that there is a broken slat on the side of the Pavilion and Cllr. Kerr said he would arrange to deal with this.


A letter had been received from the Norfolk Playing Fields Association confirming that their AGM will be held on the 19th February at Dereham Leisure Centre at 2.15.p.m.


12.   Correspondence

1.  An e-mail had been received from Norfolk Transport regarding Service 60/61 stating that the service is to be reviewed in the near future.  It was agreed to reply stating that we wished the service to remain the same as it is a lifeline for certain residents to go shopping and visit the Post Office, since we no longer have these facilities in the village.  It was also agreed to mention that a longer period of time in the chosen town would be useful, because at present there is not always sufficient time to do everything.

2.  Norfolk Association of Village Halls – Conference and AGM 15th March, 2008 at County Hall, Norwich.  Full day session £12 per person including lunch

3.  Borough Council – Lets Get Active 2008 – Roadshows in April, May & June.  Also funding opportunities in Norfolk – small funders for various projects.

4.  Borough Council Standards Committee – Agenda and Minutes

5.  Communities and Local Government January 2008.  Consultation on Orders and Regulations relating to the Conduct of Local Authority Members in England.  Hopefully the provisions will come into effect in Spring 2008 and the consultation period for comments and observations ends on 15th February.

6.  Borough Council – Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes

7.  Norfolk County Council – Planning and Transportation 11th January 2008  Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework.  Core Strategy and Development /control.  Drop in Centre at Borough Council Offices at King’s Lynn on 11th March.

8.  Downham Market Community Action Group Meeting minutes for 14th January.

9.  Downham Market Area Local Action Group – Minutes of 18th January.

10.         Crime Report Details from the Police – 15.1.08 to 30.1.08

11.         Norfolk Voice – Winter 2008  (Handed to Cllr. Bennett)

12.         E-mail from Clare Hanna, Borough Council re land at the rear of Chestnut Avenue Asking for details of the owner of the land as they are trying to sort out a drainage problem.  It was agreed to reply and inform her that the land is owned by Mr. David Hall and his Agent is Barry Hawkins of Downham Market.  The Chairman also confirmed that there is a dyke along the field to the east of Chestnut Avenue, and advised that Miss Hanna should contact him if this information was of any use.

13.         The Clerk then gave details of a telephone call from the Standards Board for England.   No further information was supplied other than that a letter would be in the post on 6.2.08 giving full particulars.


14.  Plans and Planning Matters

     No planning applications or planning decisions had been received.


15  Village Development Area Plans

Nothing further to report.


16.  Highway Matters

1.   The problem of the railings in the hedge at the Rutland Arms Corner at Tipps End  had been dealt with and the fence removed..


2.  The reply had been forwarded to Norfolk Constabulary following the letter supplied by Cllr. Tomkins but no reply had been received to date.  Agreed to write again and ask for a reply.


3.  The path outside the Old Nursery on Wisbech Road had been dealt with by Highways – but it would be monitored to see if the problem had been solved.


4.  The Give Way Sign at the top of New Road has been repaired.


Councillors had been advised that a meeting had been arranged for 10 a.m. on Wednesday 6th February at the Parish Hall with Highways and the Environment Agency to discuss the problems with signage and the usage of the Wash Road when it was flooded.  Cllr. Bennett confirmed that a representative of the Police and the Fire and Rescue Service would also be attending.  Christopher Fraser MP had been invited but was unavailable – he had asked to be kept informed of developments.  Items requiring attention were discussed briefly in readiness for the meeting.




17.  Environmental Issues.

     Cllr. Bennett informed the meeting that the Police Helicopter had been attendance recently and that they were looking for illegal shooting on the Washes. One man had been detained.


18.  W.A.S.H. Committee

A Committee meeting was held on 18tyh January and arrangements were made for the Open Day on 16th February.  It will commence at 10.30 a.m. and there will be a display of photographs, together with a slide show running throughout the morning.  Notices have appeared in the Welney News and posters will be displayed around the area.  Refreshments will also be available.  The theme of the day will be weddings, and people are being invited to bring along their photographs, whether or not they were married in Welney.


.18.   Parish Action Plan.

Cllr. Brown confirmed that the Parish Action Plan is now complete and it comprises 32 pages.  The front and back covers (inside and out) are in colour, together with a map of the parish and a pie-chart showing the Parish Council expenses.  Cllr. Bennett agreed to speak to the Borough Council regarding the printing and costs, and he also confirmed that it is a condition of the grant which was received that we should hold a public meeting to launch the Parish Action Plan.


19.  Items for next Agenda

1  To receive a report of the Public Meeting called for 13th February, between the Church and the Parish Council regarding possible Post Office facilities in the village.

Notices of the meeting have appeared in the Welney News and on the village Notice Boards..



There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and declared the meeting closed at 9.15 p.m. 



Signed… …K.Goodger ………………………………… (Chairman.)         


Dated …… 4th March, 2008………………………………….

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